Steampunk has gained some serious popularity in recent years. This sci-fi genre is known for exceptional creativity in all areas, be it steampunk themed video games or fashion.  With some seriously impressive clothing items, steampunk cosplay is getting richer and more interesting every year, and this is very notable when we talk about men’s steampunk clothing. The typically historical setting combined with futuristic, anachronistic technological elements has it’s an extension in the world of fashion as well.


Steampunk fashion for men is based around the combination of the Victorian era and the fashion dating from the period, which embarks typically elegant and very detailed clothing items, with those elements of the industrial era, which adds some edge to the whole steampunk look. While the looks steampunkers rock greatly varies, there is always the element of post-apocalyptic aesthetic to spice the look.


Today we see combinations of browns, reds, black, gray, green and blue clothing pieces enriched with golden, bronze or silver details. Because the very culture is based on fiction and allows steampunkers to create all sorts of interesting outfits for themselves, we are going to dive into every piece of men’s steampunk outfit, how it’s worn and what is so amazing about each and every one of it.


The history of steampunk fashion for men

While some regard steampunk fashion as a completely new subgenre in steampunk, which divides it from literature, movies, and video games, it is clear that it is an immensely important part of steampunk in general. The beginning of steampunk fashion for men begun with the first steampunk convention was held in 2006, when, for the first time, guys showed their creative side, and embodied steampunk characters. They wore very classically, but well-thought-out steampunk clothes such as trousers, hats, shirts and leather belts. The outfits later, as the genre developed, included powerful elements like machinery, gadgets, and accouterments, which enriched the looks even more.


While now steampunkers can order amazing items from the internet to create the look they are into, back in 2006 and in the first years of steampunk fashion for men, guys wore details that were largely hand made and a combo of all kind of vintage stuff they could possibly find in order to create the steampunk look they envisioned. Looks were, for the most part, improvisation, and a large majority was custom made.


The first ideas for gentlemen steampunk fashion, that remained consistent from the first convention include Victorian details, which are typically rich in details and have an aura of sophistication, like vests, scarves or tall hats. There are also wild west elements, like cowboy hats and leather boots or goggles from the industrial era, the favorite steampunk details. These were all worn throughout history, way before the steampunk term was coined in 1987. And steampunks are today using the best of what history has to offer to combine it into a look that has sci-fi and futuristic aesthetic.


Fabrics and colors


Steampunk fashion items for men, in general, are always very distinctive, as that allows the steampunks to be as original as they would like to. However, one of the most distinctive elements of steampunk fashion is the colors. When it comes to fashion, the culture is focused on shades of brown, black, bronze, golden and silver elements. The genre itself is full of variety and for that reason, the steampunk is not only limited to these but also includes all other colors, typically darker tones, such as dark green, blue or red, which are also very prominent in steampunk fashion for men.


Another element is the fabric used for clothing items. In steampunk, we see all kinds of fabrics, from leather, velvet, and suede to cotton, polyester or wool. The list goes on, what makes steampunk so distinctive from everything else we see in sci-fi and fashion industry, are non-fabric elements, such as metal details, spikes or even armor pieces attached to a clothing item. Because there is so much variety, we are going to cover all main clothing items there are and go into more detail regarding materials, fabrics, and colors for each.


Steampunk fashion pieces for men


Today, steampunkers can find customized, original clothing items online. There are a few main categories of fashion pieces they can browse, and these are coats and trench coats, assassin’s creed themed items, costumes, tuxedos, suits and overalls cosplay pieces, vests, shirts, blouses and t-shirts, tank tops, jackets and suits, hoodies, long sleeves, pants, trousers, jeans, and shorts. We also have accessories for men, among which are gloves, ties and bow ties, hats boots, belts, scarves, bags, backpacks, gun cases, and belt bags.

1. Steampunk coats for men

steampunk coat for men example

In steampunk, there are few prominent types of coats for men available. Some of the most popular are tailcoats, trench coats and military coats in different variations. These models come tailored to fit different types of steampunk look and are all unique in different ways. No matter the type, gentlemen can choose from winter and autumn to spring and summer models, and here are some of the most prominent types of coats in the steampunk world.



When talking about the edginess of the look, tailcoats are probably one of the edgiest out there and are usually worn to nail the vampiric look, the elegant gentleman from the upper-class look, or archetypes of explorers and adventurers. These specific types of coats are shorter on the front and have a longer back part, extending to what tailors call a “ tail”, which is usually split into two sections at the bottom, which could have either sharper edges or be more oval shaped. The frontal part can be very simple, but there are also some models with very detailed decorative buttonholes, usually following a specific pattern. Frontal part is frequently decorated with an outstanding collar, usually elongated and wide or tall collars.


The frontal part is most of the time a bit shorter than the hip length and, just like the back part, can have sharp geometrical edges, or extend into a softer oval shape. Some models have a vest imitation in the buttons area, while others are more simple. Sleeves are long and some extend to cover one-half of hands. The colors vary, but we usually have variations with black, brown, dark purple, red, green or blue elements. Fabrics used vary as well, and so we see velvet, suede, leather, wool, satin elements, and cotton being the most frequent. These have a special elegant element to them and are ideal for special occasions and steampunk conventions, fitting the autumn and early spring weather perfectly.


Trench coats

Trench coats for men are another very common type of coats steampunkers like to wear, and while these can be worn at winter time as well, especially if the material is thicker, this type is usually favored during spring and autumn months. These models add some extra mysteriousness and darker vibes to the look, but can just as well make the guy who wears one of those look powerful and adventurous. The biggest distinction with this type is the length. While most steampunk trench coats are very long and reach lover part of calves and even feet, some are shorter and can be about knee length or shorter.


Regarding shape, we have models which greatly expand on the bottom edge, creating a cloak effect, and those models with sharper and narrower edges. What is typical for this type of steampunk coat is, that it is always narrower near the waistline and usually tighter around the torso. Some have belts, while other models have short adjustment belts on the back parallel to the waistline. There are gabardine and leather models which are the most common ones, but cotton ones are just as prominent. Regarding colors,  black is usually the most dominant, followed by shades of brown and reds.


Military coats

These are very distinctive items and can do a lot for the aesthetic of the whole look, adding a hint of dominance to any outfit and are some of the most favorite ones to rock during wintertime, as many models are made to be more on the thicker and heavier side. Regarding length, these usually go from knee length to calves. From hussar coats with mindblowing golden details to double-breasted military coats, this type can do a lot when it comes to steampunk look, especially if trying to embrace the identity of military personnel. These models fit the figure perfectly and are most commonly made of twill, tweed, leather, cotton or wool. The collar is tall, sleeves slightly decorated with belts or buttons, and length usually above the knee. When it comes to this type of steampunk coats for men, regarding colors, greys, dark blues and blacks absolutely dominate on the market.

 2. Assassin’s Creed-themed items

assassins creed clothing steampunk style

Assassin’s Creed is widely popular among steampunks and no wonder we can find a whole new subtype of steampunk fashion related to this game. When talking about Assassin’s creed aesthetics and shopping for steampunk outfits for men, there are two main types of items to consider and these are full costumes and themed hooded jackets.


Assassin’s Creed full cosplay costumes

Costumes are a choice to go for those who would like to represent game characters from head to toes. Here we have a full squad to look for, from Ezio Auditore and Altair Ibn-La’Ahad to Jacob Frye and Edward Kenway full looks. All of these are made to perfectly resemble game characters to the tiniest detail and all are unique. What makes costumes so appealing, is the fullness of the look and the spot on originality, which is what makes them so favorite among cosplayers. Each costume is usually a mixture of few steampunk elements which represent the specific character, but of course, just like the whole culture, these costumes too can easily be modified and transformed into something more personalized by combining with other items.


Assassin’s Creed themed hooded jackets


These items are for those who are big fans and like Assassin’s creed aesthetics but would like to create something unique to them. Hooded jackets, just like those assassins wear, are the best choice for those who like to get creative on their own and combine other elements, creating their own assassin look based on what the game has to offer. These jackets vary in colors and have characteristic hoods that can be removed. These follow the figure and level up the masculinity of a character, but still, look dangerous and mysterious. Most of them are multi-colored, so we have combinations of whites, reds, blues, blacks, and other colors, while the most frequently used fabric is cotton, followed by lather, used for details.


3. Tuxedos and suits


Steampunk culture has greatly expanded regarding men’s fashion and this rule applies to tuxedos and suits, which are one of the most elegant elements of menswear available.



Tuxedos are highly elegant and are ideal for those who would like to nail either a high-class gentleman look, vampiric gothic look or even the adventurer look. Coming in many shapes and forms, these greatly vary in steampunk culture, so we have shorter ones and longer ones, simple, classic ones without much details and those tuxedos that are highly detailed, have patterns and extra gadgets, spikes and other elements added to them. Similarly to tailcoats, many some models have a tail shaped back part, which can both look sharp or rounded, and greatly resemble of tailcoats, but is, however, made of way lighter material, suited to look more elegant and fit the idea of a tuxedo. Some are made very short on the front part, while others are a bit more elongated. Regarding colors, there are variations of black shades, green, blue and dark red which are the most prominent.


Steampunk suits for men

One of the most elegant clothing items steampunkers like to rock, standing side by side to tuxedos, are of course amazing steampunk suits for gentlemen. Coming in different variations, suits for men are tailored to fit the gentleman of the upper-class image perfectly, but are just as much frequently worn to portray Casanova-like characters, scientists, adventurers and men of medium social standing. While models vary, one of the most common is the one that consists of elegant pants, jacket, vest, and a scarf or a bow tie. Some come without jackets, but overall, what remains the same is the elegance.


Regarding colors and patterns, steampunk suits for men vary from very simple and mono-colored or duo-colored, where we usually see combinations of black, white or shades of brown. But, what is as equally common, are multi-colored and patterned suits, where we have stripes and checkered elements as the most prominent. Suits are easily and frequently combined with walking canes and interesting hats, which make them look even more elegant. Regarding style and related to the color, we have very dark suit models on one side, which easily add mystery to the look, and brighter, more playful ones, on the other side, which are frequently worn by those whose steampunk identities are all about being adventurous, fun and enthusiastic.

 Costumes and cosplay

mens steampunk costume example

For the gentleman who likes to keep it all together, without experimenting much, yet still looking like the best possible steampunk versions of themselves, there are costumes to look for that are easy to fit any steampunk identity a man could possibly envision. The common thing with costumes is the oneness of outfit, and while some costumes are usually very much complete, other models carry a bit more possibility for improvisations and can easily be paired with other steampunk clothing items. Steampunk cosplay world is full of amazing outfits and we see plenty of different models available online and in the stores. Some are simple, while other models have complex gadgets and prosthetic elements to them.


Steampunk costumes for men are probably the hardest category to classify, because of all the possible combinations of clothing items, different styles, and possible identities, which are indeed quite many. However, there are few frequently seen types of steampunk costumes guys frequently browse for, and these are Victorian costumes and Wild West costumes.


Victorian steampunk costumes

Victorian steampunk costumes for men come in many forms, from elegant models to more adventurous ones. What always remains, is, of course, the dominantly victorian aesthetic. For the elegant models, there is usually a combo of pants, vest, jacket or (and) coat, and a hat, where the most common models are the top hat and the bowler hat in different sizes and colors. While the most common models are usually duo-colored and multi-colored, there are some models in one color only, most commonly completely black. It is not uncommon to see patterns like stripes, or even more complex shapes, which was very characteristic for the Victorian era. From adventurers and gentleman to aviator and biker styles with a lot of lather details, or scientists with protective leather tunic, Victorian steampunk outfits really do vary


Wild West steampunk costumes

Compared to Victorian models, Wild West steampunk costumes have a country vibe to them, and, on contrary to most Victorian models which are more settled into the city area, these have a more farm and countryside aesthetics to them. Because wild west is typically related to cattle, cowboys, and farming, we have cowboy hats, long jackets or coats, leather boots, and belts combined with vests and pants, in order to create the perfect steampunk wild west look. We commonly see sheriff costumes, cowboy costumes, and farm boy models, but, just like with the previous group, looks vary a lot. What is most prominent are striped shirts, snake and cow skin patterns, which are very typical for this subtype of steampunk costume.


5. Vests

steampunk vest example


Vests for men are one of the most popular steampunk clothing items out there and for a good reason. These elements have the power to elevate any look and are easily combined with suits, jackets, cloaks, coats, shirts or t-shirts.


There are highly patterned models, with plenty of details, but also there are simple models for the gentleman who prefers simplicity or already have a very complex outfit to pull off. Steampunk vests come in different variations, shapes, and colors, but what we most commonly see are classic V-neck models. Collars go from elongated, to wide ones, from sharp and edgy to curved and discrete. For men who would like to add an edge to their look, there are models which go over one shoulder only, as well as those that can be completely buttoned up, which is ideal for looks like a quirky scientist or a steampunk vampire. Button lines can go from biker style, few buttons or plenty of buttons, to those with double row button panels and there are also models with zippers and zipper and buttons combinations. Lengths vary as well. We have very short versts, that reach the waist, or those that extend and even reach knees in the back part.


Regarding colors and patterns, vests happen to be one of the most detailed steampunk clothing items out there, especially because these are so frequently combined with main elements, which are pants and shirts. There are highly patterned models, usually with decorative golden, bronze and silver details, and regarding shaped we can find elements like leaves, gears, tapestry style shapes or simple stripes.


There are also checkered models available as well, which happen to be the most colorful. When talking about materials, steampunk vests are usually made of highly resistant materials, so there are lather, twill, tweed, thick cotton and polyester models available. When it comes to special details, vests for men in a steampunk world can be highly decorated. Some of the most common elements a gentleman can find are chains, tiny gears, and extra buttons or pocket watches, which really have the power to elevate the look for those who are looking for more extravagance.

 6. Shirts and blouses

steampunk shirt for men


Some of the essentials when it comes to steampunk fashion for men are shirts, blouses, and t-shirts. While shirts frequently add some extra edge and sharpness to the look, and steampunk blouses are worn to fit the swordsmen and Don Juan’s of steampunk world and have a more chill vibe to them.


Steampunk shirts for men

Steampunk shirts can be differentiated by a few factors. These are color, fabrics, collar type, length and button line type. When it comes to color, the most common shades available are the very typical steampunk colors, which are the variations of beige, brown, black, dark reds, greens, and blues. Regarding fabrics, lads can choose from cotton, polyester, silk, satin or velvet. While some models are simply made of one fabric, others have few different materials combines, where lather and velvet elements are the most common.


Collars too do vary. We have very narrow to very wide ones, sharp and pointy to highly rounded collars, but there are also shirts with n collars, and many of these models can be buttoned up to the neck or even higher. Length of shirts for steampunks varies as well. Gentlemen can pick from shorter shirts to average length shirts to very long ones, that reach knees and there are somewhere the back part is longer than the front part as well. Another creative asset designers of steampunk shirts for men have come up with are different button line types. There are classic straight button lines with one row of buttons and those with double button rows. Guys can also pick from models with straight button line and those that are narrow and resemble of biker jackets.


Steampunk blouses for men

Unlike the basic shirts, these steampunk items for gentlemen carry a bit more zen vibe to them. What differentiates them from shirts is that there is no classical button line, although some models have few buttons to resemble more of shirts. Guys can choose from a variety of loose models to tighter ones, from simple to very detailed. Just like with shirts, men can pick from different materials, where the most common are those made of cotton, polyester, and silk, with lather being the most common type of material used for details.


When it comes to losing models, there are those completely lose on all parts, and these can be either very sharp shaped or have rounded edges. However, there are those with elastics around the waist, neck, and wrists. These models have a very vintage vibe to them, and it is not uncommon to find lace details on them as well. Round the neck, there is an imitation of a scarf or a bow made either of the same material or lace, making this ideal for the mysterious vampiric look, steampunk lover, the artist or simply a laid back gentleman image. Regarding details, the most common details we see, besides scarf-like details or massive bows around the neck, there are few buttons, pockets and lace adjustments around the neck. For more detailed models, we also see belts of all sizes and chains as well.


  1. Tank tops and t-shirts

t-shirt for men with steampunk style


When it comes to steampunk tank tops and t-shirts for men, there are two main types of each, and these are non-printed and printed ones. Just like shirts and blouses, these are one of the essentials for any steampunk look. Printed models, both tank tops and t-shirts, have their place in everyday life much more than any other steampunk clothing items, making them some of the most practical items one can own.


Steampunk tank tops for men

These items come in a few variations. Besides printed and non-printed, we also differentiate them by simplicity, shape, color, and fabrics. Printed models have a top quality graphic design on them and this can go from full-surface design to very small graphics or printed patterns and there are also mono-colored and multi-colored prints for steampunks to choose from. The most common prints are those with gears, fantasy world, steampunk characters and favorite steampunk elements like hats or goggles. Non-printed models do not have a graphic design on them and have more Victorian vibes to them, but can be just as complex or simple as printed ones. Although it is not a general rule as there are a lot of simple tank tops for gentlemen, non-printed models usually have details like buttons, leather details, laces, pockets or belt-type adjusters to them.


When it comes to shape, printed models are usually more classically tailored to represent the regular tank-tops, and it is the print that makes them so steampunk. Shoulder width for both subtypes varies from narrow to very wide and neck and neckline goes from square shaped to classic round. While with printed tank tops, the bottom part is classically shaped, with non-printed models, we also see bottom parts being edgy with pointed sides. Regarding color, both subtypes of tank tops for gentlemen are usually predominantly black, brown, dark red, blue or green. Fabrics in which we see the models are usually cotton, polyester, and viscose, but when it comes to details, designers also use leather, velvet or other materials to make the tank top stand out even more.


Steampunk t-shirts for men

Steampunk t-shirts for men are another top-shelf practical item a steampunk fan can own. Just like with the previous group, there are both high quality printed and non-printed models men can pick from. Printed models include steampunk themed graphic design of all sizes, both full-surface printed and small prints. Some of the most common motives are gears, different steampunk characters, movies and video games fan base elements, like assassin’s creed themed models, skeletons and other steampunk themed elements.


Regarding the type of prints, steampunks can choose from screen printing to vinyl cutting and some models can be ordered as highly personalized. In this case, men can pick their own steampunk design and the t-shirt that suits their taste the best, which is one of the biggest advantages of this type of steampunk clothing, apart from practicality and amazing aesthetics. When it comes to non-printed models, these usually have other steampunk elements, like lace adjusters, belts, rings, chains or lather parts as it is these elements that make the model look steampunk.


Gentlemen can pick from cotton, polyester and viscose t-shirt, which are the most common fabrics when it comes to this type of clothing items, but there are also full lather t-shirts, and well as those with lather elements mixed with other types of materials. Some t-shirts, both printed or non-printed have collars of different sizes and shapes, some are V-shaped, but the most common type that remains is the very classical round neck, which is especially the case for the printed ones.


  1. Jackets and suits

steampunk jacket for men with a pocket watch

When it comes to the outdoors, besides above-mentioned types of coats, steampunk fans can choose from a variety of jackets and suits that fit their taste.


Steampunk jackets

Steampunk jackets for men can be divided by length and style. Regarding length, we have long jackets, medium and short jackets, while when it comes to the style, there are three main categories men can pick from, which are motorcycle jackets, military jackets, and gothic steampunk jackets. No matter the subtype, the most common colors for jackets are black and shades of brown and gray, followed by reds, blues, and greens, which are more frequently seen with military and gothic models.


Motorcycle steampunk jackets suit those adventure seekers among steampunks. These models are made to fit the fashion of the aviator, biker or adventurer perfectly. What distinguishes this subtype the most is the edginess. Although there are models with button and double button rows, the most common for this type are zippers and/or belts that are used to adjust the model to fit perfectly. For some models button or zipper line usually goes up to the neckline but there are some, especially cotton models, that elongate even more, creating a turtleneck effect, and some shorter zippers and button lines as well. The zipper can frequently be doubled, tripled or/ asymmetrical.


These jackets are usually short, reaching the waist, but there are also longer models available. Regardless of the length, which never goes below knees and usually and reaches the upper part of thighs the most, the most common material used is lather, but men have cotton models available as well. There are models where we see combinations of two or more materials, with leather, once again, is the most dominant decorative material used, and this goes for both short and long models.


Military steampunk jackets, are, similarly to military coat, made to fit the authoritative and militarian steampunk characters perfectly, but are just as much practical to combine into something unique. What differentiates them from coats is primarily length, which never goes much further than the waistline and upper part of the thighs. Military jackets are typically styled to hug man’s figure perfectly, but there are looser models as well. Button lines are frequently doubled or tripled, and there are models where instead of buttons we can see adjustment belts as well. Most of the models have a typical military turtle neck type of collar and decorative buttons on sleeves and sometimes epaulets which decorate the models even more. Reagrading materials, there are usually made of thicker ones, like twill, tweed, wool, and sometimes cotton and polyester for lighter models.


Gothic steampunk jackets are the typical vampire, archer, mysterious type of item, making them perfect for those who would like to pull off a darker, enigmatic look. What differentiates this subtype is the details and the intensity of colors. We see intense black, blue, red and green models being the most prominent. Regarding details, these distinctive features are many belts or adjustment lace on the model, making it look very complex and it is not uncommon to see different embroidery patterns on the models as well and this goes not just for the highly decorative button lines, but in some cases the whole model as well. Gothic steampunk jackets are typically very dark, not just in color, but the edginess and mysteriousness as well. These also reach waistline and don’t go below the upper middle of the thighs. Regarding adjustment, there are models with buttons, zipper and belts and those who have all these three elements as well.


Steampunk suits

Elegance calls for serious measurements, and when that happens, a proper steampunk suit is all a gentleman needs to pull off the look. Combines with shirts, vests, and pants of choice, these fashion pieces are ideal for pulling off both the sophisticated and the laid back look. We see all kinds of materials, from leather, velvet, and suede to cotton and polyester models. Some suits are perfectly tailored to fit the man’s figure, while others are a bit looser. There are models that can be buttoned up, as well as those that have no buttons, and gentleman can pick from highly detailed models, with chains, belts or epaulets and models that are more on the simple side. It is not uncommon to see models with distinctive collar, patterns or collar that’s tailored of different material, such as satin or lather, which makes the model stand out. Guys can wear models that are more square shaped, as well as those that have a more circular aesthetic to them, where the main edges of the suit are oval and slightly defined.


  1. Hoodies and long sleeves

steampunk hoodie with a long sleaves

For all the steampunks who like to stay practical and feel warm, there are steampunk themed hoodies and long sleeves made to fit all kinds of steampunk styles. Aside from being one of the cosplay items, steampunk hoodies and long sleeves are also useful for everyday outfits and many different occasions.


Steampunk hoodies

When it comes to steampunk hoodies for men, there are few types guys can pick from, and these are long sleeve hoodies, short sleeve and sleeveless models, those with and those without the zipper. Regarding length, there are also short models and long models available. Combining these elements, we get a couple of different variations and different models, which have some of these characteristics. Both long and short models can be sleeveless and have long sleeves, be with or without the zipper.


Hoodies for gentlemen can also have nice prints on them and be without prints, and both types can sometimes have added details, like small belts, lace adjusters, additional zippers, classic pockets, and kangaroo pocket, depending on the model. Printed models usually have less of these details, but we also see some amazing prints and patterns nicely combined with steampunk elements, most frequently leather belts. When talking about the hood itself, it can be adjustable with lace or non-adjustable, narrow, or very wide, giving the impression of a cloak. The most common prints seen are gears and steampunk characters, geometric shapes and fan base designs. Prints can go from very large to small ones and are usually printed in the chest area or/and on the back.


When it comes to materials, fabrics, and colors, the most common ones are cotton and polyester models, where lather is the most common material used for fine details, like patches on shoulders and elbows, or belts. Some models are very modern and created to be easily combined with everyday clothes, while other models are so unique, created only for the very old ones and cosplayers. These are usually very gothic, sharp and detailed, so it is not uncommon to see models with very sharp edges, asymmetrical ones and those with all types of metal or fabric spikes on them. The most common colors are black and shades of grey, but men can also pick other colors as well, usually darker shades of green and red.


Steampunk long sleeves

There are two main types of steampunk long sleeves for men, and these are basic models and those with a turtleneck, but, just like with t-shirts and hoodies, there are printed and non-printed models, short and long ones. Basic models can have round or v-necklines, have steampunk printed design on them on the front or/and the back, be loose or tight. In some cases, these models can have collars and additional details, like lace, buttons, pockets or leather belts on them. I some cases, men can also find full-surface printed models as well. The same applies to turtleneck long sleeves for guys, with one exception, which is the turtleneck. Turtleneck can be loose, tight, taller or smaller, be made of the same fabrics as the torso part or another one. Regarding fabrics, the most common are cotton and polyester, and there are variations of models for all seasons, from lighter ones for the summer to thicker models ideal for wintertime.



  1. Trousers and jeans

mens steampunk trousers

Another essential element of any steampunk outfit, be it for a steampunk convention or a day at work, are bottoms. Two main categories are trousers and jeans, and these can further be classified by various factors. Both can be both simple or complex and detailed, are available in different styles, lengths, and widths, and both can be both very practical and suitable for cosplay.


Steampunk pants

Steampunk trousers or steampunk pants come in many styles and variations. Regarding styles, we have different versions of steampunk cargo pants, khaki pants, Baxter knickers, breeches, regency pants, and jogger pants coming in regular, slim, very loose and relaxed variations. Because steampunk is so creative as a genre itself, and especially when it comes to pants, in particular, we also see combinations of few different elements typical for one specific type of pants integrated into one model.


There are high waist models, mid waist and low waist models available, those with zippers, elastic or lace and those that can be buttoned up. On some models, trouser legs are straight, some get narrower towards the ends and some get wider. Regardless of a model, the most common colors and black, shades of gray and brown, while the most common fabrics are corduroy, chino cloth, tweed, and twill. All models can have extra details on them, like leather patches which can go from super big to very small, chains, suspenders, tied lace, gun cases, belts or chains and can be a combination of few materials and types of textile.


Probably the most common types of pants for men in steampunk world are cargo pants and khaki pants, and it is not uncommon to see the elements of these two combined in couple unique ways. Steampunk cargo pants are those with many pockets, usually tailored on the side of the thighs. The most common are slim and relaxed models with straight trouser legs, but we do also see cargos that get narrower and wider towards the end. Pockets can be puffier or slimmer, numerous or just a couple. Pockets can be buttoned, but there are combinations with zipper pockets and pocket imitations as well. Steampunk khaki pants are one of the most classic and elegant ones. Usually, these models, are more on the simpler side, but can frequently have patterns like stripes, tapestry imitations or simply have attached suspenders to boost the look. These go from slim to lose ones, but always have straight trouser legs and no pockets, expect the two main ones on both sides of the zipper or button line.


Three of the most historical models available are Baxter knickers, breeches and regency pants. Steampunk Baxter knickers are one of the most historical models in steampunk fashion for men. These models come straight out of the Victorian era and were actually quite popular 150 years ago. Today, gents can wear these unique Victorian pants as part of their steampunk look. What makes these models so distinctive is that they have ¾ trouser legs that are quite loose, wide and straight, combined with over the calf socks and suspenders. These models can but don’t have to have two main side pockets and a couple of pockets on the back, can be simple and mono-colored and duo-colored, but we also see flannel models. Some models come with socks, some have socks imitation, while others come without any.


Steampunk breeches are another very Victorian-like model available for men. These are recognized by very wide, balloon-like thigh and knee part of trouser legs, while calf part gets very narrow. These historical riding pants look very upper class and there are mono-colored and multi-colored ones, those with patterns, belts and button lines on the side of the calves.


Steampunk regency pants gained their popularity in the middle of the 19th century. These are very antique and have a distinctive front or back regency part adjusted by pairs of parallel buttons. These models typically have a bit higher waist, were worn in the upper class and were frequently combined with military jackets and tuxedos. Some models have pattern and decorative buttons on them, but it is not uncommon to see very simple, mono-colored models as well.


Steampunk jogger pants for men are one of the most modern and futuristic models available. These are made to be very comfortable, and in steampunk world usually, have trouser legs that narrow towards the end. These come with additional details like apron imitation, have attached cloth hanging on the side or have harem-pants element to them. These rarely have pockets and additional details.


Steampunk jeans

Compared to pants, in steampunk culture, jeans are a bit less frequent. However, for guys who prefer denim over any other material, there are denim steampunk models to pick from. Steampunk jeans are also one of the most practical everyday items a steampunk can own but are just as much suitable for combining with other cosplay items. What differentiates steampunk ones from regular jeans is the color and the general style. Usually, we have black and dark grey denim combined with other elements, mostly lather patches and belts. Steampunk jeans usually have straight legs and are looser, but can be skinny as well. What is very common are splattered models as well.


  1. Shorts

mens steampunk shorts


Steampunk shorts for men come in a few variations. Men can pick from short above the knee models to longer models that go a bit below the knees, loose or slim ones, those with elastic, buttons, lace or zippers. There are also variations in style, and we have cargo shorts and denim shorts as the most common models in steampunk fashion for men. The number and size of pockets for cargo shorts can go from two to several, where these can be both bulky and slim, large and small, real or just an imitation. Denim shorts go from very loose models to very tight ones, that usually have a bit higher percentage of elastane in them. Denim is never blue, but instead, we see shades of gray and black denim while it is also not uncommon to see the splattered effect on these models.


Regarding colors, steampunks can choose from black models, gray and brown ones, but there are also olive green, burgundy and red models available. The most common fabrics used are khaki, chino, spandex, cotton and sometimes leather and suede, which are also frequently used materials for details, such as patches, suspenders., belts or belt imitations. Speaking of details, it is also not uncommon to see chains, rings, spikes, and unzipped zippers to decorate some models.


  1. Gloves

men steampunk gloves


Gloves happen to be one of the most favorite accessory details for steampunks. When it comes to men’s fashion, we see gauntlet gloves, fingerless models, arm gloves and driving gloves to be the most common types guys can pick from. There are models with and those without gadgets on them, simple ones and detailed ones. There are also different lengths available for each of the mentioned type, so gloves can go from wrist-length to above the elbow. The most common materials for steampunk gloves for men are leather and cotton, and the most common colors seen are black, shades of brown, grey, dark reds, greens, and blues. Regarding details, these can also be bronze, gold, and silver and can even include whole gadgets, like watches, metal parts, rings, spikes or compasses.


Gauntlet gloves are typically made of leather, but there are cotton models available for aesthetic purposes as well. What distinguishes them from other types of gloves is the arm part, that widens towards elbows. These were worn by welders and are therefore made of very resistant material, which fits the steampunk culture perfectly. Some models have an adjustment or decorative belts around wrists.


Fingerless gloves come in few different variations. These are models that reach knuckles and have holes for fingers and those models that Just like with other models, these can go from wrist-length to elbows and can be both simple and have additional details and tiny gadgets on them. The most common are gears, spikes, rings, buttons, and chains, but there are even more complex ones available, like those with pocket watches or compass attached to them. Regarding material, these can go from resistant materials like leather to soft ones, like those made of cotton. These also frequently come with lace adjusters, especially if they are of the longer sort.


Arm gloves have an open end and only one major hole that reaches about half the palm and is conjoined between the index finger and the thumb, but there are also models that have an equal opening at both ends, which makes them atypical from classic gloves. These can have lace adjusters, belt adjusters, and other complex details, and can be made of cotton but also of firmer materials like leather and even have some metal components. These are available in all sizes, but the most common are longer ones.


Driving gloves or riding gloves are always wrist length and almost always made of leather or other firmer material that will protect hands during the ride. These are both very practical, especially for gentlemen who own motorbikes and are very aesthetical at the same time. Some models have typical decorative perforation on the back of the hand and can be adjusted by metal buttons or have an elastic band that helps to adjust.


  1. Ties and bow ties

bow tie for men in steampunk style


When it comes to men’s fashion, steampunk is rich in details and ties, bow ties and scarves are one of the most favorite ones. Worn both when portraying high class and lower class gents, by adventurers and the eccentrics, ties and bow ties can do a lot for the look. Regardless of the type, there are satin, velvet, polyester and even lather models available. Gents can pick from printed and non-printed models, models with or without additional details.


Steampunk ties come in few lengths and widths. We have slim ties, wider ones, long and short models. Usually, what makes them distinctive are steampunk prints, with gears and steampunk characters being the most favorite, but we also see real tiny gears and jewelry attached to them. Some have pins, jewelry like brochures, tiny gears, chains, and other decorative elements, and this goes both for printed and non-printed ties.


Regarding steampunk bow ties, we have the classic bow ties, and the vintage one, called cravat as the most common two types of these accessory elements and both types can be found with or without patterns and jewelry on them. Classic bow ties come in different shapes, and gents can pick from butterfly or big butterfly bow ties, the batwing, the diamond point, and the club round models, which are all available in different sizes. Sometimes we see the adjustable strap hanging in front and in other cases, we see just the bow part. If visible, the strap can be short or long and when it comes to colors of the classic bow ties, these are probably some of the most colorful parts of men’s steampunk outfit, although black and shades of brown, blue, red and green always tend to dominate the most.


Cravats are the very vintage, very Victorian bow tie solutions that were actually worn back in the days. These loose, scar-like bow models come in all sizes, lengths, and shapes and can be adjusted differently. Some are worn as scarves and some are tied. These give away very gentleman of the first class vibes and looks very luxurious. Just like classic models, these can have patterns on them and can have decorative jewelry and details like gears and chains on them. Unlike classic bow ties, which are usually made of a bit firmer material, cravats can also be made of silky and delicate fabrics, like satin, cotton, lace or even actual silk.


  1. Hats


Steampunk hats are frequently the accessory must have in any man’s steampunk wardrobe. What makes them so special is the very historical vibe to them, as all the models available were worn or designed during the Victorian era. The most common types steampunks can pick from are the top hat, cowboy hat, bowler hat, and fedora hats. All of the types can come with little or many details and the most common colors we see are black, shades of grey and shades of brown.


Top hat, one of the most recognizable Victorian fashion details for men from the time is also one of the most popular hats in the steampunk world. There are few variations available, but overall, gents can pick from very tall ones to shorter models. The top hat always has a flat and round top surface, the brim can be wider or narrower, and the model can come with plenty of details like bows, belts, gears, spikes, feathers or goggles or be more simplistic and have just a few small steampunk details on them.


Cowboy hat originates from about the same era as the top hat, and it is known as the wild west hat of the time. This model comes with curved, frequently wider brims and top and is not extremely tall. It can come with details like adjustment lace which keeps the hat secured on the head, but can also have belts, ribbons and different gears attached to it, although these details are usually less than what we see with other types of steampunk hats for men.


The bowler hat was designed during the Victorian times but gained popularity towards the end of the era. What makes it distinctive is the rounds top and narrow brim curved upwards. This is the smallest models of steampunk hats available, both regarding height and the width and can, just like other models, include various details, like bows, gears, feathers, and goggles.


The fedora hat is, historically speaking, one of the newest models made for men. Although the term fedora was coined during Victorian times, the very model gained popularity shortly after the era has ended. The model is characterized by the usually wider flat brim and curved top. Although not as frequent as previous models, this one can have just as decorative and as powerful and can include details like gears or bows.


  1. Boots and belts

steampunk boots for men


When it comes to steampunk shoes and belts, gents can pick from various models. In steampunk, shoewear gets a bit extra in the most positive way, and the same goes for belts. The most common colors for both are browns and black, and when it comes to fabrics and materials, leather and suede happen to be the most common ones.


Steampunk boots

In the steampunk world, there are two main models of boots men can pick from, and when speaking about the style, these are biker boots and the wingtip boots. Because steampunk is known for details, the seemingly classic models are always leveled up with some extra details, like belts, chains, and spikes. Heights of boots vary too, and there are flat boots, ankle boots, mid-calf boots and tall boots men can pick from. Some models can be adjusted by lace, zippers or belts and some have all of these three combined together for the more complex look. Zipper, belts, and lace can be found on the front part, on the sides and sometimes even on the back part of the boot.


Steampunk biker boots are one of the most complex models out there. There are two main types and those are slip on boots and those with belts, zippers or lace. What is characteristic for them is usually the sole that is more on the bulky side, making the whole model look very resistant and powerful. These are the models that frequently come with plenty of belts, and can go up to knee hight and aesthetically can resemble to harness boots, especially when talking about slip-on models. Unlike the bulky ones, steampunk wingtip boots are the classic, more minimal models that usually don’t go much above the ankle. These usually have narrower shoe tip, frequently nicely decorated, perforated and have lace as a way of adjustment, but can also come with additional details, mostly decorative belts.


Steampunk belts

From studded classic models to very detailed ones with multiple decorative belts and chains, from slim to thicker ones, steampunk belts for men are a nice detail to spice up any outfit. There are two main categories guys can choose from, and these are the basic belts, which can be both simple and complex, and those with extensions, which are always complex. Regarding materials, the most common is leather and when it comes to colors, we see brown, black and shades of grey. Simple basic belts come with one buckle and one main strap, which can further be decorated with studs, holes, rings and other steampunk details. Complex basic belts are those that can have one main buckle and a strap, but these can be multiplied with a couple of others, usually serving a decorative purpose. Belts with extensions have more buzz to them. These models usually have details like tight belt bags and tight belts for guns and knives, making them very complex. Some have these attached on one thigh, but there are also models with tight belt bags and tight belts on both sides. Buckles, rings and studs can be gold, bronze, silver or black.


  1. Bags and backpacks

steampunk backpack

Lastly, when speaking about steampunk accessories for men, besides the very popular hats, ties, bow ties and belts, there are bags and backpacks which not only complete the look but are also very practical in day-to-day life.


Steampunk bags for men

There are two main variations of bags available for steampunk gentlemen, and these are shoulder bags and waist bags. The type of bag we see in the steampunk world of fashion for men are messenger bags, both horizontal and vertical models. Bags, just like belts, are usually made of leather, but there are models made of other materials, as well, with suede being the most common. Regarding details, there are models with few and those with many pockets, some being more flat and other being bulkier. It is very common to see chains, spikes, rings, and brooches decorating the bag, but there are also simpler models available as well. Some have an interesting design to them, like gear shaped pockets or have actual gears incorporated in them.


Steampunk backpacks for men

Compared to bags, steampunk backpacks gain more popularity among gentlemen when it comes to steampunk fashion. These accessory details are practical and highly aesthetic, suitable both for cosplay and everyday life. Steampunk backpack for men can be differentiated by various factors, and these are size, shape, material, and complexity. There are very small and very large, bulky ones can be square shaped, rounded or elliptical and styles go from urban and outdoor models to modern geometrical and student-like variations. While leather is, just like with belts, the most common material used, steampunk backpacks can also be made of softer materials. Regarding complexity, this accessory detail is one of the most complex available.


Backpacks are decorated with not only gears, belts, lace, watches, bullets, rings, spikes and chains, but the very shape of few parts, frequently pockets, serves as decoration. The shapes of textile imitations and details really vary, and just some guys can pick from are angel and dragon wings and weapons like sharp boomerangs. Some backpacks have no details to them, but instead, have a 3D steampunk prints on them. The special type of backpacks is actual machinery and complex structures built to be worn as the backpack. These are exterminator, time traveler machine types of backpacks that serve aesthetic purposes only and are made for cosplay.