Steampunk is a rather creative movement that got a lot of its inspiration from science fiction. A lot of things in that movement are influenced by Victorian England, such as fashion, which is characterized by technological improvements and designs from the 19th century. Nowadays, you can find touches of Steampunk everywhere in the entertainment industry, from video games to movies and music, but it all started with ideas coming from comics and books. Some of the lovers of Steampunk also try to incorporate it into their lifestyle by adding a lot of steampunk elements and designs to their homes. Steampunk fashion is a combination of Victorian Exotic style along with futuristic designs influenced by the imagination of Jules Verne. Because of its growing popularity, the fashion industry has started picking up on steampunk trends. Nowadays, there are fans and lovers of Steampunk all across the globe that are setting new trends and promoting this unique style. This is a list of the best Steampunk influencers of all time.

Kate’s Clothing & Steampunk Fashion

This clothing store is located in London, United Kingdom, and it is considered one of the best alternative fashion stores as it has one of a kind pieces. It reaches all sorts of different alternative styles, including Steam-punk as well.

Kate’s Clothing & Steampunk FashionKate’s Clothing Steampunk leather armor for arm


Their stores always provide the best quality and unique items, so there will always be something that will catch your eye, no matter whether you are a man or a lady. Apart from the Steampunk pieces, this store also provides gothic, kawaii, alternative, and vintage clothing. There is a lot of different styles that you can pick out from. And whether you are a lover of this fashion or not, it will still leave you in amazement. What sets these clothing stores apart is Kate’s genuine understanding and passion for these fashion styles. This is what makes the clothing for what it is; unique and creative. The most popular brands that were crafted in this store are Kate’s own “A Necessary Evil,” “Devil Fashion,” and “Chic Star.” Three fabulous girls founded this company: the leader of the team and a designer being Kate, then Kelly whose job is to keep fans up with all the recent trends their clothing store has developed, and in the end, there is Ruth who is responsible for economics of the store. And let’s not forget the fourth member that joined them later on, Elaine, who is responsible for dealing with technological issues all around the world with her fantastic management skills.

Steampunk workshop of Cassandra Booth

“The steampunk genre is kooky, creative and mysterious, and that’s where much of its attraction lies,” are the words of a lovely and creative Cassandra Booth.
Cassandra Booth is one of those people who have a broad understanding of Steampunk fashion and its roots. The owner of The Cassandra’s Closet said that there are quite a lot of people who are very much interested in workshops, corsetry, and all other steampunk things one can provide. Cassandra’s skills are truly amazing, and she puts all her energy into creating impressive steampunk designs. She encourages young people and brings out their best to make their accessories, costumes, and weapons, then, later on, be able to tell the purpose of such a piece.

Eva Vivacia models a steampunk look from The Dark Magician on Bell Street

(Eva Vivacia models a steampunk look from The Dark Magician on Bell Street.
photo: Claudia Baxter / The Queensland Times)

To show off her designs, Cassandra even hires beautiful models that will bring out her attire in the best way.
She said that beginning to work in the fashion industry was rather hard and tricky, but she eventually found her way into the Steampunk world by making Victorian suits and paved the road for herself.

Steampunk writers

Steampunk is a kind of a movement that continues growing with the help of creative people and proficient content. It is mostly that through writers that people even get to know Steampunk fully and what it is at its core. The film industry also has a significant impact on the audience because it helps with bringing all those imaginative ideas to life.

One of the most popular Steampunk writers is no one but Philip Pullman. The trilogy “His Dark Materials” is probably the best example of what makes a steampunk book. It has zeppelins, gadgets, and the golden compass and all other technological inventions coming into the Victorian era. The three books that are consistent in this trilogy are “Northern Lights,” “The Subtle Knife,” and “The Amber Spyglass.”

Another great example of Steampunk writing is Scott Westerfeld. He is famous for his trilogy called “Leviathan” where the first set of the trilogy is an alternative reality of World War I.  There are Central Powers (in the book’s universe called “Clankers”) with mechanized war machines which are opposed by Entente Powers (known as “Darwinists”). Many people didn’t know much about Steampunk before reading that book. The other two sequels are called “Behemoth” and “Goliath.”