Welcome to our steampunk wrist watches buyers guide where we will discus many aspects on how to choose a steampunk wrist watches. And at the end will give some of the products from our steampunk shop a more closer look.


No matter what year it is, or what time period you are in, watches have never gone out of style. Ever since the first watch has come out, they have become one of the more important accessories in terms of fashion. When choosing a watch, it’s rather important to make sure it is good quality but, at the same time, that it is aesthetically pleasing.

This is why there are Steampunk watches which have their unique style and the best Steampunk artistry. It doesn’t matter which steampunk watch you choose, they will all look exceptional on your wrist and will most likely stand out from the crowd. These types of watches are definitely not for those who are uncomfortable not being part of the big crowd.

Steampunk watches have what most watches don’t – they have quality and some extraordinary functions but at the same time they are very fashionable. It is rather promising that you will get a lot of compliments while wearing one so it definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Either way, in this article you will find everything you’re looking for and questions you should ask before buying one, starting from what parts the watch consists of and materials it is made of to its functions and water resistance.

Parts of the steampunk wrist watch

parts of the steampunk wrist watch

In case you were wondering, an exterior of a watch can be broken down in several pieces and each of those pieces contributes either to its functionality or aesthetics.

1. Case

The case is used for accommodating movement, which makes the watch work, and it protects the rest of the watch from whether it be rain or snow.

2. Dial

You can find it on the face of the watch, it usually has subdials and readouts on its display.

3. Hands

The watch hands are the pieces used to indicate the time and without them, the movement of the watch would have no use.

4. Marker

One of the numbers, or lines, that you can see on the face of the watch, usually known as an ‘’index’’.

5. Crystal

It covers the dial in order to protect it from water and dirt. Usually made either from lab-grown sapphire, which is close to a diamond when it comes to hardiness; mineral, or glass; or acrylic which is close to plastic.

6. Bezel

This is the outer frame of the watch and it keeps the crystal in place. It can be only used as aesthetics when it comes to stopwatch or diving versions of the watch.

7. Crown

This is a little piece close to the case which winds the movement of the watch and modifies the adjustments, for example, time and date. Sometimes there is a crown protector in cases it comes to an accidental adjustment.

8. Bracelet

It’s a watchband made of metal links. It’s usually rather big and stands out.

9. Strap

It’s also a watchband but is more discrete than the bracelet. Usually made out of leather, vegan leather, silicone or other flexible material.

10. Clasp

It keeps the watch secured and firmly on the wrist. The two most common types are buckle (or ardillon) and deployment (or deployant) clasps.

Functionalities of the steampunk wrist watch

When buying a watch, one of the most important things to consider is its movement, or the way watch works.

Manual Mechanical Watch

This type of watch has been around since the 17th century when the watchmakers used the technology already used in clocks for the watches. What makes this watch work is a mainspring, which is a coiled wire of metal, which needs to be wound by hand. Once that’s done, the spring then starts moving in a sweeping motion over the watch’s face. However, other more luxurious watches have their movement powered when you move your wrist.

Mechanical watches are not considered one of the best ones because many are not very accurate and precise, so they will lose a certain amount of time in comparison, for example, to quartz ones (which we will discuss in one of the paragraphs below).

Regardless, watch enthusiasts still love these watches because of the skill and craftsmanship required in order to produce such movements. For these people, owning a watch is not just about telling time.

So, if you are also a fan of history and are not particularly in need of a watch for just practical reasons, you will most likely love these. However, as it goes, the more complex the movement of the watch is, the more expensive it will be.

Hopefully, these pros and cons of owning this watch will help you decide whether or not you should decide on this one.


  • No battery. Since it is powered by hand, you will never be in need to replace a battery. If it ever stops ticking, you just need to wind it back up.
  • Hand movement is smooth. Quartz watches have that annoying ticking of the watch but not mechanical ones! Their hand movement is very smooth so for the people who really dislike the ticking sound, they may want to consider purchasing a mechanical watch.
  • It has a character. The time and work spent on making this type of watch is quite impressive. There are numerous of gears and tiny springs that all work together in order for the watch to give you the time. Just imagining someone sitting for hours and hours just so they could perfect the entire mechanism makes this watch special. So, if you are the one to appreciate the craftsmanship, you might want to consider buying a mechanical watch.
  • Since it has to be regularly hand-wounded to keep it ticking, some people find that quite appealing. There is something special about winding it back up at the end of the day to keep it ‘’alive’’. It somehow connects you more with time.


  • Requires constant rewinding. In order to keep it working, you need to rewind it once a day. However, some people like doing it and find it pleasing, and for others, it can be bothersome.
  • Sensitive to the environment. Inside this watch, there are many tiny gears and springs that keep it working so it is recommended to be careful when exposed to moisture, dust, shocks, and magnets. However, newer models of these watches have been designed to withstand those environments, it’s still better to keep an eye out because it’s better to be safe than sorry. So if you are frequently exposed to moisture, dust, dirt, shocks, or magnets, it’s better to choose a quartz one for those situations and save the mechanical one for other times.
  • Not as accurate. Mechanical watches that are better in quality can keep the accuracy up to 99.999%, however, as they age, the accuracy can wear off. So in order to maintain that accuracy, you’ll need to bring it into jeweler every 5 to 10 years. Also, not all mechanical watches are created with the same accuracy – some are more or less accurate than others. And also, as mentioned above, environmental factors can also have a big effect on its accuracy. So, if you are the type of person whose time accuracy is the number one priority, you probably shouldn’t consider a mechanical watch.
  • It is expensive. Because of the craftsmanship and the time and effort put into these watches, they surely won’t come out cheap. Although there are those in the sub-$100 range, most cost more than that.

Automatic Mechanical Watch

This one is similar to a mechanical watch except for the fact that instead of rewinding it by hand, it rewinds automatically by the movement of the wrist. Another name for them is “self-winding” watches.

You may wonder how it does it automatically. There is a piece inside called a ‘’rotor’’ which moves as your wrist does during the day. There is also a slipping clutch that prevents it from being over-wound.

However, if you are not wearing an automatic watch at the moment, therefore there is no movement of your wrist; you need to put it in a watch winder. That’s a device that moves the watch throughout the day while it’s stored away so it’s always wound. It is rather important to do so because in case it has a calendar displayed on it and if you don’t put it in a watch winder, the same date will remain on the display when it stops ticking and when you want to wear it again, you would need to reset both time and date.

The good sides of this watch are rather similar to the mechanical one. It has a smooth movement; therefore, there is no annoying ticking. It also doesn’t require a battery and it has the same amount of craftsmanship put into it as a mechanical one does. The only difference is that it doesn’t need to be wound by hand so you don’t have to bother with constant rewinding by yourself.

The bad sides of an automatic watch are also pretty much the same as ones of the mechanical one. They are also very sensitive to the environment so you would have to be careful where you go with your automatic watch and how often you are exposed to those environmental elements. Their accuracy, or lack of thereof, is the same. Of course, like with the mechanical one, if it’s a good quality, it will be more accurate but, unfortunately, the same accuracy will wear off over time so you would need to constantly tune it up. They are expensive as well and, on top of that, if you don’t wear the watch regularly, you are going to need to put it in a watch winder so it automatically rewinds and the time and date don’t freeze on a display. Of course, watch winders are not really expensive but the automatic watches are already expensive as it is, so it’s just another thing you would have to buy, so it would come out a little bit more pricey than expected.

So, in the end, if you want to appreciate good craftsmanship and effort put into a watch, but are a rather busy person or can’t remember to rewind it all the time by hand, an automatic watch should be a good option for you.

Quartz Electronic Watch

This one has been out in the market ever since the 1980s and ever since then, it has been one of the most popular watches because of its precision and instead of gears and springs, it’s a small battery that keeps it ticking, making it even more convenient than the other two types of watches.

Since this watch works on electricity, the battery sends that electricity through a quartz crystal which makes the crystal vibrate. Those vibrations are converted into a pulse and that pulse moves the second hand of the watch. And because of that, they are not very smooth in comparison to an automatic or a mechanical watch.

Because they rely on electricity to work, as said above, they are far more accurate and precise and are not that sensitive to the environment so you can wear them wherever and whenever you want.

These watches are also extremely cheap to the point that you can find ones for only $4. Of course, if you want something more elegant, it’s going to be more expensive than that.

Because of all these good qualities, there are far more good sides than there are bad. So, to sum it up, the good sides of these watches is that they are very durable so they can withstand almost any environment which makes it good for those people whose job requires them to be exposed to difficult environments. They don’t require to be maintained all the time, electricity does it for you. You just need to change the battery every year or so. As said previously, they are also extremely cheap so almost anyone can afford them and, on top of that, with a little bit of money, you get extra precise time so you don’t have to worry about that either.

However, like any product, they also have the bad side but there are fewer of them. They don’t have the smooth hand movement like mechanical and automatic ones do; they have that annoying ticking sound. And, they are far less romantic and don’t have that charm because they lack craftsmanship and history. But for such a cheap price, you’ve got to give up something.



What is the steampunk watch made of?


The materials a watch is made of don’t only matter when it comes to a watch’s aesthetics but also its durability, weight and also how it affects your skin.


Stainless steel


This material makes a watch last longer and isn’t likely to cause allergic reactions. It also adds a professional look to it. However, these types of watches are fairly expensive.

Base metal


They come as an alternative to stainless steel because they are less expensive. They are sometimes plated in gold. On the other hand, they are more likely to cause allergic reactions and are prone to scratches which doesn’t make them as durable.



You can find them in any color and they are extremely durable which makes them a good option if you like sports and are often busy with outdoor activities. Bad thing is that they are very casual-looking so they don’t go too well for fancier occasions.


This material makes a watch very comfortable to wear because it’s soft and it makes a watch good for any type of occasion. However, they are likely to fade or crack later on.


Additional features of the wristwatch

Extra features of a wristwatch are usually called “complications”. As you know, all watches are meant to show the time but some of them have additional features. Some of those features include a date, alarm and even a moon-phase indicator. Below you can see a list and more in detail about different types of features.



This is just another name for a stopwatch. It has separate dials on its display apart from the main dial of the watch. It comes with two buttons; one of them starts/stops the stopwatch and the other one resets it.
Some of the stopwatches also come with a tachymeter which calculates things such as speed, distance travelled (whether while flying or on the road) and even how much fuel you’ve consumed. It’s a scale around the rim of a watch.
This feature is especially good for people who are into sports, for coaches or runners.

Multifunction Subdial

It’s a subdial that displays different elements of time. It can be, for example, some day of the week, a different time zone or a clock in 24-hour format. This feature looks very professional and is obviously good for people who want to look professional but also want some additional features.

Date Display

As the title says, it’s a feature that displays date. It’s usually an extra window or an extra hand that indicates it. This feature is basically good for anyone. If you are too lazy to bring out your smart phone to look at the date, you can just throw a quick look at your watch. Also, if you happen to accidentally go back or further in time, this watch would come in handy.

Moon-phase Indicator

This feature is not too practical; it’s more of aesthetic in nature. It shows different phases of moon whether it’s a new moon, quarter, half or a full one. If you are, however, into astrology, this feature might be very helpful!


This is a feature meant as a built-in reminder for some event. This reminder can be set independently of the current display of time. It’s good for people with busy schedule or if you are worried about being late and your smart phone is out of reach at the moment.


As mentioned above, this feature measures distance travelled with a vehicle whether by flying or on road. Usually comes with a chronograph. This feature is especially good for racecar drivers or pilots.


Is the watch water resistant?

Since you’ll be most likely exposed to rain or snow at some point, it’s good to see how much a watch can handle moisture before it’s fully damaged. In order to help you out, there is a table which shows the water resistance for normal watches and for diver watches.

water resistant levels for steampunk wrist watches


Steampunk watches for men

Considering there are numerous steampunk watches to choose from and many people are indecisive, we decided to help you out by listing out a few of those so you can maybe narrow down your options. There are mechanical and automatic self-winding watches that always show accurate time. If you are looking for a true steampunk watch, you may want to consider purchasing analog one considering that they are much more steampunk than digital ones.

Steampunk Wrist Winner Watch; White Golden Design

Don’t miss out on this stylish and luxurious wrist watch which will look exceptional on any dressy event you may want to attend. Or if you just want to wear it casually.
It’s one of the mechanical automatic watches so a lot of engineering and craftsmanship has been put into this watch. Therefore, if you are one of the watch enthusiasts who love history and adore craftsmanship, you will absolutely love this one! Also, since it’s automatic, you don’t have to wind it by hand, it automatically winds up by just the movement of your wrist. So, you won’t ever have to worry about replacing a battery!
Not only that but it’s also water resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet; you can wear it whether it’s raining or snowing; or if you or the watch ends up underwater. The
water resistance depth is 3bar and dial diameter 40mm. It’s also made out of stainless steel so you can wear it everywhere and you most likely won’t have to worry about it cracking and it ever fading out and losing its newness. Dial window is made out of glass and the brand name is T-Winner. The case thickness is about 15mm.


Men’s Sports Steampunk Wrist Watch


If you are more of a sporty type but still love fashionable watches and don’t want to wear something overly simple, then this watch is for you! It’s a quartz watch so you won’t ever have to worry about self-winding it or worrying it ever stops ticking. You just simply have to replace the battery every now and then. Its water resistance is 3bar. The band is made out of leather so it’s extremely comfortable to wear because of its softness. The leather makes it good for any kind of occasion, so you can wear it anytime and anywhere. The case material is made out of stainless steel so it won’t ever crack and won’t cause you any allergic reactions. It also has additional feature which is date so you will always have your own personal calendar anywhere you go without needing to bring out your smart phone every time you are curious.
You also can choose from different colors! You have it, as shown in picture, in brown-black, then black-red, fully black and fully brown, and brown-white.
The band length is about 23 inches, the band width 22 millimeters, and case thickness 12 millimeters. The brand name for this watch is Curren.


Skeleton Steampunk Automatic Wrist Watch



This one is a very fashionable watch; you can wear it on any occasion you choose with a more punkish theme. It’s an analogue and mechanical one so if you are really into steampunk fashion, you will really like this one. It has a quite character to it as any mechanical watch has some kind of a charm to it because of all the time spent on it and skills required to create a watch like this. You also don’t have to be bothered about the constant ticking; the hand movement is extra smooth! However, it’s an automatic one and you don’t have to worry about winding it up by hand, it simply needs a movement of your wrist to be wound. Just don’t forget to buy a watch winder as well!
The case is made out of stainless steel so no allergic reactions or worrying about it cracking or fading over time. The clasp type is a buckle so you can adjust it to the size of your wrist; the band length is 23cm. The band material is leather so it can look nice on any occasion and the case thickness is 10mm.
Unfortunately, it’s not water resistant and doesn’t have any additional features.

A little bit of extra advice: If you want to choose perfect watch for you, pay attention to the way the watch is proportioned to your wrist and hand. You may not want to choose a watch that is too big for your wrist or it may look tacky and you may also want to stay away from the watches that are too small for your wrist as it may look girly. There is a general rule that for example, if your wrist is 6 to 7 inches, you should go for a watch with case diameter of 38-42mm. If your wrist is bigger than 7 inches, go for 44-46mm.

Steampunk watches for women


Just like for men, women also have dozens of steampunk watches to choose from. In order to help women out too, we have created a list of watches for women to help them narrow down the options.


Bronze Steampunk Wrist Watch

A very glamorous and luxurious wrist watch which is perfect for dressier and classier occasions. It will most likely stand out no matter when or where you wear it. It’s a mechanical automatic one so while it has that charm and character to it, it also doesn’t need battery to be fully functional. It simply winds up with the movement of your wrist. It’s an analog watch, making it even more steampunk and adds a lot more character to it. So this watch is perfect for people who are true fans of steampunk fashion. It also has that smooth hand-movement so you won’t be bothered by the ticking noise. The watch is completely made out of stainless steel so you can count on it being very durable so you can wear it for years. This material also makes it hypoallergenic. It has a see through back panel and see through skeleton dial design which adds to its classiness and elegancy. Its dial diameter is 42mm and the band width is 22mm. And, also, don’t forget to also purchase a watch winder otherwise it will stop ticking.

So, no matter what, you definitely won’t regret buying this one. It’s true that it may be a little bit pricey but it’s worth the price.


Vintage Steampunk Wrist Watch



This steampunk watch is perfect for casual and day-to-day activities but also for maybe dressier events. Even though it’s casual, it doesn’t mean there is no charm to it. It’s also an automatic self-winding watch that doesn’t need a battery to keep it ticking. Its band is made out of leather so you can wear it anytime and anywhere. If you are a fan of old, this watch is also perfect for you as it has that vintage aesthetic to it. This watch is also very good match for those who are fan of history and steampunk and really want to stand out with it even during casual activities. It has roman numerals on its display; therefore it’s an analogue watch, making it even more vintage. The case is made out of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about it cracking. Its dial design and the back panel is see-through making it even more elegant.
The dial diameter is 43 mm and the band width is 22 mm.


Steampunk Luxury Hollow Vintage Wrist Watch


This item is also a must have for those who are fans of old because of its vintage aesthetics! It also has a leather band making it perfect for any type of occasion. Not only that, but it’s also a quartz one. So, if you are one of those people who may find it bothersome to self-wind their watches or buy a watch winder, well rest assured, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This one comes with a battery so the only thing required for you to do is to change it every once in a while. It has roman numerals on its display so for those who like a bit of extra aesthetic, this watch is perfect. It also has that see through design which adds to its charm. Here is one of the examples when quartz watches can look as elegant and classy as mechanical ones. You can also find it available in four different colors. The leather band comes in a blue, brown, black and white color which you can combine with its own overall brown style. The case is made out of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about it cracking. The dial diameter is 40 mm and the band width is 20 mm.