Welcome to our reviews of steampunk games. We decided to do a comprehensive review and testing of steampunk games featured on various gaming platforms as well as on the regular PC.

We will start with PC games first and then we will proceed to deal with games on Xbox, Sony PlayStation 4 and Android platform games.

Any steampunk lover will find at least something that they will like from the games below. So let’s start.


6 Best Steampunk PC Video Games That Will Get You Addicted

PC has always been the most versatile gaming platform and also one of the most popular. Strong CPUs and graphics cards are relatively affordable nowadays so almost anyone will be able to play most of these games.

Steampunk or Victorian-style is very popular in video games because it adds a little mysticism and fancy architecture and decoration to complement great part of the story that these kind of games usually have.


1. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (2001)

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura has been developed by Troika games in 2001. The small game studio has been founded by three people who previously worked on a famous pc game Fallout, one of the best RPG games ever developed. Beautiful steampunk surrounding and graphics is complemented by intricate and well developed story featuring Elves, Dwarves and other fantasy creatures. Victorian fashion architecture are dominant in this game with a 19th century clothing style.

The main theme in Arcanum is eternal combat between technology and magic and in game you will have to carefully choose the way you develop you character because if you lean more towards the technology tree your magical abilities will diminish and vice versa.

The game is designed in a way to react towards your character based on a development choices you make and the story progressing will change based on your character starting preferences and race also.

The character creating when starting the game is considered one of the best for this type of RPG game. Although Arcanum is a dated game by today’s standards it become a classic for the steampunk style genre on the pc platform.

2. Dishonored (2012) 

Dishonored is a game that lets you make your own choices and doesn’t limit you in the ways you can explore this heavily steampunk styled game. The main character in a game is Corvo Attano who served as a protector to the Empress but found himself seeking vengeance after the Empress has been assassinated.

The city is Dunwall.  This is the city where the main character starts in the game. You can play this game either using violence or trying to find out the way to finish the game without killing too many people.

There are many ways to approach how you complete missions in the game. The game is full of various steampunk themed gadgets and for all steampunk lovers there will be a lot of eye candy Victorian-style architecture and clothing.

One of the more interesting powers that you can develop in the game is Blink which gives you the ability to teleport within a short range.

3. BioShock Infinite

BioShock infinite is a game that you start with having a lot of questions. Packed with a lot of magical abilities and various gadgets BioShock Infinite will put you in the role of a detective with a specific task of finding a girl named Elizabeth. You will travel through a lot of Victorian-style architecture and visuals to try put together the puzzle of call to find Elizabeth. The game features a lot of steam punk elements like zeppelins, various types of fantastic gadgets, vintage looking weaponry and cool steampunk styled outfits.

You will find a lot of colorful characters in game over there very cool vintage looking outfits and for part humans part cyber steam punk machines. As with any cool RPG game you get to update your armor for various pieces of equipment like bands boats etc. to gain magical abilities you drink special potions that are called vigors.

One of the best features of these game are related to combat system which is really enjoyable to play with. One aspect that could be improved in these game is related to the story which sometimes can confuse a player because it tends to be a little bit complex and even unclear at moments. All in all these game is really worth playing and you will have many joyous hours with it.

4. Guns of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus online is a very exciting online RPG game that is very heavily steampunk themed. The main premise of the game is that you are part of the crew that fights in a giant airship. Each member of the crew is tasked with a specific role which ranges from piloting the ship, manning the guns or fixing broken equipment. The whole team needs to work tightly together in order to survive the combat. The giant airship’s are basically zeppelins are part of teams that can have from 2 to 4 members each. Those teams meet in an online combat with a clear blue sky surrounding them. The steam punk aesthetics in the game looks amazing.

There are six different types of airships available to choose from. They range from huge and enduring airships to our small vessels which are very quick. Captains will lead the team and are in charge of customizing the airship and can choose between a selection of various guns, machine guns, flamethrowers or harpoons. Rocket launchers are also an option.

Guns of Icarus online started as a kick starter project and became a truck hit in the online steam punk games. For competitive minded people these game will be a true hit and provide many hours of fun.

5. Machinarium

Machinarium is in essence a point-and-click adventure game on PC with a gorgeous graphics and interesting story development. There are also versions of the game intended for PlayStation plus and PlayStation 4. The story puts you in the role of a small robot named Joseph. The game starts with the Joseph being thrown out from the air to the garbage pile and left there.

During the gameplay you slowly start to realize what is the true mission of the robot. She will be solving puzzles, collecting items and moving from one beautifully created the digital scene to another.

As I said before the game looks beautiful and is heavily steampunk themed. Various gadgets and mechanisms are found throughout the game and the little robot will try to reach them and move them so he can progress to the next level.

These game has really low levels of stress and combined with a very pleasant graphics will help you relax while you play it.

6. Ascent: Infinite Realm

If you’re looking for the modern MMO steampunk game Ascent: Infinite Realm is the right choice. It has been developed by Bluehole developer known for PUBG. These game features an open world and is a great mix of fantasy and steampunk genres.

If you’re familiar with the World of Warcraft game, you will find realm VS realm PVP mode very familiar.


5 Steampunk games for PS4 that you will love to play

Play Station 4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles ever and several great steampunk games have been made available to play on it. Here is our review of the 5 most popular at the moment.

Most of you already know that steampunk games for PS4 do exist, but they are not something most people look for. As such, you will need some time to find games of this genre and to decide which ones are the best. We did all hard work for you and we are ready to offer you the list with the best games available for PS4 platform. All 5 games are loaded with steampunk elements and each one is different, so you can choose the ones that match your criteria the most.

  1. Frostpunk PS4

PS4 gaming console screenshot Frostpunk

Frostpunk is a similar term to steampunk and the game shares the same direction. First of all, this is a strategy game with an interesting story. It is set in the 1800s where Earth is almost completely frozen. Your mission will be to build a city, help people survive and lead them to the new age. There are countless options you can use, such as building different buildings, streets, developing laws, politics and so much more. The amount of details is impressive as well and you can see footprints in the snow.

If we take a look at the steampunk elements we can see a lot of them. For instance, the outfits of the characters is 100% pure steampunk. The gloves, jackets, leather bags and gadgets based on steampunk technology are all there. Hammers and tools are made of brass, which is a nice touch. Gadgets are massive, look heavy and suitable for this genre. The buildings are also massive, with the 19th-century look and they involve brass, copper and similar metals. In other words, anything you will create and use in the game comes from steampunk universe. That’s why it had to be the number one game of this kind.

  1. The Order: 1886 PS4

the order 1886 screenshot sony play station 4

The Order is one of the most popular games of 2015 and in recent years. The best thing about it is the story and the animations. It is third-person action game and you will be in the shoes of Sir Galahad. He and his team will have to defend the city and the world from different enemies which include werewolves, humans, half-breeds and so much more. Keep in mind that all opponents are powerful enemies with different capabilities and secrets. You may wonder why this game is on our list. Well, it is set in Victorian-era London, an alternative history and it is loaded with steampunk elements.

Probably the main thing why we liked this game is the weapons. Sir Galahad has the ability to carry several weapons, which are rifles, pistols, and crossbows. But, all of the weapons look like they are born in the world of steampunk. They are massive, original and come with plenty of additional parts that make them look bigger and tougher. The same applies to all other weapons. Sir Galahad can also use melee attacks. Let’s not forget about zeppelins which are present in the game and have an important role. Gadgets and devices which are basically a mixture of futuristic technology and steampunk dominate the game.

  1. SteamWorld Heist PS4


The name of the game reveals more than you think. It is a turn-based game which is completely based on robots and shooting. The best part is the fact robots are steam-powered. They are a combination between the wild-west and the modern technology, but the old looks dominate the design. Your mission will be to lead the crew of the robots and defeat various enemies.

The game is developed in 2D rather than in 3D. There are no as many animations as 3D games have to offer, but this kind of gameplay is easier and the game is great for beginners. The weapons, the graphics, and the user interface are all focused on steampunk. The music is provided by Steam Powered Giraffe so it stands out from the crowd.

  1. Dishonored: Definitive Edition PS4

sony playstation 4 dishonored definitive edition screen

The version of the game you are going to play is located in the city of Dunwall. It is set in the future after the world was annihilated by a plague. However, the previous sequels of the game were set in 19th century London and Edinburgh. Even the Definitive Edition has many of the elements borrowed from these cities and this age. The weapons, clothes and the architecture are all based on steampunk. Add the devices and furniture which is from the same area and you can get a clear picture of why the game is on our list.

The game is played in the first person and you will have the role of Corvo Attano. He was the personal bodyguard of the queen, but he was framed for her murder. His ultimate goal is to discover who framed him. In order to find the truth, he became an assassin. The game also includes magic and advanced capabilities.

  1. Sunless Sea PS4

sunless sea playstation 4 screenshot

Sunless Sea is a simple game with minimalistic development. On the other side, it has an interesting story which involves exploration, solitude and steampunk universe. Yes, the game is set in the Fallen London universe and you will navigate and control your personal ship powered by steampunk technology. The main mission is to explore the world around you.

There are a lot of things that are borrowed from steampunk reality. For instance, the divers will wear a brass suit like the ones you saw in steampunk movies. The icons of the game are completely based on the 19th century and steampunk genre. Basically, the entire user interface is optimized so it will meet the requirements of steampunk gamers. Cities, jewelry clothes and gadgets are usually made of brass, with massive gears, leather, and materials common for the style in question.

Conclusion for the Sony Play Station 4 gaming console steampunk games

We hope that the ultimate game for you is on our list. These 5 games are different, meaning that each one of you will find at least one game that meets his or her criteria completely. The main thing to add is the fact all of the games are based on steampunk genre and each one has tons of the elements from this universe.

Android steampunk games you will not be able to quit playing

Games which are based on steampunk or they have many elements of it are more popular than ever before. Now, you can even play them on your smartphone, running Android operative system. However, finding the best ones isn’t an easy task. We tested and compared over 50 different games in order to find 5 that truly count. Below you can see all of them and you can download them today.

  1. A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight – 2015

A study in steampunk video game for android os

Regardless of what you are looking in a game, if you are interested in steampunk, then the Study in Steampunk is the game to play. It is a mystery game that consists of the combination between the steampunk world and sorcery. Playing the game, you will have to follow the paths, solve crimes, meet friends and even find true love. The game is inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Doctor Jekyll, and similar characters.

Obviously, the main thing is the world which is set in the steampunk universe. As such, you can see robots, monsters, city and even zeppelins which are all based on steampunk technology. The user interface e shares the same passion, therefore the game is extremely appealing to play. Let’s just add that the machines and gadgets in the game are ‘’boosted’’ with steampunk. They have massive pipes, rods, steam elements and so much more associated with steampunk.

  1. 80 Days – 2014

80 days from year 2014 android steampunk game

Why this game is on our list you may wonder? Well, it is based on Around the World in Eighty Days, a novel written by famous Jules Verne. In the game, you have the ability to lead the master or Monsieur Phileas Fogg around the world. Your mission will be to control his health, his route and accomplish the main goal. The world is obviously placed in the universe of steampunk and you can see gadgets and items such as pocket watches, devices, and locomotives, powered by steam engines. The graphics is appealing and very rewarding. The user interface and the gameplay are made to look identical to the Victorian-era London, with suitable font and items.

The game may seem simple and ordinary, but according to developers, only 2% of the game texture will be presented to each player. Each decision will make a difference and each one has a huge impact on the mission and the end result of the game.

  1. Choices: And The Sun Went Out – 2015

Choices: And The Sun Went Out – 2015 android steampunk video game

In the lack of a more appropriate word, we can’t stress enough how unique this game is. It is based on interactive stories, therefore the name. In the game, you will have the role of a private investigator who must unrevealed different phenomenon’s. You will also have Moti, which is a smartwatch on your wrist. The main element of steampunk reality is the navigation in the game. The fonts are vintage and the user interface is decorated with different motives, all borrowed from London from the 19th century.

Keep in mind that there are around 2400 choices you can make. Basically, the game will present you a story you will have to complete. New stories are added regularly and can be played at any given time. For steampunk lovers, we can add that a story or a choice known as Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten is something to consider. The game is addictive and has basic elements of steampunk, but not a lot of them.

  1. Steampunk Tower – 2013

Steampunk Tower – 2013 for android os video game

Steampunk Tower is a simple and desirable game that will keep you occupied for days, not hours. In the game, you are in the shoes of a tower commander. As you would expect, the main mission is to upgrade the tower, install latest and the most powerful weapons to deal with enemies, who will arrive from both sides of the tower. You can also purchase in-game currency which will help you get the latest upgrades and upgrade the weapons you already have.

There are several steampunk-based essentials. First of all, the graphics and the navigation are made to look like the ones in PC steampunk games. Gears, bronze, and brass are all in the game. The sound is extraordinary and it will make sure your experience is even more pleased if you like steampunk alternative reality. The weapons are also from the steampunk universe. As such, you can see cannons, catapults, various steam-powered devices. There are also plenty of aircraft that came from the 19th century. They are small, strange and they are powerful, all traces of steampunk technology.

  1. Steampunk Syndicate 2

Steampunk Syndicate 2 android steampunk video game

Steampunk Syndicate 2 is another tower-defense based game. As you may believe, your mission is to defend the tower from enemies, which are massive and come in huge numbers. The main thing is the world where the game is set. You will see massive pipes, brass, steam and all of which should help you understand that you are in the steampunk world. The user interface is completely based on this genre and the sound is decent. We liked the ability sound has to drag you inside the world more than any other. But, there is something even better about the game.

The game’s weapons are completely based on steampunk. You will see Tesla robots and smaller robots which are loaded with massive weapons, basic design and with mechanical arms or additions. Then we have defense towers and airplanes which come from the same universe. They look like a combination of 19th-century technology, paired with futuristic design. In addition, there are a lot of devices, buildings, and items that look like the creations of inventors from the past.

Conclusion about Android steampunk games

All of you who love steampunk will be more than just happy to play one, two or all of these games. Of course, you will have to know your gaming style and choose a game accordingly. Anyway, you will be more than just pleased and you will enjoy the games completely, without any issue. They are simply the best Android steampunk games in the world.