Because you are here we can assume that you are interested in steampunk aesthetics. Yes, there are clothes, costumes and a lot of other things you can wear every day, but there are also some accessories that can be paired with ordinary clothes, just if you want to add a single steampunk vibe. Let’s unmask those accessories.


  • Steampunk pocket watches

each day pocket watch steampunk style

Probably the best thing or an accessory you can use to add the aforementioned steampunk vibe is a steampunk pocket watch. These accessories look elegant and complicated at the same time. You can see gears, the moving mechanism and they are made of solid metal. Due to the fact they are usually present in all types of steampunk, we believe they are the best kind of accessory you can add to your everyday life.

If you want to maximize effect a steampunk pocket watch can offer to you, always wear a tuxedo with a vest. These watches were originally worn with this type of clothes and they match perfectly.


  • Steampunk wrist watches

steampunk wrist watch for everyday

Basically, you will get the same look as when you wear a steampunk pocket watch. However, wrist watches with this design are more subtle. They won’t reveal too much, but they will help you have something that is a part of Steampunk literally on your wrist.

They can be subtle but even those models should have a few characteristics of steampunk. We liked brass or silver models with leather straps (yes they are almost mandatory) and the attention to detail. And no, a smartwatch can’t be related to steampunk in any possible way.


  • Steampunk sunglasses

We all love steampunk sunglasses. They are one of a kind and there is no chance you can see two same accessories. They are useful if you want to look cool and you want all around you to see it. In order to maximize the effect, pair them with one of the aforementioned accessory.

The best thing is the fact you can wear them while wearing ordinary clothes. Sunglasses are considered an addition to your style, not something that can change it completely. In other words, you can wear any types of clothes with any steampunk sunglasses and you will still look great.


  • Steampunk necklaces

They are another element of steampunk that can help you get the well-known vibe. The main advantage is in the ability to choose precisely what you want. You can wear a subtle and hidden necklace that won’t be visible at all times, or you can wear one that will tell everyone around you about your passion. All steampunk necklaces are masterpieces in the lack of a better word.

Don’t forget that necklaces of this kind are considered elegant as well. After all, they were a symbol of luxury back in the 19th century.


  • Steampunk rings

steampunk ring you can wear everyday

For most of us, rings are the ultimate accessory that can be worn on any occasion. Steampunk rings share the same passion, but they are also considered to be pieces of art. All of this means that you can enhance your style with a single ring that comes with all the elements of steampunk. In order to improve the style, even more, pair a ring with a necklace.


  • Steampunk earrings

A person who wears steampunk necklace, a ring and earrings is considered as the real, full-time fan. On the other side, if you choose to wear earrings only, you will get the subtle vibe which is similar to wearing a wrist watch with elements of steampunk. Steampunk earrings are extremely popular at the moment and there are thousands of models out there that look stunning.


  • Steampunk bracelets

If you are not a fan of wrist watches, but you still want to get the same kind of aesthetics, we recommend you steampunk bracelets. They are smaller, lighter and more subtle than wrist watches, but they also help you reveal your style and tell others that you are a member of steampunk universe. We must add that steampunk bracelets are usually loaded with details, they are made of materials characteristic for the 19th century and they can be paired with any type of clothes.


  • Steampunk bow tie

One other accessory that can be subtle when worn with a formal clothing is a steampunk bow tie. It will make your suit really stand up in a crowded banquet area while never being considered to be out of place or not fashionable enough for any formal occasion.


If you are looking for the ultimate way to stay casual, with traces of steampunk, these accessories are the best possible way. Some of them are more subtle than the others, but all of them are beautiful, versatile and can be discrete if you need them to be. But, wear all of them and you will be presented as a hardcore steampunk fan.