Are men still wearing pocket watches?

In this day and age, a lot of people have started using digital watches more so than analogue ones and it seems as if the latter are falling out of fashion. So a question arises whether or not men are wearing pocket watches. Well, the truth is – pocket watches can never truly stop being fashionable. They are elegant, full of craftsmanship, discrete.  However, it’s really hard to find a man wearing a pocket watch nowadays in a casual setting.

steampunk men with a pocket watch

Pocket watches are now considered ‘art’ rather than an accurate way to tell time. Wearing a pocket watch and chain is an expression of class and dignity, it sets the mood in situations when you wish to feel your best and it doesn’t disappoint.

Why steampunk pocket watches are a perfect choice for a modern man?

Well there are number of reasons why you should decide on a steampunk watch. Here are a few:

  1. A timepiece like that gives you a certain dignity and elegance that will draw attention to you without a fail.
  2. It doesn’t matter what mood or a type of an event it is, wearing a pocket watch would never be a wrong choice.
  3. It can also enhance your personality because of the history and craftsmanship behind it. The design of it cannot be easily produced in a factory. A lot of time and effort was spent on those timepieces.
  4. In the past, pocket watches were a sign of wealth and class. So, if you want to be unique and turn heads, then a pocket watch is a right choice for you!
  5. A pocket watch has a coating that prevents oxidation of the material, making it more durable than the modern wrist watches
  6. It’s a combination of an old masterpiece design and modern technology which is a perfect fit.
  7. It’s easy to become a trendsetter! A variety of chains that come with those watches surely is something unique and will easily draw attention.
  8. A lot of people think that just because they are old masterpieces that they are too expensive. It’s not really true. The craftsmanship and the material used to make such a watch is definitely worth the price. Some pocket watches of a higher quality are even less expensive than a regular watch.
  9. A pocket watch is always in your pocket, making it less prone to accidents, which is a lot more convenient. When you are buying a watch, you must make sure it is waterproof but a pocket watch already comes with a metal lid, which already makes it protected from dust and water.

modern men steampunk pocket watch


Parts of a Pocket watch

exposed inside of a pocket watch


This is a ribbon or a leather strap that holds a pocket watch. Sometimes the fob is a decorative part of the pocket watch that is connected to the chain or a very small chain itself.

Albert chain:
It’s a chain that is supposed to connect the pocket watch and a piece of clothing that you are wearing; it can be trousers, a waistcoat or a jacket.

It’s a metal hook above the crown; a fob or a chain is usually attached to it.

It’s a long and thin metal rod reaching out from the inside to the outside to the crown. The only time you can see it is when you pull out the crown. Sometimes it’s used for setting the time or winding the watch.

It’s a knob with texture that emerges from the case. Its end is attached to the stem. If pulled out, it can sometimes be used for setting the time or winding.

A dial is located on the front of the watch and is used to display the time.

The case is made out of strong and hard metal which protects the dial and the entire mechanism of the watch. Other materials used to make the case are stainless steel, gold, nickel, brass, titanium, silver, or platinum.

parts of the pocket watch

How to choose a steampunk pocket watch:

  • Vintage or fashionable

A lot of history is goes with a vintage pocket watch and its value is based on its condition, the way it was constructed and age. Many of those watches have monograms with them and special engravings making them increase their value. Often, vintage pocket watches are the ones passed by from older to younger generation although it is not really mandatory. Either way, if you are buying a vintage one, request the official appraisal papers as well. It is best to get the watch insured after you buy it. The main requirement for this process is also the appraisal documents.

On the other hand, there are fashionable or modern ones. They come in variety shapes, sizes and colors. Sleek and polished, they come in shiny metal cases.

People who like buying modern pocket watches are more into latest designs and styles while people who only like displaying them are into vintage ones.

  • Mechanical or quartz

A mechanical watch has a ticking sound. It has a spring that you need to wind up in order to keep it functioning. It is powered by mechanical movements and does not require a battery.

Quartz pocket watches have a crystal that is charged with vibrations and they  are utilized for powering a quartz pocket watch. It has a battery inside and it’s used to power the crystal.

Mechanical watches require more time and effort so if you are not a really patient person, quartz watches are a better solution for you.

  • Condition

The dial is what sells the watch, so make sure to have a close look in case of any scratches or blemishes. Pay attention to obvious dents and missing parts because fixing it will be a lot harder and more expensive than you may think. Make sure the gears are made of metal and not plastic because it will last longer. Important elements like the bezel – the piece on the metal case that holds the crystal dial in place – should have no damages whatsoever.

Types of pocket watches

There are several types of pocket watches that you can choose from. Below is the list of the possible types and their description. If you are more into a minimalist style then open-faced pocket watch is the right choice for you. However, if you want something more decorated then one of the hunter styles may be your better choice.

  • Open-face pocket watch

This is a pocket watch without a cover. These types are more popular nowadays than they were in 18th or 19th century due to being easily damaged. The face of the watch is usually more decorated with tangled hour markers and watch hands. This type of a watch is a perfect choice for a modern man because there is no big fuss over time keeping, which makes it both functional and practical but it’s also sophisticated and classy.

open face steampunk pocket watch

  • Half hunter pocket watch

This type of a pocket watch contains a case on the front but it also has an open glass which makes it possible for the wearer to tell the time without having to open the watch. This one is a combination of a protection and practicality!

Half hunter steampunk pocket watch

  • Full hunter pocket watch

This is yet another iconic type of a pocket watch. It has protective case on the front, but unlike half-hunter pocket watch, it requires to be opened in order to tell the time. This addition makes it even more protected and it allows it to be more decorative. A lot of those full hunter pocket watches come with special decorative elements and even special engravings. So, if you like to stand out, this one is perfect for you!

Full hunter steampunk pocket watch

  • Double hunter pocket watch

A double hunter pocket watch has protective case on both sides of the watch. This one not only allows the wearer to tell the time, but by opening the case on the back, it allows them to take a look at the mechanics and movements of the watch! When both sides of the watch are opened, the pocket watch can stand on its own which can be a decorative little piece for your office or living room! This one is perfect for collectors and enthusiasts who are fascinated by craftsmanship that goes into making the pocket watches!

Double hunter steampunk pocket watch

  • Double half hunter pocket watch

This one is similar to the double full hunter pocket watch except that it’s covered only party on both sides and doesn’t require opening it to tell the time. It’s sort of a combination of the double hunter and half hunter styles. Double half hunter pocket watches offer elegant and unique designs which makes it perfect for the watch enthusiasts who want to leave a rather luxurious impression.

Double half hunter steampunk pocket watch

Pocket watch chain types

  • Belt bar

Belt bar chain types are an easy way to secure your watch when using it. The chain has two sides. One side has a sort of a loop that you can attach on top of your trousers or belt and the other side is attached to your pocket watch. The pocket watch then goes into the pockets of the trousers. This type of a chain is perfect for those who want something discrete yet still want to leave a sophisticated impression.

Belt bar chain for pocket watch


  • Bolt ring

Bolt bar chain type allows you to experiment with the way you want your pocket watch to look. This chain has a bolt ring to one end that you can either attach to the belt on your trousers or on your waistcoat. This allows you to choose whether you want your pocket watch to be in the pocket of your trousers, a waistcoat or your jacket, depending what kind of impression you want to leave.

bolt ring pocket watch chain


  • Albert T Bar

Albert T Bar chains are named after the T shaped bar that can be found on one end of the chain. You can attach this T bar to any buttonhole whether it is trousers or a jacket which is a quick and easy way to store your pocket watch. The chain then hangs across your body which makes it a perfect decorative detail to any formal event.

Albert T Bar pocket watch chain


You may see often on pocket watches the word “adjusted” or “adjusted to n positions” written on it. This means that a pocket watch is adjusted to keep time in various conditions and positions. There are 8 adjustments possible:

  • Dial up
  • Dial down
  • Pendant up
  • Pendant down
  • Pendant left
  • Pendant right
  • Temperature (from 34-100 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Isochronism (this is the ability of the watch to keep time regardless of the mainspring’s level of tension)

Changes are made by carefully balancing the balance hairspring framework while adjusting the shape and clean on the balance pivots. This requires balancing out the effect gravity has on the watch while it is in different positions.

The adjustments are always carried out carefully through 3 factors and then tested out on timing machine. Most medium-grade watches have 3 adjustments (dial up, dial down, pendant up) while on the other hand, high-end watches have 5 adjusted positions which are: dial up, dial-down-stem-up, stem left and stem right – and sometimes even all 6 positions.

The balance in early watches expanded when the temperature would rise, which made it increase in size. This also changed the movement of inertia and the timing of the watch. The hairspring could also become longer in warm weather which would decrease the spring constant.

This was solved when a compensation balance was added. This balance was made to shrink in size with heating to compensate for the lengthening of the hairspring. However, when not on one end or other temperature spectrum, these type of watches would run slow.

That’s why isochronism was added. The isochronism used a system that would allow the mainspring to operate only in certain range. The method that was most commonly used was using a Breguet overcoil.

This coil replaces part of the hairspring allowing the outermost of the hairspring to happen in a different plane than the rest of the spring. There are 2 types of overcools: the gradual overcoil and the z-band.

The gradual overcoil twists the hairspring twice continuously so it rises up to the second plane while the z-band does the same but with a use of a network of kinks.

The network of kinks method is more difficult to achieve than the first method. Because of its difficulty, modern watchmakers are now using dogleg that has a network of sharp bends to move part of the coil on the most outer part out of the way of the rest of the spring.

How to wear a steampunk pocket watch

No matter if you are new to this or an old fan and collector, it’s always good to know how you should wear these old timepieces, as many people don’t really know.

Unlike wrist watches, pocket watches really bring out the sophistication and class to any outfit you’re wearing even if the pocket watch isn’t really expensive. Learning how to wear one requires a critical eye to your wardrobe and you may want to pay real close attention to methods.

Back in old times, pocket watches were usually worn to formal events and would usually sit inside a vest pocket. However, nowadays, not many people wear vests to forma events, which would leave only trouser pockets available.

So, an advice is not to wear trousers that are too tight because a pocket watch may easily slip out of the pocket when you’re least expecting it.

Another advice is to attach the pocket watch to the belt or use the front and back pockets, with a watch in the front pocket and the chain and the fob in the back.

Modern pocket watches don’t have many rules to them. If it has a clip, it can be attached anywhere. Belt loops are the most popular choice, but attaching a pocket watch to a backpack or a portable water supply is not really uncommon either.

Even bikers use pocket watches! They may even attach a pocket watch to their bike so they can tell the time more easily. If a pocket watch has a compass, you may want it somewhere where you can reach it easily, so select a place for it carefully.

Some extra information

When you want to buy a pocket watch, there are a few other things you should remember.
Firstly, you’ll want watch that is accurate. Some old and historical models of the pocket watches are not quite accurate in their time-telling because the technology wasn’t that advanced back then.

So if you want a watch that’s accurate, the antique one may not be for you. On the other hand, if you are a history and a watch enthusiast then this may not even bother you as that little anomaly adds to the charm of a pocket watch.

Heirloom watches is something that has always been popular and are good for both collectors and consumers. They can be worn with pride then passed on the next generation.

So, when buying a pocket watch, ask yourself if it’s something you’d want to leave to the next generation. And if you think not, then maybe you should search for another one.

Sometimes, just searching for the right pocket watch can be more fun than actually purchasing one. In fact, there are communities dedicated to finding rare and antique pocket watches.

So if you are one of the enthusiasts, collector and a lover of such wonderful timepieces, you may consider joining one of those communities and meet the people with likes alike!

If you are having trouble in choosing your perfect pocket watch, here is a list of possible choices that might help you out with deciding!

1) Steampunk Square Carved Pocket Watch

You will not go wrong when choosing this stylish and luxury Square Carved Pocket Watch! It’s a top quality with mechanical design and stainless steel as a case, making it extra resistant bumps, weather changes, accidents.

It’s classy and sophisticated at the front with skeleton back. This watch is perfect for anyone who likes to stand out, and is perfect for any formal events. It has hand winding mechanism which adds to its uniqueness. The diameter is 4.8 cm and the thickness 1.6 cm, and total length of chain is 30 cm.


2) Dragon & Phoenix Steampunk Pocket Watch


Dragon & Phoenix steampunk pocket watch has a quite exquisite look and this one is definitely not a wrong choice either! It comes in three colors: bronze, gold and black with a unique carving. It has special flower patterns on the front and skeleton design on the back of the case. Dial material is stainless steel and case is made out of titanium. The pocket watch’s bezel function is stationary. The diameter of the dial is 1.8 inches and the chain is 15 inches long and made out of steel.  It’s also an analogue pocket watch which makes it have that old and antique vibe to it along with the mechanical hand wind movement. The entire design of this pocket watch is quite exceptional, making it a perfect little detail to your outfit, and will definitely enhance your personality. It can also be a perfect gift for your beloved one.


3) Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watch


This steampunk mechanical pocket watch has a special design of hand winding movement that is appreciated by any collector. It has amazing vintage design surrounding the crystal half hunter cover. This pocket watch is perfect for those who are fans of old. It has a crystal cut-out on the back, allowing you to glance at the amazing inner workings and movements of the pocket watch without having to remove the cover. This pocket watch also comes with its own chain adding the true sophistication to any piece of clothing you’re wearing. Considering that it has hand winding movement, when it’s fully winded, the power reserve of the pocket watch can go up to 36 hours. And, also, if you wear the pocket watch for more than 10 hours a day, extra winding up will not be needed.


4) Classic Smooth Steampunk Pocket Watch with Chain


If you are more into some classic designs that can also make you stand out but are beautiful at the same time and not too plain, then this one is the right choice for you. It comes in three colors: black, gold and silver, so you can combine it with anything that you’re wearing. It’s also made out of stainless steel making it extra resistant and it’s a quartz one so you wouldn’t have to bother with winding it up. The battery also already comes with the watch. The diameter is 4.8 cm and thickness is 1.5 cm. The total length of chain is 80 cm.


5)   Steampunk Golden Antique Pocket Watch

This golden antique pocket watch will look amazing to your steampunk outfit! High quality mechanical watch with antique metal carved case making it perfect for those who love vintage things. It looks absolutely classy and sophisticated that you can’t really go wrong. It has transparent skeleton watch face and back. The diameter is 4.7 cm long and the thickness is 1.7 cm. The entire chain is 30 cm.