The first time the steampunk movement came around was around 1980, and, since that time, it started being more popular across the globe. The term was first used in 1987 when the author of the novel “Morlock Night” who used it to describe a genre of speculative fiction that used steam for technological advancements. Ever since then, Steampunk culture and art started growing more prominent. There are many events held nowadays to celebrate this creative movement, which brings like-minded individuals together. Here, we have created a list of events that you can look forward to in Europe.

Grand Order of the Muff is a society loyal to the show from the 19th century, which idea is to recreate Victorian England along with the comedy, fashion, lifestyle, performance, music, etc. Steampunk puts together modern liberal values and science fiction as well as all things 19th century.

The more this entire Steampunk movement became popular, the more it was associated with the already mentioned group. Believe it or not but the most important Steampunk event is held in Europe and a Victorian lunatic asylum in Lincoln in September because of its broad audience.

Fans and readers of Steampunk voted online, making it 200 people who will be there to attend this event. One of the biggest highlights at the event will be the Costume Parade and Promenade held in Lincoln Castle and the Bailgate area. Not only that, but there will also be Wacky Racers event where people would gather around to show off their homemade vehicles.

steampunk Europe origins


Most of the fans that will attend the event gain their ideas and inspirations from famous authors such as Jules Verne, H.Rider Haggard, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, and many others. Based on the stories created by these writers, the fans can create a whole new reality. This reality is where women are free and can be adventurers, colonialism isn’t a thing, and even time travel is possible as well as steam-powered rocket ships that can travel through the universe and beyond.

The weekend in Asylum event, or the one we’ve just talked about, is the first event that many more followed afterward. It’s considered to be the most significant and longest-running Steampunk event considering that many people around the globe have come a long way to attend it as well.

Other events that shouldn’t be missed are The Steampunk Mistress and The Time Machine. This one allows you to travel through space and time and is held in June in Bristol. Closer Each Day Company is a group of authors responsible for improvised opera Closer Each Day. This year it will be their 8th year and will be considered the longest-running improvised story in the world and the only theater show with series in the UK.
In November, you can attend Steampunks in Space, which will be held in Yorkshire. It’s an experience that is out of this world. It is considered to be the most fabulous Steampunk gig in the galaxy.

All those aesthetics and activities of Steampunk

There are quite a lot of things that you can relate to Steampunk as its style is rather specific and eye-catching. When you see automatons, brass goggles, telescopes, mechanical clocks, and airships, know that those are the aesthetic symbols of the Steampunk movement! Those things are what makes the 19th century come back to life. Many people who are very much into Steampunk are also very creative and have many skills. A lot of those people have incredible musical talents, are amazing writers, or there are even great tea-makers. Some of them are also able to make their costumes. There is even a Steampunk recipe book that many of them use to make fairy cakes and a lot of other types of sweets just like from the 19th century or only using Steampunk symbolic aesthetics on them.

steampunk cakes with symbols


There are tons of events organized for one year, and a lot of the times, articles made by steampunk fans are sold out. Those events are not simple gatherings; they feature a lot of fun activities as well. Some of those activities include concerts, book readings on stage, competitions in tea making, corset limbo dancing, and even umbrella jousting. Just as mentioned above, an event like that is going to be held in Lincoln in September.

The Steampunk movement may seem like some religion, and it is of sorts because a lot of lovers of Steampunk are very much dedicated to it. The only difference is that Steampunk doesn’t interfere with the affairs of followers. On the other hand, Steampunk, just like other religious movements, has its music, literature, code of belief, and a specific type of dressing. It is also believed that there are three commandments which lovers of Steampunk follow. Those three commandments are to always leave a remarkable impression on others when interacting, being exceptional, and impressive in how other people see you and being impressive and excellent in what you create. Always strive for the stars and don’t settle for less than your best.

The event in Lincoln often includes a military parade before the start to show respect to those who have lost their lives in wars. Some of the other activities during the event may consist of a rocket-pack race, a fashion show, burlesque, and literary shows. At this point, you will see that Steampunk isn’t just a sense of style; it is also a way of life –an entire movement.