Steampunk Corsets Buyers Guide

This tightly fitting undergarment, that is often times made from strong but flexible material like cotton, satin or leather is what is known as the steampunk corset. It is specially designed for the purpose of reducing the size of the waist.

Most corsets are boned to retain their shape and made rigid by thin strips of steel or plastic. It is perfect for showing off a curvy figure while at the same time minimizing the waist. In short, the reason why women wear a corset is for the purpose of showing off that beautiful and luscious hourglass figure.

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Corsets are timeless clothing pieces that make a huge part of women steampunk fashion. One look at the corset and you can tell that it is a very elegant, versatile, sexy and trendy piece of clothing. Steampunk corsets are even better and more interesting.

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Corset History and Steampunk


Most steampunk corsets have been inspired by the Victorian era where they were very popular and their popularity reached its height during that era.

  • A staple fashion piece in Victorian Society

Centuries ago in Europe, the corset was a fundamental part of women’s daily clothing in various forms. The Victorian era, of course, embraced it and it was during this period that it became a staple fashion piece for women of all classes. It even became part of the outer design of dresses for women. This, of course, shows why it became associated with steampunk fashion which specifically gets inspiration from clothing worn in an era like the Victorian.


  • Archaic corset designs

However, there was a point later during the 19th century that the corset began to be seen as a symbol of female oppression because of the ancient corset designs that caused harm to the spine and body organs.  The very same Victorian women who at first embraced this fashion style ditched it and the notion that it represented feminine beauty. Since they were the trendsetters then, corset wearing soon became a matter of choice for women and no longer a beauty requirement.


  • Redesigning of the corset

This, of course, resulted in the redesigning of the corset and it changed from that archaic design to a better modern, safer and healthier design corset to wear. Currently, the corset has again become a popular clothing piece for women who wish to safely reshape their bulging waistlines, enhance their curves and look fashionably sexy. There is no doubt that corsets have this amazing aesthetic quality that is a great plus when it is part of any fashionable and practical clothing piece.


  • Modern Steampunk Corsets


Today the steampunk corsets have evolved and look awesome thanks to inspiration from the late Victorian era when the corset was redesigned. The modern steampunk corset features lace detailing, buckles, ruffles, clasps, laced bodices, chains and links and other fun and lovely features.


When it comes to the material used, there are steampunk corsets made from synthetic leather and resin or satin. They are perfect for exuding interesting looks such as gothic or vintage. Most of these Victorian steampunk corsets have this design where they cover the bust and in some instances, they reach just under the bust and worn with a tight or loose-fitting blouse underneath.


There are strapless steampunk corsets, thin and adjustable strapped ones, high-backed ones, collared ones and others with shoulder-length sleeves just to mention a few styles in the sea of steampunk corset styles.


  • A staple of modern fashion design


Modern fashion design has embraced steampunk corsets. Modern celebrities who are fashion icons such as Kim Kardashian West can be seen rocking the corseted look and flaunting the hourglass figure which is currently trending in fashion circles.

There have also been cases of feminist fashion designers like Prada just recently in 2017  centering their entire fashion collections around the corset. This has further fueled the love for corsets which has piqued the interest of many and created a legion of steampunk corset fans.


What Makes A Good Steampunk Corset


With the popularity of the steampunk corset, you might want to own one of these beautiful and elegant fashion pieces. However, to avoid confusion on how it works and how to spot and buy the right steampunk corset here are a few useful pointers.


  • The right fit


In most cases, the woman’s steel-boned corset size has to be 4 inches less than her natural waist size. For example, if you have a 30-inch waist, a 26-inch corset would be ideal for you. However, there are other corsets meant for all waist sizes because they adjust according to the size of the wearer. Still, even in the case of the adjustable corsets, it is still important to know your waist measurement because it might not be as good a fit as the ideal one for your waist size.


  • No squashing


When buying a steampunk corset for yourself, do your own waist measurements honestly. The same rules apply when you are buying for a loved one. Make sure you know their true waistline before buying lest your purchase becomes a pain in the mid-section.

  • No unsightly bulges and bumps

The best fitting corset should be worn and never show any bulges or bumps. It should feel great when you wear it and offer perfect support without any discomforts that are common with squashing corsets. Therefore get your size and never go for a smaller size than you should because the result when worn might not be as flattering as when wearing a steampunk corset that perfectly fits.

  • Comfort

There is a growing trend where women are actually replacing their bras with corsets because they find the corsets comfortable. A good steampunk corset should always feature a breathable twill lining regardless of the finishing or the fabric that has been used in its creation. The lining should be the fabric that lies against your skin unless of course, you are wearing your corset with a blouse underneath. For added comfort, most steampunk corsets, in general, will have this additional flair at the bottom area.

  • Quality

Quality and steampunk corsets go hand in hand.  Do not be tempted to go for cheaper options because in most cases the quality will be compromised. A good quality corset is a worthy investment because it will not only last for years but it will also feel comfortable.


  • Multiple layers


Quality in corsets is defined by a strong and sturdy fabric that make multiple layers. Also, the layer that comes into contact with your skin should only be made of natural fibers and not synthetic ones, to avoid any discomfort.


  • Steel boning only


When it comes to boning a good quality corset should be made by either spiral or flat steel boning for longevity and comfort. Avoid corsets with plastic boning because they tend to heat up through body heat and might permanently warp and cause discomfort when you worn. Spiral boned corsets are great because they tend to mold perfectly on the body easily adapting to the body shape. On the other hand, if you want a more rigid corset, then a flat steel-boned corset would be your best choice.


  • A modesty panel


If you love the style but prefer the modest side of things then find a good quality corset that will offer you such options. Most of them do by the way. The modesty panel will enable you to either hide or show off your back. On the days that you want to show skin, you will of course ditch the modesty panel. However on the days that you feel modesty will score you points then the modesty panel will come in handy. Only great quality corsets will feature a modesty panel.

  • Loops on the corset

A good quality corset will also offer practicality. It has to come with suspender loops and loops for bra straps. A corset that lacks loops is considered to have fallen short. The loops are convenient for when you want to wear your corset with straps and of course if you are wearing it with a flowing skirt.

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  • Color

Color is key when considering a corset for the steampunk look. A black-colored corset will not do if you want to really rock the steampunk. Think of colors similar to one of those old sepia-colored photos, faded old maps and you are on the right line of thought colorwise. Colors such as burnt sienna, copper, bronze, the dark red and chocolate are rich and indulgent making them ideal for a steampunk look.


  • Material

With the right corset material, you can express the steampunk style beautifully. Generally, materials that contain sheen, gloss and any of those lovely metallic textures are perfect. Brocade and Jacquard fabrics, for example, are very popular with steampunk corsets and look stunning especially when they feature details such as pockets, straps or pipes. Damask fabrics are also ideal especially when depicted in one of those intricate patterns.  The best materials for a steampunk corset should be perfect for accenting the richness of the garment and look amazing in the common steampunk colors. When such a material makes a steampunk corset and then it is completed with decorations, the result is simply out of this world.

  • Design

This is where the fun begins! It gets very personal and intricate in a great way. If you are going to choose a design, first ask yourself if you have an intricately designed top with a frilled cravat to wear underneath your steampunk corset. If that is the case, then an overbust corset might not do such a pleasant detail justice at all. In this case, an underbust cincher would be your best bet.

  • Overbust and Underbust

Just as the names suggest, the overbust corset covers you from the chest to the waist and gives you that typical streamlined look common with corsets. An underbust on the other hand will cover you from beneath your breast-area downwards.

Underbust steampunk corset

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  • Intricate patterns and sturdy details


The ideal Steampunk corsets will not be complete if they lack the intricate patterns and sturdy details such as belts, chains, leather straps, heavy clasps at the front, shiny buttons or buttons of any other kind and so on. In most instances, metals like copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel are also used to add more exciting detail on the corsets.


  • Design for character


The design you decide to pick will influence the overall appearance of your new character.  For example, if you have a pocket on your corset, then there a pocket watch with a chain should be the right accessory to carry inside it. You could be anything, from an explorer to a simple lady who loves fashion and adventure.


Another example is that when your cincher contains straps or a belt, then it needs a piston powered gun added to it. You could be anything from a Wild West fierce lady that you shouldn’t mess with to just a tough lady walking around armed and seeking adventure.


If you are the kind of lady who loves carrying a pouch there are steampunk corsets that accommodate that as well. In this case, you could be the treasure hunter, because, in days past, the pouch could be carrying tools.

  • Function

Corsets are very versatile as obvious by now. Having been fashionable for hundreds of years, they have been and are still used for waist size reduction, worn as outwear and of course favored by high fashion ladies of the past, the present and by the look of things the future too. When buying steampunk corset consider what you want to achieve by it.  If you want to express the steampunk fashion style, then it would be ideal to find a design that features bows, trims, and other intricate embellishments to pull off the look. However if you just want a corset for giving you a streamlined look in your daily wear, then look for sleeker designs because they will be easier to disguise underneath your clothing or since you are not looking to show off the steampunk look, they can still be a plain looking corset worn on the outside in combination with a flowing skirt.


Types of steampunk corsets


There are various types of steampunk corsets available to meet the needs and tastes of different women. Some of the quite popular ones are as follows.-


  1. Hourglass steampunk corset

Just as its name suggests, the hourglass steampunk corset has been specially designed to give off that hourglass look.  Its design allows it to fit around the ribs and create the perfect illusion of a curvy body. It is an ideal corset for first-time corset wearers who are not keen on changing their current body shape.

  • The pros
    • Gives the perfect hourglass figure illusion
    • Improves posture
    • Great bustline support
    • Great for weight control
  • The Cons
    • Could get uncomfortable
    • Known to hinder proper digestion and causes acid reflux when worn during meals.
    • Causes weakness in the waist and ab muscles when used excessively


  1. Waist Cincher Steampunk corset

This is a corset that is a little different from the rest of them. It is often used for fashion but most often for waist training. It is specially built to offer support and shape to the stomach without affecting the ribs in any way. Still, when steampunk details are added, it becomes a steampunk corset of the waist cincher variety.

  • The Pros
    • Perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a defined core and enhanced curve.
    • Result to an hourglass figure.
    • Improves posture by offering great back support
    • Great for postpartum waist tightening
    • Perfect for bustline support.
  • The cons
    • Reshapes the bones when continuously worn
    • Decreased core strength when they are too tight and worn for prolonged periods
    • Breathing problems when worn too tight.
    • Causes muscle atrophy and weakness when used continuously
    • Causes acid reflux when worn during meals.


  1. Conical Steampunk corset

This type of Steampunk corset was very popular back in the 16thand 18th century. They are a little different because they have straight sides that taper down to the waist. They are effective in shaping the lower part of the ribs and because of that, they can be a little uncomfortable if you are wearing them for the first time. This means they require some getting used to before you begin feeling comfortable in them.

  • The pros
    • Result to an hourglass figure.
    • Improves posture by offering great back support
    • Great for postpartum waist tightening
    • Perfect for bustline support.
  • The cons
    • Breathing problems when worn too tight.
    • Causes muscle atrophy and weakness when used continuously
    • Causes acid reflux when worn during meals.


  1. Vest Steampunk Corsets

There are also the vest varieties which as you have guessed look like a vest. It is comfortable and gives that streamlined look to the wearer. It comes with the shoulder sleeves and it is actually one of the most comfortable corsets.

  • The pros
    • One of the most comfortable corset types.
    • No need for a bra, it does the job perfectly.
    • Can be worn on its own without a blouse inside.
    • Improves posture by offering great back support
    • Gives you the lovely hourglass figure
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  • The cons
    • Breathing problems when worn too tight.
    • Causes muscle atrophy and weakness when used continuously
    • Causes acid reflux when worn during meals.


  1. The Overbust corset

The overbust covers the bust area and begins from the chest down to give you that shapely look. It is ideal especially for women with a bra cup size of DD or greater because it is a corset that offers support.

  • The pros


  • No need for a bra especially for big-breasted women, it does the job perfectly.
  • Can be worn on its own without a blouse inside.
  • Improves posture by offering great back support
  • Gives you the lovely hourglass figure
  • The cons
    • Decreased core strength when they are too tight and worn for prolonged periods
    • Breathing problems when worn too tight.
    • Causes muscle atrophy and weakness when used continuously
    • Causes acid reflux when worn during meals.



  1. The Underbust corset


The underbust corset is the one that begins from under the breast area downward and it is perfect for wearing on a daily basis since it is not as heavy as the overbust type and it offers more flexibility.

  • The pros
    • Result to an hourglass figure.
    • Improves posture by offering great back support
    • Great for postpartum waist tightening
    • Perfect for bustline support.
  • The cons
    • You will need a bra when you wear this corset
    • Breathing problems when worn too tight.
    • Causes muscle atrophy and weakness when used continuously
    • Causes acid reflux when worn during meals.


  1. Plus-size corsets

These are specially made corsets for full-figured women.  They are bigger in size than the other kinds of corsets and are available in all types. There are plus-size overbust corsets, underbust corsets, vest, hourglass and so on.

  • The pros
    • Gives the perfect hourglass figure illusion for plus-size women
    • Improves posture
    • Great bustline support
    • Great for weight control


  • The cons
    • Breathing problems when worn too tight.
    • Causes muscle atrophy and weakness when used continuously
    • Causes acid reflux when worn during meals.


  1. Neck corset and collar

This is quite an unusual corset and some people might not consider it a true corset. It is actually not for compressing the waist like the others but is worn on the neck in order to support the weight of the head on the shoulders. Its corset structure is very effective in maintaining posture by keeping the chin high and the neck extended. Often times it is also paired with the traditional waist corset in order to improve overall posture. There are various forms of the neck corset with some having front lacing and others back lacing secured by either a ribbon or zipper. They can also be made from different fabrics like leather, rubber and so on.


The neck corset has also been used as a BDSM collar. It has been used to compress the neck during breathplay which is simply erotic asphyxiation. Neck corsets are worn not only in BDSM and goth subcultures but they have also been commonly worn as decorative fashion or as fetish clothing.

  • The pros
    • Great for improving neck posture
    • Perfect for wearing as decorative fashion.
  • The cons
    • Worn only at the neck
    • Can be uncomfortable when laced or zipped too tight.


  1. The steampunk corset dress

The corset dress has been worn for a long time. They are effective when it comes to transforming a woman’s body and making it appear exquisitely shapely, stunning and sexy. They not only give that hourglass shape but they also result in those perfect curves around the hips resulting in the ultimate perfect shape. The steampunk variety is, of course, more interesting with steampunk details to give it a unique look.


1 inch = 2.54 cmFor Guidance Only
Corset DressYour Natural Measurements (inches)UKEUUSA
XSBust: 30-31 inchWaist: 22-23 inchHips: 32-33 inch4-632-340-2
SBust: 32-33 inchWaist: 24-25 inchHips: 34-35 inch6-834-362-4
MBust: 34-35 inchWaist: 26-27 inchHips: 36-37 inch8-1036-384-6
LBust: 36-37 inchWaist: 28-29 inchHips: 38-39 inch10-1238-406-8
XLBust: 38-39 inchWaist: 30-31 inchHips: 40-41 inch12-1440-428-10
2XLBust: 40-41 inchWaist: 32-33 inchHips: 42-43 inch14-1642-4410-12
3XLBust: 42-43 inchWaist: 34-35 inchHips: 44-45 inch16-1844-4612-14
4XLBust: 44-45 inchWaist: 36-37 inchHips: 46-47 inch18-2046-4814-16


Leather, lace, chiffon and many other fabrics have been used to create the corset dress. They were not only popular during the steampunk era but they have also made a comeback in modern fashion.


  • The pros
    • Gives the perfect hourglass figure illusion
    • Improves posture
    • Great bustline support
    • Stunning fashion to look at
  • The cons
    • Can result in difficulty in sitting down or walking when the boning is too stiff.
    • Breathing problems when worn too tight.
    • Causes muscle atrophy and weakness when used continuously
    • Causes acid reflux when worn during meals.

Steampunk Leather Corset

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How To Waist Train With A Steampunk Corset

If you are doing waist training for the first time using your steampunk corset you will need to do a few things right in order to achieve the desired results.  Here are a few tips to make this happen for you.

  • Get the right corset size

The right corset size will ensure that you are comfortable and are able to achieve your goal quickly. Getting a size that is too small will only result in a myriad of problems that come with a corset that is too tight such as breathing troubles, decreased core strength and so on.  Go out there and find a steampunk corset that fits your body type for better results.

Here is the corset size chart to help you determine the correct corset size for you based on your natural measurements for bust, waist and hips area:

1 inch = 2.54 cmFor Guidance Only
Corsets SizeYour Natural Measurements (inches)UKEUUSA
18″Bust: 28-29 inchWaist: 20-21 inchHips: 30-31 inch2-430-32
20″Bust: 30-31 inchWaist: 22-23 inchHips: 32-33 inch4-632-340-2
22″Bust: 32-33 inchWaist: 24-25 inchHips: 34-35 inch6-834-362-4
24″Bust: 34-35 inchWaist: 26-27 inchHips: 36-37 inch8-1036-384-6
26″Bust: 36-37 inchWaist: 28-29 inchHips: 38-39 inch10-1238-406-8
28″Bust: 38-39 inchWaist: 30-31 inchHips: 40-41 inch12-1440-428-10
30″Bust: 40-41 inchWaist: 32-33 inchHips: 42-43 inch14-1642-4410-12
32″Bust: 42-43 inchWaist: 34-35 inchHips: 44-45 inch16-1844-4612-14
34″Bust: 44-45 inchWaist: 36-37 inchHips: 46-47 inch18-2046-4814-16
36″Bust: 46-47 inchWaist: 38-39 inchHips: 48-49 inch20-2248-5016-18
38″Bust: 48-49 inchWaist: 40-41 inchHips: 50-51 inch22-2450-5218-20
40″Bust: 50-51 inchWaist: 42-43 inchHips: 52-53 inch24-2652-5420-22
42″Bust: 52-53 inchWaist: 44-45 inchHips: 54-55 inch26-2854-5622-24
44″Bust: 54-55 inchWaist: 46-47 inchHips: 56-57 inch28-3056-5824-26
46″Bust: 56-57 inchWaist: 48-49 inchHips: 58-59 inch30-3258-6026-28
48″Bust: 58-59 inchWaist: 50-51 inchHips: 60-61 inch32-3460-6228-30
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  • Use a liner

Wearing a layer between your body and your steampunk corset is important because it prevents your corset from getting into contact with the naturally occurring oils and moisture from the skin. This way you will keep your corset smelling and looking fresh for a long time before taking it for dry cleaning.

  • Lace it snug and not tight

The first time you lace up your steampunk corset, make sure it is snug and not tight. Let the boning take on your shape as the corset adjusts your body. Never try to force the corset too quickly because you might damage and warp the boning resulting in discomfort.

  • Wear it between 1.5 – 2 hours the first time

When you begin waist training begin wearing your corset only 1.5 – 2 hours and not more than that. Do this for the next couple of days and always listen to your body and never tighten to the point of feeling pain. You can gradually increase the hours that you wear your corset and don’t be in a hurry to wear it for long hours. If you feel too much discomfort, you can always take a break then resume when your body is more receptive of the corset. Remember the results take time and you will have to be patient.


  • Combine waist training with exercise and a healthy diet


Take other measures to ensure that your body is well taken care of for better results. As you do your waist training, also ensure that you eat a healthy diet and commit to an exercise program that includes core strengthening routines. Remember to never exercise in your corset because your body needs to be free when physically training.

Here is the video showing some basic principles on how to train your waist with a corset which is also very applicable to steampunk corsets.



What Are The Standard Sizes For Corsets?

Corset sizing can be a little confusing for many women to understand. Most corsets are measured after they are fully laced. In cases where women are buying corsets for waist training, the corset size purchased should be the size of what the woman wants to achieve and not the current waist measurement.

Here is the diagram to show you how to measure yourself so you get the true dimensions which you can use in the provided tables for steampunk corset sizes to determine your corset size:

Women how to measure yourself bust waist hips

Most plus-sized women buy corsets that are six inches smaller than their current waist size or simply get those adjustable corsets to cater for their changing waistline if they are waist training.


  • For natural waist sizes of under 38” a 4-7 inches smaller corset than the natural waist size should be ideal.
  • For natural waist sizes of over 38”, a 7-10 inches smaller corset than the natural waist size should be ideal.

Because brands vary when it comes to standard sizes, don’t rely on your dress size to provide guidance for your corset size. Generally, if your dress size is 14 a 2X fashion corset would be perfect as would be a 28-inch shaping corset. A size 14 dress usually translates to a waist size of 33 t o34 inches.

Here is the video that shows you how to measure your waist line properly:


How To Rock A Steampunk Corset


Now that you know a lot about steampunk corset, you could be eager to try rocking the look. This is modern fashion and women are no longer tightening their corsets to the point of fainting as they did during the Victorian era. It is still possible to achieve those irresistible S-shaped curves without squashing yourself. All you need to do is find the right fitting steampunk corset.


  • Inspiration from Trendsetting celebrities


When it comes to what you want to wear it with, again you don’t need to wear tons of layers of clothing that is heavy and exhausting. Borrow a leaf from trendsetting celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian who have been spotted rocking corsets. Their corsets might not be exactly steampunk looking but the way they have worn then should inspire you to come up with your very own unique steampunk corset look.


  • Get The ideal outfit

Look for the ideal blouse, dress, skirt, jumpsuit and whatever you feel will be comfortable when you wear it with your steampunk corset. Corsets and even steampunk corsets are becoming an everyday fashion staple for many women. The great thing is that they look stunning when worn and also improve posture and body shape in a safer way, nothing like back in the Victorian era.


  • Confidence all the way

When you are rocking a steampunk corset and you know you have nailed the perfect look. This is no time to cower. People are of course going to stare because they are wondering about all that steampunk detail on your corset. Well, give them a good show. Strut your hourglass figure in confidence and give everyone a good view of the uniqueness that is your steampunk corset.


  • Experiment with various looks

After you recognize the perfect steampunk corset, make sure you have fun with it by experimenting with various looks. Just remember that a lovely looking corset will not only give you that flattering outline but it will also add some drama and panache to your whole outfit. Go ahead and begin your steampunk looks collection.


  • Have fun


Steampunk is supposed to be a fun and exciting part of your everyday wardrobe.  Now that you have the basics down, embrace this fashion style that crosses subcultures.  Plan out your looks in the same way that you do for your everyday clothing. Take a look at the galleries that feature steampunk clothing and mainly corsets. Get inspired by the kind of character you want to be. It could be a countess, a fighting black widow, a cowgirl in the wild west, or an 18th century slay queen. Whatever you want to be, embrace and have fun with it.


Steampunk corsets are interesting clothing pieces that should always be done justice when worn. Ensure that you choose the best design, the right size and wear it with the right outfit. Choose steampunk corsets that will deliver the look you want. Be brave enough to see an idea to completion once you think and plan about it.  In the end, you want to make a statement, stand out from the crowds and feel happy.


You don’t want to be just another woman wearing a steampunk corset, let it be known that you are  “The Woman who wears steampunk corsets” or “The woman who wore the steampunk corset in a way that every woman envies”.  Begin by drawing your inspiration from the above guide which ensures that you never go wrong in your choice of steampunk corset. Don’t forget your camera once you have completed your steampunk look. Set your Instagram account on fire with out of this world steampunk looks.

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