If you are an Instagram influencer or owner of an Instagram profile with lot of followers, email marketer, Facebook profile or website owner with an audience of people interested in one of the niches we cover and want to monetize your followers - this is the right place for you! 



The Cat Lovers, Dog Lovers, Pet Memorial, Forests and Outdoors enthusiasts and Steampunk are currently our main niches extended by Gothic, Victorian, Vampire, Nordic and Witch (Wicca) niches. 

Your audience will thank you for recommending them products that liven up their imagination and manifest their fantasies as well as expresses their passions, and you will be financially rewarded for your hard work.


These are the benefits of our Partnership Program:

  Your social profile or website is monetized 100% of a time and you don't have to wait for brands or people who pay shoutouts and commercials to contact you.

  You can earn much more for each promotion post you do, and also  earn more often.

  You have the control of which products you recommend to your audience. You will recommend to your audience only the products you know they will love. And they will love you more for it.

  Whenever the number of your followers increases, the earnings will increase proportionally and automatically.

  Our affiliate commissions are set up to give Affiliate Partners best possible earning. They go all the way up to 40%.

  And best of all - all of this does not require any extra knowledge that you don't already possess.

    How does this Affiliate Partnership work for my Instagram or Facebook profile?

    STEP 1: Registering for Arcane Trinkets Affiliate Partnership Program

    The first step is to register for our affiliate partnership program. Click the Register here button to go to the register page. You will be asked to register with your email and choose a password you will use to log into your Arcane Trinkets affiliate partner dashboard. You will also be asked to list your main website and/or social network profiles where you will do most of the products promoting. And that’s it!

    After you accept Terms of Service and Privacy policy of the 3rd party service which manages tracking of affiliate partners by clicking Register button, you will then be able to log into your dashboard.

    Every next time you will use this link to login with your email and chosen password:


    STEP 2: Choosing a product / products to promote and downloading the images

    You most likely have large audience of fans who like one of our major niches.

    Do they love Steampunk? Got you covered:


    Are they passionate about forests and outdoor activities like camping, tracking or hiking? No need to worry:


    Maybe cats are something most dear to their hearts? Or dogs? We got that too:


    Note that if you are promoting just one product - no matter what customers you send end up buying on the shop, you will get a share of the total purchase order because they came to our website through your special affiliate link or your unique STORE CODE you will also get when you join our affiliate partner program.

    You know your audience best. You know what they like and what their passions are in particular. Choose products that most resonate with their liking.

    Once you have found the product that you would like to promote you can easily download any product image from a website to use in the promotion. 

    To do that, first click with a left image button on a photo to have it shown in the main product photo window. Right click on an image in the main product window and selects Save As from a menu that has opened. Choose the location on your hard drive where you want to save the image.

    STEP 3: Getting a special affiliate link

    When you have your product chosen you will log into your affiliate dashboard (here is the dashboard link https://www.affiliatly.com/af-1016485/affiliate.panel) and you will use Link Generator option to create your affiliate link for the chosen product. If you want to promote more products, you need to create a separate link for each product you chose.

    STEP 4: Posting the product photo to your social network profile or website

    So, now you have a product photo and your affiliate link to promote with. You will also get your own store promo code which by itself (no matter if the affiliate link is used or not) will give you earnings commission whenever it is used to purchase something from a store.

    Create a photo caption that recommends a product to your audience and put your affiliate link and store promo code in the post. You can also, for the duration of the particular promotion put your affiliate link in the bio link of your Instagram profile. 

    Is this difficult to do? Will this take too much of my time? 

    Not at all! As you have seen from above description of the whole process this is all very straightforward and simple. You already did the hard part, and that is creating your great Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network profile. You might also have a very well visited website.

    By recommending relevant products to your followers, you are giving them the chance to get those products through your affiliate link. Since they are already very passionate about certain niche they would most likely buy those same (or very similar) products on their own. And somebody else would make some profit on each sell. This might as well be you. It is a win-win-win situation for all of us, customer, you and our shop.

    We believe this little effort is well worth your time and it will also become one of your income streams to make you even more motivated to work on your social network profiles.

    How can I trust my sales will be correctly calculated?

    We use an independent 3rd party service called Affiliatly to do the tracking of your earnings and number of visitors, and also management of your affiliate partner special links and codes. We tested their tracking capabilities by changing IP addresses, clearing browser cookies, clearing browser cashing and using test affiliate links from different computer systems and mobile phones.  The result of our testing is that their tracking system was not fooled by whatever of the mentioned changes we did. They always registered the computer/phone from which the website was accessed and displayed that visit in the affiliate partner dashboard.

    On average it takes from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes for the visit to register in your dashboard. To test this yourself use your affiliate link on a different browser than the one you are logged in to your dashboard. The visit count will increase by one. If you try this a second time the visit count will not increase because it recognizes that it is basically a same customer visiting a website.

    Overall, we are very impressed by the sophistication of their link tracking technology. No referral commission should ever be missed even in the case that a customer changes their IP address between time that they have visited the website using an affiliate link and the time they have actually purchased a product/s.

    You will also be able to see how many visits come through you affiliate link directly in your dashboard.

    Frequently asked questions about the program 

    1. Do I have to pay to join Arcane Trinkets Affiliate Partnership Program?

    Nope! It's absolutely FREE to become an Arcane Trinkets affiliate. Just fill out the registration form on our signup page below (it'll only take you a few minutes), submit it and log into your new account right away. Easy peasy!

    Signup on our affiliate program on the link below:


    2. How much commission do you offer?

    All new affiliate partners start off with a 10% commission which is automatically upgraded to a 15% commission after 10 orders from your affiliate link. Next level after that is 20%, which becomes active once 100 orders through affiliate link is made.

    Where does it end? Well, it goes up all the way to a 40%. We want all of our affiliates to reach this level and to continue to work with us for a very long time.

    For some products the commission will be lowered and fixed to a lower percentage than you will have depending on your Partnership Tier. It is just not possible to get better pricing for some products from suppliers. No matter how much we would like to give the best commission to you we need to make sure we don’t lose money so all of us can continue to profit and thrive in business.

    3. What is the cookie duration that you offer?

    All new affiliate partners start with a 30 day cookie (10%) and the same is also for 15% level. However, with 20% level the cookie duration is extended with to 45 days. And it will continue to extend all the way to a 365 days for our Diamond Partner 40% level.

    Many other affiliate program give much shorter cookie duration, 15 days for example. We understand that customers sometimes need longer time to decide on the purchase and there is no reason why you should lose a sale commission just because of that.

    4. What happens if a customer wants to return a product and asks for refund?

    This is part of any business, online or offline. We will refund the customer and there will be no commission for that product nor any profit from that sale. It only works if everyone wins, customer, you and us. We certainly like when we can return to shop any item we are not happy with. 

    5. How do I get paid?

    We offer several payment methods you can choose from:

    • PayPal
    • Bank wire transfer (SWIFT) – there is always a fee for wire transfers which has to be deducted from earned commission.
    • Google Wallet

    We may consider adding other payment gateways to our options in the future.

    6. Is there a minimum amount payment?

    Minimum amount of commission earned is set at 100 USD. If for any reason you wish to leave the partnership program any money left on your affiliate account will be paid to you in full, no matter how much is left.

    7. How often do I get paid?

    We make affiliate partner payments on the first of every month if the amount of earned commission is greater than 100 USD or a custom payment limit set by the affiliate partner (can only be greater than this limit).


    Do you have a question that is not covered by this document? Send us an email at arcane.trinkets@gmail.com



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