What is Steampunk fashion?


Steampunk Fashion is a unique concept in the world of style and is more common with people who like to adopt a gothic look every once in a while. To get this look, you can simply use Victorian-style clothing and add a bunch of futuristic accessories. This fashion trend is more popular these days, especially with women.


It will not be wrong to point out that women have more looks and styles to try out than their male counterparts. One of the best things about this fashion look is that you have the liberty to try as many options as you want. In other words, you can be creative and come up with different styles and combinations for costumes.


If you are interested in steampunk fashion, you have come to the right place. We are here to help you with everything related to the Steampunk world. Whether you need tips for costume designing or want to discover new themes, it will be all covered here. You might even get new ideas for occasions like Halloween or theme parties. So, let’s run through some exciting stuff and discover the glorious world of Steampunk together.




Steampunk Fashion for Women

Women have more options at their disposal than men and therefore, can come up with exciting looks. Almost every theme has a great costume design, and other than that, you can also customize to add a personal appeal. Additionally, finding a steampunk dress is more comfortable as long as you are clear regarding what you want.  You should spend some time ascertaining your options because then you can find steampunk accessories at numerous places and a cheaper cost. This is a right way of chancing upon new items for your dress.


Women can use steampunk fashion to express their individuality with the aid of unconventional clothing styles. It’s all about breaking free from the crowd and coming up with something of your own. And this is precisely what Steampunk allows you to do. And let’s be honest, we all want to look different every once in a while as it makes life more exciting. Apart from that, Steampunk also shows us a way of blending styles from different eras to create an entirely different fashion trend. And that is precisely what the world of fashion stands for!


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How to adopt a legit Steampunk look?


#1 Get some vintage clothes: You can purchase Victorian-style clothing from various retail stores, thrift stores, or directly from the internet. Now what type of clothes were worn back then, you might ask? Well, to give you an idea, take the example of corsets. They were an essential part of the Victorian era fashion and are still quite popular in the steampunk world. So, all the clothing styles that were worn back then can be used to put together a perfect Steampunk look.


#2 Mix the old with the new: To your vintage clothing, add a tinge of modern look by using gears and gadgets. The juxtaposition of these factors forms a unique appearance that is sure to give you an ideal steampunk look. This can be done by trying different accessories to see what matches the most. For example, you can sew brass buttons on your leather corsets to make it look more sophisticated. This step will also depict how creative you can be.


#3 Choose the right color: Though a lot of people believe that the colors associated with steampunk fashion should be the shades of black, brown, or white, this is not a strict rule. You can experiment with different tones and see what matches with your requirements. After all, it is all about mixing and trying different color combinations until you know what looks good on you.


#4 Be creative by using other styles: A fusion of Steampunk with some other genre may result in a fresh look. And what is the harm in trying? So, summon your inner creative guru and keep experimenting till you are fully satisfied. You might even discover new themes that could look better than the original.


#5 Stitch colorful fabrics on your costume: Even though you can arrange a good steampunk costume from a store, you can still add various features to make it look out of the box. For instance, you can sew brocade or leather on the borders and sleeves. It’s like working on your personal design by customizing the costume as per your needs. It’s all up to you!


#6 Corset is a great choice: Corsets will add to the elegance of your dress. You can match its color with your costume to come up with a good fusion. Another tip for you is that you can also use a belt around it. So, if possible, try to include a corset in your look to look funky and charming.


#7 Hairstyle matters a lot: Hairstyle is an essential component of a woman’s look, and you need to ensure it looks good with your costume. Just make sure that the styling of your hair is punk-oriented. You could try pinning up your hair, or just a cool bun would be great. In addition to this, you could use feathers and other hair accessories for that dazzling look.


#8 Have fun: Now that you have come up with an impressive look, it is time to enjoy and break free from the shackles that restrict you from trying new things. This is your time to explore and have fun. You go, girl!


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Guide to design a perfect Steampunk costume for women

Follow the tips given below to create your Steampunk look and showcase your creativity. You can create any combination and come up with a unique style.


  • Choose a theme: Before you design your costume, you need to pick an item for yourself. It could be a fictional character or someone from the movies, anything you want. You could even create your style by using your imagination. There are numerous steampunk themes to experiment with, and you can choose any one of them as per the circumstances.
  • Hunt for the right items: Once you are clear about the look you want to adopt, it is time to start collecting the accessories. You can find them online or in thrift stores that sell unique items. Try to purchase unusual materials so that you can experiment fully. Also, the accessories you use will depend upon the theme you have chosen. For instance, for a pirate look, you can make use of an eye patch or a big hat.
  • Fabric to use: Like other genres, Steampunk has its list of materials that are essential to achieve that flawless look. This list constitutes of lace, silk, wool, leather, velvet, twill and more. So, make sure you stock up on these fabrics and make use of them mindfully.
  • The Don’ts: Some materials just don’t go with the Steampunk look. For instance, denim and polyester are a big no. Back in the Victorian age, denim was mostly associated with clothes worn by workers. And as for polyester, it was nowhere in the picture for years to come. So, these fabrics are not a part of a Steampunk look.


Essential accessories to get that Steampunk woman look

If you require new ideas for the accessories you could use with your costume, we can help you. With this list of essentials that can complete your look and make you look glorious, you do not have to worry about anything. Have a read and discover for yourself.


Gears: Gears comprise materials like bolts, nuts, screws, and other techno stuff. They look fantastic and will add to the uniqueness of your costume. You can use them. However, you want to based on what outfit you choose. To cite an example, steel and brass look good with leather and boots. In reality, it is these small features that speak about your look and make you look unique.


Spectacles: The round-framed specs are akin to frames that were worn in the Victorian age. This feature will provide you with a classy look that is otherwise not that easy to achieve with other accessories. So, if you want to be perceived as a charming personality, you can add them to your look.


Goggles: Goggles are a must-have when you are trying to find that perfect Steampunk look. They are worn on the head and can be both glamorous or straightforward. It is one of those features that represent the steampunk fashion world and cannot be missed out.


Corsets: Corsets come in different varieties, and each of these will give you a great look. For instance, they can be underbust, brocade, or velvet. It looks like armor, and you may feel like a warrior. You can even attach a few strings to it and make it funkier. There is so much to try that you will never run out of ideas!


Lace: Lace was used in abundance with different types of attires in the Victorian age. There are many different ways of incorporating lace in your costume. For example, you can sew it on the edge of your skirt or gloves. You can even wear it around your neck, which looks very attractive.


Medallions: With a medal attached to your chest, you may feel like a person who has accomplished a lot. People wear badges with honor, and it is a way of showing others that you have conquered many battles. Many people wear crosses or stars to celebrate their victories.


Riding boots: Boots up to knee-length look fantastic when worn with short skirts or shorts. These leather boots can be decorated with brass or steel or zippers. Again, this is a classic accessory that elevates your look altogether.


Bustle skirts: These skirts are an essential component of women’s steampunk look. From the front, they are short, and in the back, they are long adorned with ruffles and laces.


Where can women shop for Steampunk clothes and accessories?

  • DIY: As a matter of fact, once you get familiar with the steampunk fashion world, you will realize that most of the things you require are already available to you. In other words, there are high chances that you own one or more things that can be used to design a steampunk costume. To cite an example, if you have a leather jacket, you can definitely make use of it. I am sure you will come across more options once you search for your closet.


  • The Internet: If you are unable to find something, chances are you might get it on the internet. The similar case is with steampunk costumes and accessories. You will come across numerous websites that sell these items and in a large variety. So, try out different websites, and maybe you will find what you are looking for.


  • Thrift Stores: These stores may have the best vintage collection, which is precisely what you need. Additionally, you might also chance upon an item that can be altered to meet your requirements. For instance, a shirt that can be turned into a great blouse. Well, it all depends on how well you use your creativity.


steampunk clothing and items in a thrift store



Different themes for women for a cool Steampunk look:

Steampunk looks can vary based on the theme you choose. You have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right look for any occasion. Read further to know more about the different variations of Steampunk Fashion. You might even discover what you have been searching for.


Gothic Victorian Steampunk Fashion:

Merging goth with Steampunk might give you a satisfying look even though they both represent two different subcultures. To achieve this, you need to make sure that you use color black in abundance. This is mainly because goth is all about embracing the darkness, and when you add Victorian-era fashion style to it, you may give rise to a great combination. So, experiment as much as you want to get that appealing steampunk-gothic look.


Steampunk Pirate Look:

You might have seen many characters of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean wearing cool steampunk clothes and might have felt like copying the same for one of your occasions. A pirate steampunk look is a right choice as you get to add a lot of gear to your dress. Apart from that, you can make good use of big hats or other accessories to add to the glamour. Other features that you can incorporate include musket, binoculars, swords, and more. So, get your hands on all the shiny stuff and get ready to stun everyone with your fantastic pirate look.


Steampunk Military Fashion:

The military clothing style that was used during the 19th century will be perfect for this category. You can add brass buttons or different steel accessories to make it look even better. To be honest, women do not have a lot of options under this theme, but since Steampunk is all about exploring, therefore, you can experiment to find that ideal look. For instance, you can wear military jackets with knee-length boots to create an exciting look. Try out all your options and settle for the best one!


Steampunk Aviator Fashion:

In this theme, the aviator clothing of the Victorian era is used with plenty of accessories. These add-ons are what make the look different from the other themes. A lot of times, the aviator look is merged with the pirate look just to add another dimension to the popular Steampunk trend. Blending one theme with another is likely to give you great results. So, let your creativity flow without any restrictions.


Steampunk Explorer Look:

Another great look to try is the Steampunk Explorer Look, as it gives you the chance to wear elegant attires. The requisites of this style include Service Tropical Pith Helmet in addition to formal wear. Another great thing about this theme is that women do not need to wear the usual pants as they can opt for long skirts. It’s good to try something like this for a change.


Full Leather Steampunk Look:

Leather has a special place in the world of Steampunk and is preferably used with many costume styles. One of the best features of leather is that you can use it with any dress and create your Steampunk look. The most popularly used leather accessories include belt, corsets, vests, boots, and the list goes on. You can also try a full leather look to get a more vintage look. See what suits you the most and go for it!


Cowgirl Steampunk Look:

Donning a black corset with a cowgirl hat can be a great look to try on. There is so much you can try with this theme that you will be stunned at the number of choices at your disposal. You can add guns, holsters, silver chains, and pocket watches to adopt the cowgirl style. And a hat is quite essential to complete this stunning look. So, what are you waiting for? Go shop for the required accessories and start working on your look.


Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Look:

This particular theme does not confine itself within the boundaries of conventional Steampunk and is a bit different. Since during the Victorian age, there was no apocalyptic phase, so we cannot associate it with that period. This look constitutes a vital accessory, which is gas masks. Other than that, weapons also have a unique role to play. This style is often associated with the toughness of a person that he shows in the time of difficulty. So, if you want to look rough and tough, this theme is for you.


To Conclude:

Now that you are aware of most of the things related to the steampunk world, you can experiment with this genre to find out what is best for you. You will find many people who share your enthusiasm for this style, and so you are part of a big community. Explore more and transform into a legit Steampunk!