Are you searching for a DIY Steampunk projects which will improve your Steampunk outfit or decorate your home? Here are 10 awesome projects you can do yourself.


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1. DIY Steampunk costumes you can combine with a classic clothing

diy steampunk costume for any occasion


Steampunk costumes can be easily based on ordinary clothing, with a few additions. For men, the situation is much easier. All you need is a tuxedo (they were mandatory in the 19th century so other clothing won’t help you get the desired effect) paired with vintage goggles, a massive hat from the past and leather gloves with gears or some other Steampunk styled decoration. For an even better effect, wear leather boots. If you want to more add to your look, you may add a pocket watch with chain and a gun.

For ladies, the situation is a bit more complicated. You can start by wearing a dress that reminds on clothing worn in the 19th century or on Wild West. Now, all layers of fabric that will make a dress look bigger and add sleeves in a different color. Always wear a hat which corresponds to the desired period in the past (like Steampunk mini top hat) and jewelry that involves lace, leather, black cloth, and bronze.

2. Do it yourself goggles you can make with very little effort

DIY steampunk googles


Making steampunk goggles can be an extremely easy process. In order to make it, all you need are lenses with holders, leather, two rings and some time. The most complicated place is to make the lenses and the holders. You can use anything made of copper, bronze or metal. The simplest method is to use copper pipes, similar size as you can see in the picture above. Cut them into 1 inch in length, cut circular pieces of clear plastics which will be used as lenses and glue them together. You can use a hot glue gun.

Layer the leather around the lenses and stitch them so you make eye cups. Add leather straps to both sizes, attach them to the two rings (you can use rings from your keys) and add head band. It should be suitable for the diameter of your head. You are done.

3. DIY lamp UV-Fluorescence Steampunk Lamp for your vintage home décor

do it yourself steampunk lamp


For this project, you will need advanced knowledge about electricity if you want to make the lamp operate on 220V/110V. If you want to use a battery, then the situation is much easier. You will start with a pump brass base. It is a common product that is used in homes all around the world. We are referring to the water pump. Make a base of plywood, which is big enough to accommodate all the parts you can see on the picture or your own parts.

Attach the pump base with brass bolts (also used by plumbers) and insert an LED bulb inside. Now you can attach other elements such as gears, pipes, and valves. They are used for decoration only. Add the bottle filled with water, connect the LED with the knife switches and with battery and test the lamp. At the top of the bottle, you can add a bronze valve or pipe to make it look even cooler. The wiring will be located beneath the plywood and the batter as well. Glue all together using glue or hot glue gun. Paint the plywood and you are done.

4. Do it yourself décor for your steampunk house

self made steampunk shelf as a house decor

The project you can see looks fantastic, but it is also the simplest one here. You will need a few pipes, made of bronze, copper or brass, old gauges, a few valves and pieces of laminate. Start by drilling the holes in a wall where the pipes will be connected. You can use ring holders made of brass, like the ones in the old bathroom or you can screw in pipes directly into the wall.

Arrange them as you like and add pieces of a laminate according to your desire. You can also glue the pipes to the laminate and they will still hold. Another possibility is to use two parallel pipes and simply place a piece of laminate on top of them.

5. Steampunk accessories you can easily do yourself – Steampunk Finger Stylus

Steampunk accessories you can easily do yourself


At the first sight, this projects looks complicated or impossible, but it is actually the simplest one here. The accessory is actually a piece of the handle from a water jug. Cut it according to your idea. Place it next to the flame for a short period of time in order to get the rough texture. Paint it using brass and copper color and let it dry. Once it is perfectly dry, use a hot glue gun to glue other pieces such as a spring, bolt and etc. You can also add a few gears, they always look nice.

6. Make yourself a steampunk hat you can be proud of

diy steampunk hat that is easy to make


There are two ways how you can make this hat. The first one is to use old white hat you may have. The second is to make a hat from vinyl or leather. You can also make it of cardboard. Cut the outside ring make a clinker shape (the middle section) and the cover for it. Glue all together and add stitching around the edge. Always use thick and brown stitching. Add the leather strap in the middle paired with a buckle and a chain.

To make the gear motives, find old gears, actual ones and place them as you like on the hat. Use a spray paint, bronze or brass and paint over them. Let them dry and remove the gears. Looks great and it is very simple.

7. DIY steampunk jewelry – the example of a necklace

self made diy steampunk necklace


This necklace looks excellent and it is very easy to make. You can use a base which is here a small chain. Always use all the elements that look old, vintage and that is worn out. By doing this, you create the most realistic looks of a necklace. Measure the chain length according to your neck or the length you want to achieve. Add gears that can be found on old clocks, clogs and link them together with rings from old key changes. The sky is only limit here. In addition, you can use a wire for linking the elements together.

8. How to make a DIY steampunk skirt for any cosplay occasion?

The skirt looks impressive and it will require a few hours to be made. The first step is to measure the length between your hip and knee. This is the length of the skirt. Cut out a rectangular shape of red cloth and trim the edges, so you get the desired looks. Make another piece of cloth with identical dimensions and cut it in two. Stitch all the parts together. Make a small piece of cloth, fold it in two and stitch it on the waits area. It should have a curved design like the one you can see. Connect the ends of the skirt and stitch them together. AT this point, you will want to add a zipper at the back in the middle section. Cut the bottom of the skit so it looks like a circle. Add two pieces of cloth which you gathered and stitched first. Add them so they follow the round shape of the skirt itself.

Raise the bottom parts and gather them with a needle so you get the desired effect. Use two lines like these to get the best effect. Add two bows and decorative buttons. Always use buttons that look like they are made of brass or copper. You are done.

9. Creative steampunk Halloween costume that you can do yourself

Halloween steampunk costumes example


This costume is actually very basic, but it has several elements you will need to make. The first one is the jetpack. It is actually made of a piece of plywood with attached bottles. Cut the bottles in order to make the exhausts and attach them to the plywood, but leave the middle section empty. The middle section can be made of the base of a vacuum cleaner. Connect all the parts using a heat glue gun and paint them in brass color.

Attach two rubber hoses also painted in brass color and link them to the front part of your jacket. Goggles can be made of leather and plastic lenses with a leather head strap. The hat is something you can find online. Use sandpaper to make it look old and vintage and paint it if needed. Adding gears is always a safe and great choice. The gun you can see can be made of egg mixer. Cut off the cable, paint it in brass and it looks great.

10. DIY example of a steampunk furniture that is easy to make


Steampunk furniture can be easy or complex, according to your main idea. If you are a professional handyman and you want something advanced to make, you already know how to approach and which elements you will need. If you are a beginner, you will need our help. The simplest thing to make is a bookshelf made of pipes. All you need are pipes and elements to link them together. Make them look like a skeleton of the ordinary closet. Use parallel pipes to link two sides and you are done.

The chair you can see above can be made with the use of leather straps. Remove the seating area, link the leather straps in the obvious pattern and nail them under the seating area. You are done. If you have time, you can use copper pipes to make another type of a chair. Just follow the contours of patio chair or executive chair you can find online or in your office and link all the parts add to the bottom. Add a cushion and you are done.

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