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When considering creativity and design steampunk pocket watches are certainly top-of-the-line products. Virtually any pocket watch is decorated with fine details and engravings but also features various motives connected to steampunk subculture.

All these steampunk timepieces feature a working and adjustable internal clock which will give you a precise time measurement each time you look at it.

They usually feature a pop open button which is very convenient and will enable you to look at the time in a split of the second.

steampunk pocket watch product collection

Almost all models have a metal chain that can also be used as a necklace and you can basically where these steampunk watches as the medallions, but you can of course also use them in the conventional way by having them In a specially designed small pocket on a vest.

Many models of these pocket watches have very fine bronze or gold finishes which give them that antique or vintage look that is so characteristic for the Victorian era.

Our pocket watch collection also features a self wounding pocket watch which doesn't need the battery, But gets its mechanism functioning by perpetually winding the spring automatically by using the energy of your bodies motion.

Steam punk aesthetics is very prominent with this product and often features various styles of gears, wheels as well as animals and humans skulls or bones. 



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