NEW Steampunk Foldable Infinity Fidget Cube (3 Colors)

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Infinity cube is a magic toy suit for someone who can not keep their hands still. Fidgeting with these colorful metal infinity cube will improve your focus, allow you to concentrate on the task at hand. Portable and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere and play it any time. Why don't just take one and have a try?

  • Stylish design, colorful, beautiful, solid and flexible. Helps relieving anxiety and stress, clear mind.
  • Every component of the infinite cube is made of high quality materials.
  • Each sub-cube is precisely machined and assembled to form an overall size of 40 mm 
  • Easily pocket-able, you can take it anywhere and play it anytime.
  • It has a solid feel and smooth surfaces so it feels great in your hands.
  • A wonderful gift for people who need to keep their hands busy.

Main Material: Stainless Steel 
Colors: Black, Silver & Champagne Gold
Size: 8 * 4 * 2 cm / 3.15 * 1.57 * 0.79 in
Weight: 171.6 g / 6.05 oz