A fidget spinner is probably a toy or better said a gadget that you already have or you had at some point in your life. They are an excellent way to decrease stress, have fun and engage your fingers. But, what if you are into steampunk? Then you will need a steampunk fidget spinner. Yes, they actually exist and they are more common than you may believe. Today, we will take a wonderful journey and explain and explore all about fidget spinners, with the main accent on steampunk models.

Fast Tips for choosing the best steampunk fidget spinners

Yes, a steampunk fidget spinner may look like the simplest toy of them all, but it is far from that. Fidget spinners are made with outstanding precision, they must withstand heavy-duty use and they must look precisely as a potential owner needs. Here are a few, main tips on how you should choose the best steampunk fidget spinner.

  • Design

Without any doubt, if you are looking for a steampunk fidget spinner, you will need a model that meets visual criteria. Most of them are made of brass, come with massive elements and they are suitably decorated. Suitably refers to the gears, clocks, steam engines and all other elements which are associated with steampunk.

beautiful design of a steampunk fidget spinner

  • Number of prongs

These are elements of the fidget spinner around the central bearing. You can have 3, 4, 6 or more prongs. It is an individual preference completely.

red fidget spinner with 3 prongs

  • Material

Many of the steampunk fidget spinners are made of brass, but this is far from the only option you can choose. There are also models made of plastics, aluminum and even glass. Choose the material you prefer.

  • Size

The size can vary but most of them are between 6 and 8 cm in width.

maximum sizes for the steampunk fidget spinner

History of fidget spinners

The history of fidget spinners was unclear until 2017. Before the just mentioned year, it was believed that the inventor was Catherine Hettinger, a chemical, engineer who apparently invented a fidget spinner back in 1993. She got the patent and was planning to start mass production. However, she was unable to find a suitable commercial partner, therefore, the patent was canceled in 2005.

In 2017 we discovered that Catherine Hettinger wasn’t the inventor after all. She was faced with accusations from Bloomberg News and she admitted that fidget spinner wasn’t her invention after all.

In 2017 we saw that the real inventor of fidget spinners was Scott McCoskery. Apparently, he invented the first spinner in 2004 in order to cope with stress which was mandatory during long IT meetings. Even today, the real inventor of fidget spinners isn’t certain. All we know is that thanks to that person, millions of people all over the globe can relax, have a great time and cope stress easier.

Why are they popular?

There are countless reasons why steampunk fidget spinners are so popular today. The first and probably main reason is the fun they offer. It is almost addictive and if you have tried a toy like this, you will know that it is almost impossible to stop using it. It is simple form of fun that can be used at any given moment.

2 bronze steampunk fidget spinners


The next reason is probably the design. All fidget spinners look excellent and they are very nice to look at. This especially translates to the steampunk models. They are the best-looking of them all and they look vintage and futuristic at the same time. In other words, these toys are something you must have as soon as you see them.

Then we come to the benefit fidget spinners provide once used. Yes, they actually relieve stress and they can help you feel better. They are almost essential these days for people who suffer from autism, ADHD or are exposed to stress every single day. Keep in mind that this is the primary reason why a fidget spinner was invented in the first place.

There are people who can use a fidget spinner on a completely another level. They can make impressive moves, they can make it ‘’fly’’ and they can spin it so fast that it looks like a propeller. The main element here is the fact a fidget spinner can be used more than ordinary toys. It is a key ingredient for impressive tricks that will put a smile on the face of any person. Here are a few simple tricks you can master with your new fidget spinner.

Besides having them in any color you like, with any design you want, fidget spinners are also affordable. They are something you can have right now without a need to save money for purchasing or anything similar. A fidget spinner can be yours within minutes and you can always afford a new one.

The bottom line here is that fidget spinners have all the elements that make a toy or gadget desirable and therefore popular. They look great, they are easy to use, have actual benefits and they are affordable. Steampunk fidget spinners are also a great addition to your lifestyle and something that can help others realize you are into steampunk.

Benefits of fidget spinners

Fidget spinners were designed and invented to fight stress and to make our lives a bit easier. They are also essential for children and adults who suffer from several disorders. In general, fidget spinners are stress-relief fidgets. However, there are a few more benefits they offer. They are:

  1. Calm your nerves

All of you who are exposed to stress in such a way it makes you anxious and angry, we recommend fidget spinners. They can calm your nerves within seconds and you will start feeling better as soon as you start using a toy.

  1. Help you focus

A child with ADHD will find fidget spinners very desirable. A toy can help them focus on a completely new level. We all know that ADHD causes severe issues with focus and now you learned how you can improve the focus.

  1. Fight of episode

Those who suffer from autism will appreciate the fact a fidget spinner can completely decrease the severity of a bad episode. Autism is probably best-known disorder precisely due to episodes and a fidget spinner will make it more tolerable. There are millions of parents all over the world who use fidget spinners precisely for this reason.

  1. Relieve stress

This is the main benefit of the fidget spinners, but it is the best-known as well, so we saved it for last. All fidget spinners are made to eliminate stress from your life. Basically they operate similarly to the stress ball but have a bit better success rate. All people who are under stress should try fidget spinners at least once and they shall see the difference.

These were the main or better said the most important benefits of fidget spinners. Let’s not forget that they are fun to use as well and they are appealing to use. You may have a lot more benefits associated with the spinner and it is an individual possibility.

How to use fidget spinners

There are so many ways you can use a fidget spinner. As a matter of fact, new ways are invented as we speak, so this matter can’t be generalized. Anyway, we will list a few ways you can use fidget spinners. This refers to the steampunk models we are interested in the most.

  • Thumb and index finger method

Hold a fidget spinner between your thumb and your index finger in vertical position. Spin it using your ring finger and you are done.

  • Thumb and ring finger method

This method is the same as the first one, with one major difference. While holding a fidget spinner, use ring finger to push it back and start rotation. You can hold it vertically or horizontally, as you wish.

  • Thumb and middle finger position

Hold a fidget spinner between your thumb and a middle finger. Use your index finger to rotate it in any direction you like. Be free to move it around while rotating and find a way that makes you most fun.

  • Two hand method

There is basically one main method with countless options and possibilities. While holding a fidget spinner in your hand, use the second hand to flick it into rotation. You can use fingers or palm.

  • Switching hands

While fidget spinner is rotating, place it from one hand to the other one. Make sure to leave enough space so the prongs don’t hit you.

  • Fidget spinner balancing

When the fidget spinner is spinning, place it on the index finger or middle finger (depending on how you hold it) and balance it on the tip of the finger. You will notice that most models have a spot which perfectly holds the tip of the finger.

fidget spinner balancing trick

Types of steampunk fidget spinners

Fidget spinners can be divided according to the number of prongs or the generic design. A steampunk fidget spinner is slightly different. Beside the unique design, it also comes with prongs which are specifically made to match the style. Anyway, there are several types of fidget spinners and they are:

  • 2 prong fidget spinners

They are rare and it is very difficult to find one except online. They also have a central; bearing which can be different in size, but nevertheless, the main difference compared to other fidget spinners is in the prongs. 2 prongs make this type smaller, lightweight and unique.

2 prong viking fidget spinner

  • 3 prong fidget spinners

They are the most common and you will find countless models out there. They obviously have three prongs and they are the most versatile units. You can use them in various ways.

  • 4 prong fidget spinners

They do exist, but they are also rare. 4 prongs makes them a bit heavier, yet they can spin longer than ordinary models.

  • 6 prong fidget spinners

Yes they exist as well and they are commonly used by people who want the ultimate experience and the ability to perform all kinds of tricks. Steampunk fidget spinners with 6 prongs are very popular as well. They look excellent and they are nice addition to your style.

  • Full all-around design

These fidget spinners don’t have prongs. They are made out of a solid, round element which is mounted on the central bearing. This makes them one of a kind fidget that should be used if you want to stay original. They are rare as well.


all around circular steampunk fidget spinner

  • LED fidget spinners

LED models can have as many prongs as you like. There are 3-prong units out there that are very popular at the moment. The main difference is obvious. They will have LEDs in the prongs and one in the central bearing. We only mentioned this type so you can make a difference. LED fidget spinners are not associated to steampunk.

LED fidget spinners

Main factors to consider when purchasing steampunk fidget spinner

What are the main factors to consider when looking for a steampunk fidget spinner? There are several of them and now we will list each one and explain why and how to make the best possible choice.

  • Design

Yes, design is the main factor when looking for steampunk fidget spinner. There are so many different options out there and each one is beautiful in its own way. But, if you want the best steampunk model, you should focus on a unit that has one or more elements implemented into the design. For instance, this can be a gear, pocket watch, brass construction, massive size, elements of steam engines and so much more. The best part, you decide what you want in your new fidget spinner.

  • Material

A right material can make a massive difference. In this case scenario, we will keep to brass as one of the best choices. The alternative is zinc alloy. They are also the most durable, heavy and they look great. The steampunk element is more than obvious here.

bronze steampunk fidget spinner



Other materials to look for are aluminum, plastic or zinc alloy. Ordinary spinners are usually made or ordinary plastics and they are very lightweight. Steampunk models, on the other hand, are different. Heavy and bulky.

  • Central bearing

All fidget spinners come with a central bearing which allows for a fidget to turn around. The core of the bearing can be made of ceramics or steel. Some early models had central bearings made of plastics, but they broke down easily.

You should target units that come with the ceramic central bearing. They can withstand heavy-duty usages, they can withstand a lot of heat and they will stay 100% operational even after years of use. Steel bearings are a worthy choice as well.

replaceable bearing for steampunk fidget spinner

  • Number of prongs

It is our individual preference. You can choose a unit with 2, 3 or 10 prongs if you like.  Keep in mind that the most common and the easiest to use are 3-prong spinners. They come with the best balance and they are reasonably heavy.

  • Size

Size doesn’t have to do anything with the number of prongs. You can have a 6-prong model which is smaller than a 3-prong unit. In general, steampunk fidget spinners range between 2 and 5 inches. There are also mini spinners which are obviously smaller. The size is limited to 5 inches simply because you won’t be able to spin it between your fingers if a spinner is bigger.

  • Spinning time

Spinning time refers to the longest period of time a fidget spinner can spin after one stroke. It starts with 1 minute which is reserved for heavy and ordinary models. If we elevate the vision we can see that some models can spin up to 8 minutes. The main reason why spinning time varies is in the construction and the central bearing. Average spinning time is 3-4 minutes.

Comparison table

Name Material Prongs Size Weight Price
Airship Steampunk Fidget Spinner Metal 2 small n/a $$$
Metal EDC Hand Fidget Tri Finger Zinc alloy 3 2.2 * 2.2 * 0.39in 1.04 ounces $$
Steampunk Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner With Gears Brass 3 medium n/a $$
Full Brass Metal Fidget Spinner Brass 3 2.76 * 2.76 * 0.2 in 3.17 ounces $$$$
Wheel Shape Round Fidget Spinner Zinc Alloy None (all-around design) 2.75 * 0.39in 4.09 ounces $$
Six-star bead colored Steampunk Spinner ABS 6 6.5cm 49g $
Steampunk Antique Bronze Metal Finger Spinner Antique Bronze 3 1.26 in 2.47 ounces $$$$
Detachable Steampunk Fidget Spinner 360 Metal 6 n/a n/a $$$
Steampunk Rainbow Metal Triangle Fidget Spinner Stainless steel 3 2.75 * 2.75 * 0.39 in 3.1 ounces $
Steampunk Fidget Hand Finger Spinner Gyro Zinc alloy 2 3.9 * 0.8 * 0.39in 1.4 ounces $

10 best steampunk fidget spinners

  1. Airship Steampunk Fidget Spinner

The first fidget spinner is one of the best-looking you can find today. The unit is made to mimic the design of steampunk airships, therefore the name. The design is simple and complex at the same time. At the first look, the fidget spinner is simple, featuring 2 main elements around the central base. If we take a closer look, we will see an impressive attention to detail and contours that are worthy of calling it a piece of art. The best part, it is 100% steampunk fidget spinner.

There are a lot of additional facts we would mention as well. For example, the unit is made of high-quality metal and it can withstand all kinds of use. The central bearing is made of ceramic so it will spin even after years of use. You can disassemble the central part and replace the bearing if needed. The fidget spinner is suitable for users with small, medium and even large hands. It is smooth while using it and it is perfectly balanced. The bottom line is the fact it is the best steampunk fidget spinner available on the market today.

  1. Metal EDC Hand Fidget Tri Finger

Here we have another fidget spinner of the modern generation. It is made of zinc alloy and dimensions are 2.2 * 2.2 * 0.39inches. It makes it suitable for all users and the balance is epic. We can even say that it is a hardcore spinner suitable for all kinds of usages. The design is unique, although it is based on 3 prongs. At the same time, it makes it easier to use and more suitable for those who want to relieve stress as soon as possible. You will enjoy using it regardless of the hand size.

The steampunk element is strong. The fidget spinner looks like it is made of brass and the design of the prongs is specifically chosen to look like steampunk blades or even propellers. The red lines are there to make the spinning even better. They will create a line while spinning and therefore increase the overall appeal a user can expect. We also liked the rigidity and the feel of fidget spinner. It is made of solid material and you can feel that while holding it in your hands. The last but not least important, bearing covers are curved and they feel super-comfortable when used.

  1. Steampunk Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner With Gears


What if you want more than just one fidget spinner? You will need a model that is connectable with other units and that can be used for countless applications. All of that and so much more is available thanks to the steampunk fidget spinner we have right here. The gears are probably the biggest difference compared to other fidget spinners. They are added specifically to make the unit steampunk-ready and to make it more desirable than many alternatives.

All the components are made of metal so the spinner is strong and feels heavy. Those gears you can see can be used to link the fidget spinner with other versions of the same or similar design. The tested model is available with 2, 3, 4 and even 8 prongs. Each one can be connected to another so you can create something beautiful. The design is more complex than the eye can see at first sight. The gears allow for you to connect two or more fidget spinners precisely as you want. You can add them to the sides, combine 2 and 8 prong fidget spinners and so much more.

  1. Full Brass Metal Fidget Spinner

It is all you need and something more. The tested model is completely made out of brass while the central bearing is made of ceramics. Combination of these two materials made it super tough and suitable for those who will spin it for months or even years. Brass body is the main reason why we liked this model. However, the design is important as well. The three prongs are chosen due to the resemblance with steampunk machine components and weapons. Now you can have a steampunk piece with you at all times.

Now you know that it is durable, solid-made and very beautiful. We should add that while spinning, the prongs create a unique picture you will need to see it for yourself. The fidget spinner was an interesting choice and we loved testing it. It even looks nice while not in the use and stands on a table. The dimensions are 2.76 * 2.76 * 0.2 inches while the weight is 3.17 ounces. It isn’t much considering the entire fidget spinner is made of brass.

  1. Wheel Shape Round Fidget Spinner

The next fidget spinner on our list is love or hate. Some of you will love it and want to have it as soon as possible, while others will find its design too radical, too complicated. Anyway, we liked testing it and we liked playing around with it. The material used by the manufacturer is zinc alloy which is reasonably strong and durable. The design is all-around so you will see an impressive shape while spinning it. It looks like a propeller or a spinning weapon from steampunk movies.

The next important thing is color. It is made to look like the rainbow color on a piece of metal and we can agree on the looks in fantastic. This fidget spinner looks exceptionally great when exposed to the LEDs or sunlight. The attention to detail is at the highest level possible. To summarize, the fidget spinner we have here is great for those who want full-all-around style and for those who want unique models. You won’t be able to find a lot of similar units regardless of how much you seek. In addition, the weight is slightly higher than average. It is 4.09 ounces and the dimensions are 2.75 * 0.39inches.

  1. Six-star bead colored Steampunk Spinner

Now we present you a model that is similar to the previous unit. It is also made of zinc alloy and it is different in design. The overall weight is higher as well. There are 6 prongs and each one is beautifully balanced. The spinning process is easy and the spinning time is definitely above average. We want to recommend this unit for people who like 6-prong fidget spinners and they like rainbow color palette.

It is one of those fidget spinners you will want as soon as you see it for the first time. It is a piece of art in other words and it deserves your full attention. Although great as you can see, the steampunk impression isn’t. The fidget spinner we tested is more focused toward ordinary models that are not primarily inspired by steampunk. One thing is certain. You will love the fidget spinner and you will love using it. Thanks to 6 prongs the spinning time is long and the effort you need to invest is decreased. Yes the bearing is made of ceramic and it can withstand all kinds of use.

  1. Steampunk Antique Bronze Metal Finger Spinner

This metal fidget spinner doesn’t look like anything you can see on the market or online today. The design is purely steampunk-inspired and we believe it looks like a communication device people from the steampunk universe will use while flying on airships. It can be a secret device used by spies as well. There are no limits here and the fidget spinner looks like something special. We can add that it is a masterpiece when it comes to two things. The first one is design and the second one is construction. Soon you will see why.

The antique bronze construction made it strong, reliable and suitable for all steampunk fans. The central bearing is made of a special type ceramic known as 606. It is super-tough and can withstand more stress and heat than any other form of this material. At the same time, the fidget spinner is small and compact. It can be carried with you at all times and it can be a great key ring. The tested model comes in a nice package that makes it look more expensive than it actually is. However, the prize is significantly high compared to other units. On the other side, you will need to pay if you want to have something completely different.

  1. Detachable Steampunk Fidget Spinner 360

The Detachable Steampunk Fidget Spinner 360 is another, unique fidget spinner on our list. The first thing we noticed is radical design. Those prongs you can see can be removed when needed. There are 6 of them and you can add or remove each one. They are made of metal so the construction is fitting and the threads will stay operational after a long period of time. Of course, if you want the best result and the spinning time of 3 minutes you should leave all 6 prongs. They also make a fidget spinner heavy which makes it spin longer and faster.

Believe or not, this is a steampunk fidget spinner. The design looks a lot like engine parts and machines from the steampunk universe and the overall construction is identical to corresponding and imaginable machines. It isn’t one of those fidget spinners that is all about steampunk, but it is still one of very desirable models associated with this direction. Users who need and want a heavy, massive spinner with strong construction and who are planning to use it all the time will find this unit just right.

  1. Steampunk Rainbow Metal Triangle Fidget Spinner

It looks like a blade or a gadget that can inflict damage, but it is actually another rainbow-colored fidget spinner made to look as much as possible like it came from a steampunk movie. The construction is a bit different than you would expect. It is made completely out of stainless steel. The central bearing is made of the same material so the overall strength is impressive. It is already known as one of the strongest fidget spinners out there. We actually tested the strength and we agree with the claims.

The model offers 3 prongs which are the same and have small pockets implemented. Overall, the prongs look nice and they are nice to touch. We liked the contours and the overall design. We also liked the spinning time and max speed. The fidget spinner can stay spinning for 4 minutes and it can withstand hours and hours of spinning. Due to the fact it is made of stainless steel, it won’t corrode and you can use it for more complicated, demanding operations and tricks.

  • 10 .Steampunk Fidget Hand Finger Spinner Gyro

The last model on our list is probably a very popular model and a very special at the same time. It targets people who like steampunk cold weapons and gadgets that heroes carry. The prongs look like tiny blades and they look sharp. However, they are not and using the fidget spinner is perfectly safe. The main material is zinc alloy while the bearing is made of steel. There are finger pockets on the bearing covers that are comfortable to use.

This unit is small and also known as mini fidget spinner. The dimensions are 3.9 * 0.8 * 0.39in and the weight is 1.76 ounces. This means that it can be worn all the time and used whenever you need it. The unique design makes you feel strong and special while at the same time look cool. We must add that the attention to detail is stunning. Each element is beautifully made and looks excellent. Anyway, we had a great time while testing it and you will probably have even more fun while using it.

Final thoughts

You were able to see that steampunk fidget spinners are much more than just toys. They are devices that can help you release stress, have fun and focus more. Learn a few tricks and you will be more popular in your local community. We also helped you by explaining how and why you need to choose a correct fidget spinner. The last, we presented you with the 10 best steampunk fidget spinners money can buy right now.