At steampunk conventions we can meet a lot of wonderful people in the really fantastic cosplay outfits. Here is the collection of nine amazing steampunk looks for women which were displayed in previous years on various steampunk conventions.


Steampunk looks for women are more popular than ever before. They are better-looking, they are more complex and more desirable than you may think. We were able to find a few examples that will impress you. Be free to choose any you like and add it to your life.

Post-apocalyptic steampunk women outfit at a San Diego Comic-Con

steampunk postapocaliptic cosplay outfit women

This right here is one of the most appealing looks based on steampunk style. It is an actually post-apocalyptic style which is one of a kind. We all liked the combination of clothing. The top is more than just revealing, while the long pleated skirt, especially the rear part is huge. Add the leather boots and the leather straps which are used to reflect the alternative reality in which this looks will be natural and you get one of the most impressive styles of them all.

women steampunk outfit from steampunk parade at convention

If you like looks and styles where gadgets and steampunk devices are important, then this look will be the most appealing for you. There are guns, leather steampunk bag and the accessories of all kinds. Can you see the goggles? They make the style more detailed and they match the rest of the clothing perfectly. Hat with gears is also important and it must be well incorporated.

steampunk convention outfit

This look is completely different than the first two. First of all, it is more ordinary and more realistic. You get a classic, 19th century top and skirt, paired with elements of steampunk. The gears and jewelry on the right shoulder are the obvious proof. While this looks traditional, the goggles are special and they are unique for the steampunk style.

steampunk woman explorer

You won’t be able to see two looks like this one. It is focused on a woman who is dedicated to exploration, especially in the jungle. We can see large socks, a long skirt and a classic steampunk jacket. All of which is in light brown color, the most common for steampunk styles. A desert scarf is present but without the gloves, which are also mandatory. If you are looking for a way to look like an explorer, then this style is the one.

steampunk archer women look from a steampunk convention

It is elegant looks that is a mixture between the several other styles. The one thing we liked the most is the weapon. Yes, the lady on the picture carries bow and arrows. They are modern and quite different than the original weapon of this kind. The small hat looks stunning while mesh gloves complete the looks.

steampunk Japanese look from convention

The looks on the picture is based on Japanese elements of steampunk. You can see the umbrella which was used in Japan in the 19th century and earlier. Of course, it is just one element you can see. The gadget on the arm, the magnifying glass and the massive hat paired with feathers make the look truly special. If you are looking for a way to get the same look, wear short and elegant dress with the aforementioned elements. Also, tattoos are desirable.

steampunk style preparation for a convention

One of the most detailed looks on our list is the one here. It is well-known for hiding the skin and pronouncing several things. The first one is the middle section where you can see motif in the shape of medallion. Then we have skirt which is popular in steampunk trend and reveals the front part, while hides the rear one completely. Gloves, elegant boots, small top hat and a hair clip are something that can assist you in pushing the style even in the most demanding steampunk circles.

sexy steampunk look for a convention

The look we have here is sexy and we all can see it. Long boots made of leather are stylish, practical and sexy all at the same time. The dress is short, with a longer rear end, which is common for this kind of looks. A hat blends in the look perfectly and the gloves are impressive. The look is ideal for ladies who want to get ready in a minute and still look great.

steampunk girl preparation for a convention look and style

The last look on our list may be the most impressive for some of you. It consists of elegant dress, with a combination of brown and white and black colors. The gloves are designed to match the top and they are probably sexy for most men. The main traces of steampunk are the goggles and the pocket watch. They are made of silver and brass and they look like nothing you may have seen before.



You were able to find and see the best and the most popular looks for women based on steampunk style. Now is your choice to find the one that matches your requirements perfectly and try it. All people around you will be impressed.