Steampunk is a new fashion style that is currently causing waves and generating a lot of interest in the fashion circles both online and offline. When you set your eyes on a steampunk look, you can immediately recognize it because it will capture your admiration and interest.  

You will notice a mix of the modern and the vintage or ancient look. The combination is interesting and the moment you set your eyes on the appearance you will want to know what the person is wearing and how they manage to look so dashing. There is something about the whole steampunk fashion look that simply makes you want to take a picture and eventually dress up like that yourself or even create a better version of the look.

Have you tried steampunk but aren’t really getting it right? Do you want to get it right and stun the world with your own version of old and modern?  Well, you have come to the right place because we have great inspiration for you. Here are some steampunk outfits for guys to get you going and create the best steampunk looks ever to walk on this earth.


1. Steampunk wild wild west style outfit with a hat and elegant suit

steampunk wild wild west outfit with hat and steampunk goggles

One look at this look and you will nod your head in approval. The guy wears a well-fitting suit which is absolutely modern. Then it gets interesting with the typical steampunk felt top hat which has interesting detail consisting of what looks like bullets a chain and a circular decoration that could be a camera or anything.

The suit gets a personal touch with a lapel decoration of a rose, feathers, and gold. A quite interesting pocket square finishes the appearance and the whole steampunk look is complete.

2. Black suit Steampunk look with hat, goggles and pocket watch

black steampunk outfit a man and a girl with steampunk goggles

The man and the little girl rock the steampunk look with an all black and little white outfit complete with the steampunk felt top hat with googles and detail for each. The girl is in all black gown, a black cloth necklace with a pendant and completes her look with a steampunk felt top hat with a feather and steampunk goggles.

The man dons an all black double-breasted long tail coat suit with vest, a white shirt complete with a wide vintage looking necktie, a lovely belt and completes his look with a facial mask that is clearly ancient and a walking stick.

3. Casual Steampunk look with motorcycle goggles

casual steampunk outfit look with goggles, bag and a cog

This look indeed is from the past and consist of a buttoned half coat, what looks like vintage eyewear or motorcycle goggles on the forehead, long-sleeved white shirt complete with a wide necktie, a belt with a detailed buckle and holding some kind of case, a cog in the hand and what seems like a bag hanging on one shoulder to complete the look.

4. Steampunk outfit with a mechanical arm

outfit for men, steampunk style clothing with mechanical arm

The guy in this steampunk look reminds you of an armed martial arts guy. The pose with the hands says it all. He wears what seems like a weapon of some sort on his right arm which is strapped by leather belts at the shoulder area. He wears a modern looking shirt and half coat and a wide belt with a lot of detail cover his waist area and some sort of pouch is strapped on the belt and hangs on his hips.

 5. Steampunk look for senior gentlemen

older gentlemen steampunk look

The look features a typical steampunk felt top hat, rounded shades, a tail-coat double-breasted suit complete with a white pocket square, flowery and cross details on the lapels and buttons with a chain on the front area. The inner coat is patterned and gives off this special look. The belt holds a pouch and carries stuff in a typical steampunk style.

6. Steampunk outfit with a club, sunglasses, goggles and a hat

steampunk outfit with sunglasses, hat, a club, goggles and a leather vest

This look features the steampunk felt top hat, a pipe in the mouth, a leather half coat, white shirt sleeves rolled-up, a dotted scarf and rounded shades hanging on the front area of the coat which by the way contains hooks instead of buttons.  A leather belt, a bracelet with striped pants and a mask with leather straps hanging around the neck completes the look.

7. Lordly Steampunk look for men with elaborate details

steampunk mens outfit with a decorated vest, neck tie, belt and cuff-links

A lovely double-breasted suit with patterned detail all over complete with a belt with a golden-detailed buckle. This gentlemen adds some attitude to his look by marking himself with a line from the right side of his forehead all the way past his eye and stops at the cheek. Reminds you of some kind of a lord from the past.

8. Steampunk motorist outfit with goggles and leather gloves

motorcycle steampunk outfit with goggles, vest and leather gloves

A great look which starts with a steampunk hat, a wide tie with detail, a white shirt with upper-arm straps, a half-coat, black pants and completes the look with a unique pair of brown leather gloves.