The modern movies with adaptations from the past haven’t been left out when it comes to their characters featuring steampunk clothing. Any movie adapted from past centuries will not look realistic and convincing unless the actors dress up in steampunk clothing. Victorian steampunk clothing, for example, has been very popular in movies such as Gone With the Wind just to mention one.  There are more movies where steampunk clothing is very noticeable in the actors’ dressing. 

Outlined below are the characters who don male steampunk clothing and the movies they act in complete with the steampunk style of dressing that they exhibit.

1.    Dorian Grey From The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Dorian Grey is one character from this movie where he spots male steampunk clothing. He wears a striped suit with a patterned inner waistcoat and a white pocket square that matches a white turned-up collar shirt.

In the movie, Dorian Grey is part of a team of extraordinary individuals with special abilities that could be helpful in battling the technological terror of a mad villain known as “The Fantom”. The league of extraordinary people features an invisible man known as Rodney Skinner, a female vampire Mina Harker, an American secret service agent Tom Sawyer, the dangerous Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and of course the ageless, invincible and very wealthy Dorian grey.

Dorian Grey is invincible because he regenerates when hurt and never ages. Instead, a painting which is a portrait of himself ages and bares all the scars. When he finally stares at the painting and shrivels into an old corpse, the painting regenerates and turns into a young Dorian Grey image. The movie is clearly steampunk themed from the clothing of the actors right down to the technology they use.

2.    Dr. Arliss Loveless from  WildWild West (1999)

Dr Arliss Loveless from Wild Wild West 1999 steampunk wheelchair

In this movie steampunk is the theme and Dr. Arliss Loveless represents all that not only his steampunk inventions but also his way of dressing. He wears a shirt heavy with detail and white collars plus a black steampunk coat with a steampunk lapel pin on it. His hair pulled back and his beard shaved in that unique way that was the rage during the wild west days.

In the movie, Dr. Loveless is a soldier from war who is recovering since he lost the lower half of his body during the civil war that lasted until 1865.  We also see him seated on a steam-powered wheelchair which is, of course, his invention. With the help of top metallurgists, hydrologists and chemists in the country he creates a steampunk empire to conquer the technology of the time.  He also wants to capture the president and compel him to surrender the country. It is then up to two men, Captain James West and U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon to intervene and save the country.

3.    Hugo’s Father from Hugo (2011)

Jude Law stars as Hugos Father steampunk clothing

Hugo’s father has donned another classic steampunk attire. He wears a striped shirt, a patterned tie, a small polka-dotted waistcoat, and striped pants. A real steampunk look that is becoming popular.

The movie is about Hugo Cabret, a little orphan boy who lives in the walls of a Paris train station. He steals in order to survive since he is an orphan. One day he is fascinated by a clockwork toy at one of the booths in the station. He, of course, tries to steal it but the man behind the counter takes Hugo’s father’s notebook which happen to be very precious to the boy. The movie is a beautiful story that is ranked as historical fiction with lots of steampunk touches.

4.    Steampunk clothing from The Time Machine 2002 – Alexander Hartdegen

steampunk clothing The Time Machine 2002 - Alexander Hartdegen

This movie is another one of those steampunk themed movies. The character Alexander  Hartdegen is dressed in a lovely brown herringbone overcoat that has an upper collar, a cream collarless shirt, a waistcoat within and high-waisted long brown pants. He wears this steampunk outfit when the movie begins and he walks through the streets with his friend David Philby.

The movie is based on a sci-fi novel by H.G. Wells and is about the story of Alexander Hartdegen, a scientist and inventor who is hell-bent on proving that time travel can happen. His efforts become desperate thanks to a personal tragedy that motivates him to want to change the past. He eventually tests his theories after inventing the time machine. Alexander then travels 800,000 years into the future and there he finds out very unusual things about mankind.

5.    Lord Asriel – The Golden Compass – steampunk clothing

Lord Asriel - The Golden Compass - steampunk clothing

Lord Asriel a character in the movie The Golden Compass which is an adaptation from the trilogy by Philip Pullman known as His Dark Materials.  Lord Asriel is dressed in typical steampunk fashion in this movie. He wears the classic white shirt, a black tie, a double-pocketed waistcoat, brown pants and completes his look with a wristwatch.

He is a major character in the movie being a member of the aristocracy in a parallel universe that is being ruled by the Church. Asriel is a strong-willed character that is renowned both within the political and academic circles. He is also a military leader and a fellow of Jordan College in the movie. He is also the father of another main character in the movie known as Lyra Silvertongue and he intends to destroy the Kingdom of the Authority and replace it with the one of the Republic of Heaven.


sherlock holmes from a game of shadows steampunk clothing

Sherlock Holmes in the game of shadows absolutely rocks the steampunk look. He wears a black frock coat with a velvet collar, upturned spread collar shirt that is long-sleeved and he completes the look with his hair sleeked back.

In this movie, Sherlock Holmes is on the trail of his arch-nemesis a criminal mastermind known as Professor Moriarty. The criminal genius intends to make a fortune by creating sophisticated wartime weaponry that will be used by the world’s superpower nations after he succeeds in causing a World War I. Sherlock Holmes with the help of his friend Dr. Watson is determined to stop him of course.

7.    Nikola Tesla from The Prestige steampunk clothing

nikola tesla from the prestige steampunk clothing

With the movie being set in the Victorian era, the Victorian steampunk clothing is obvious. Nikola Tesla in this movie wears a black coat, an upturned collar shirt, a scarf worn like a tie, dark pants and a pair of gloves to cap it all.

The movie is about two Victorian-era magicians who compete for fame, fortune and the love of a woman. After a tragic accident that makes them enemies, the two-stage magicians begin an endless battle to create that ultimate illusion and no sacrifice is too great for each of them since they are determined to outwit one another. Nikola Tesla comes into the picture in order to help create the best stage magic ever.

8.    Van Helsing from Van Helsing steampunk clothing

Van-Helsing-steampunk clothing

You can’t think Van Helsing and not think of steampunk clothing style. Van Helsing wears a long coat, a buttoned-up waistcoat within and a pair of dark pants. He then completes his look with a hat and of course wields his weapon proudly.

In the movie, the character Van Helsing is a legendary monster hunter who is determined to rid the world of evil creatures. He encounters the likes of Dracula, the Frankenstein monster and many others. In the movie, he kills many evil monsters and he gets bitten by a werewolf but eventually finds a cure.

Those are the top 8 very impressionable styles of steampunk clothing from the movies.