Steampunk draws its main inspiration from the Victorian era and merges it with the sci-fi world, but the inspiration also comes from unexpected directions and takes form of truly remarkable characters from TV series. Today, we are focusing on mind blowing outfits female characters worn. The outfits created for them carry so much steampunk vibe, it is hard not to stop for a moment to admire every fine detail. So get prepared, It’s time to bow down and admire some TV series heroines who absolutely rocked steampunk outfits.


1.    Kate Beckett from Castle – cowgirl steampunk inspired clothing

castle Kate Beckett cowgirl steampunk clothing

Kate Becket is a character from Crime series Castle and a tough woman who embraces courage and has an investigative mind. The whole steampunk version of her speaks words – she is not someone to be messed with. Being a homicide detective, her powerful character is here merged steampunk aesthetics which highlights her feminine dominance and bravery. Just like in series, she carries a gun on a lather gun belt decorated in very western style. The corset is there to enhance the figure and combine femininity with dominance. The black shirt is very Kate-like while the leather glowes, which match the belt give her even more steampunk vibes. Being a cowgirl wasn’t a typical image a soft woman would embrace, which is why this fictional outfit combines steampunk elements from wild west with cowgirl image. Black hat with wider brim and silver elements which remind of coins further emphasizes her authority.

2.    Emilia Rothschild from Jack of all Trades – steampunk clothing

Jack of all Trades - Emilia Rothschild steampunk clothing

Emilia is a perfect character to find a steampunk outfit inspiration from. In Jack of All Trades, she is an attractive spy who knows how to use sex appeal and wit and also a charming lady who knows how to invent things. This is a very damsel like steampunk costume. Since steampunk combines the uncombinable in a way that takes breath away, and because her outfits always include corsets and ruffle dresses and gloves, she is a character to be reckoned with when looking for a steampunk inspiration. Her style is very Victorian, feminine and alluring. Corset in combination with brown cloak and white gloves can always find a way to get steampunked and this outfit is the perfect example of  how important such details are. The dress is almost navy blue and decorated in fashion typical for it’s era. Thanks to both rich and small details like a simple necklace she wears,  Emilia looks absolutely amazing.

3.    Lady Potts from The League of S.T.E.A.M. steampunk clothing

lady potts from the league of steam steampunk clothing

Lady Potts from The League of S.T.E.A.M. is someone who knows how to handle any situation thrown her way. She has experience and you know it. She is a practical problem solver and her clothing speaks words. With Mad Hatter-like hat, which was very prominent during the Victorian era among fine gentleman, ring silver earrings and dreadlocks, the outfit speaks for its self. The hat doesn’t have a wide brim, but is tall instead and decorated with red fabrics. She is a tactical coordination specialist and the clothing emphasizes her strong physique very well. The whole look helps in portraying her as a wise woman who is not afraid to do the right thing. Lather belts, chains, and lather case are another very steampunk element which makes a plain white shirt and checkered pants look like a good combo. As fine accessories, she also wears a necklace with an orange pendant and an rivet armband.

4.    Julia Ogden from Murdoch Mysteries

MURDOCH MYSTERIES julia ogden steampunk clothing

Murdoch Mysteries is a TV show which follows the adventures of young detective William Murdoch and Julia Ogden is his biggest ally. She is a coroner doctor and clever mind is her forte. The steampunk outfit includes very favored among fans, leather gloves and an elegant hat decorated with feathers, which was very typical for the Victorian era. The whole look is predominated by beige fabrics and checkered vest, which both add the steampunk element to it. As the only contrast to the white shirt, she wears a blue tie with a delicate pin and holds brown lather lady purse with golden chain. All colors are frequently found in steampunk culture, as well as a checkered vest and unique hat she wears. The jacket adds another layer to the whole look, complicating it all a bit in the best way possible. Despite neutral colors, the outfit looks far from plain and very much catches the eye.

5.    Rebecca Fogg from The Secret Adventures Of Jules Verne Steampunk Outfit

Rebecca Fogg from the secret adventures of jules verne steampunk outfit

Rebecca Fogg is Miss Impossible from sci-fi TV series in the steampunk genre. This heroine from The Secret Adventure of Jules Verne wears a dark leather outfit that embraces the figure. She is skilled in fighting, a brave spirit and a beautiful woman who knows how to throw enemies at her knees. Like Lara Croft of steampunk, she is fearless, unpredictable and seductive, and metal-like corset with straps and fine details emphasizes her natural magnetism even more. Three leather belts are worn over the corset and are decorated with silver and golden metal elements which make the clothing look very adventurous and futuristic and very historical at the same time, which is exactly what an ideal steampunk outfit should be a mix of. Colors are the ideal combo as the look includes classically warm brown lather elements and a touch of silver and gold. Even her hair is styled to bring her character even closer to sci-fi. 

6.    Claudia Donovan From Warehouse 13 Steampunk Clothing

warehouse 13 claudia donovan steampunk clothing

This amazing female character comes from Warehouse 13 series and is a talented inventor and knows how to hack about anything.  This tech-savvy charismatic woman is not afraid to experiment and her outfit show exactly that. The outfit has a futuristic and rebellious vibe to it. The is no bigger steampunk element to wear than massive googles from the industrial era which are a modernized just enough to fit what chemists wear in their labs. Googles also have a beige leather element which makes them look even more interesting. She is resourceful and clever and really does look like miss smarty in the steampunked lab outfit she wears. A steampunk outfit wouldn’t be right if there were no leather elements to catch the eye. This heroine wears a leather biker vest with some badges to amplify her attitude. Underneath it, she wears a simple purple long sleeve blouse, which perfectly matches the rest of the outfit.