For steampunk fans, cosplay conventions are the time of the year where they can shine and surprise everyone with creative costume ideas. Every year, many push boundaries of steampunk cosplay, making such events more exciting. There are some who pushed the boundaries and had ideas so amazing it’s hard not to admire each detail of their costume. These creative people wore mindblown costumes that speak effort and time, which is always worthy of respect. Here are 6 interesting steampunk costumes that will swipe you off your feet.

Steampunk warrior with a Gatling gun and giant pocket watch

steampunk warrior with giant pocket watch

Steampunk is about creating the extraordinary out of clashing extremes and moving boundaries of time. But, when a powerful Gatling gun becomes a part of-of the outfit and gets combined with other carefully picked details, like a very large pocket watch, we get a cosplay outfit that’s really something else. Large red coat with equally large collar combined with a classic industrial era outfit got few massive details and both arms additionally highlight how powerful the warrior is. Apart from typical colors and head accessories, which were on the spot, this extreme look has all the necessary elements a good steampunk outfit outta have, the creator of the costume crossed the boundary of what’s ordinary and amazed us with a powerful image, transforming his both hands into powerful weapons.

MG Corps Sergeant with Gatling

MG Corps Sergeant with Gatling

The combination of dominantly red military jacket, historically worn by highly ranked military personnel and hand-handled Gatling is an interesting combination for steampunk cosplay. The science fiction moment is absolutely there as the look includes industrial googles from Victorian era and metal elements, which give that industrial feel to the whole look. The rest of the costume is a very classical Machine Gun Corps Sargent look and just oozes military dominance. The whole appearance is extravagant and includes great details, like glasses, golden googles or metal protection on shoulders which really enhances the whole look.

Steampunk Abraham Lincoln

steampunk Abraham Lincoln cosplay costume steampunk goggles and axe

The former American president who governed the country during the Victorian era seems to be a very popular figure among cosplayers, and this time his character was represented from a steampunk perspective. The metal arm is the dominant steampunk element together with goggles attached on the hat. Cosplay Lincoln costume is a combo of classical Victorian elegance and carefully designed details that take many breaths away. Needless to say, the creator of the costume absolutely rocked it with those glasses and beard.

Steampunk Plague  Doctor

steampunk plague doctor with steampunk mask

Dare not to stare, as this one is probably one of the best steampunk costume ideas ever. Plaque doctor is a solid base for coming up with a good costume idea. The frightening appearance of a medical physician who used to treat bubonic plague is here combined with a look of a mystic or a hermit, covered with a black hood. The mask is a more elongated and instead of typical googles, these have chameleon-like features which levels up the whole look even more. The idea to attach medical tools to the belt was a clever one and the costume includes a stick with an animal head on top, enhancing the whole look.

Steampunk Darth Vader

steampunk darth vader with steampunk men outfit

The character which embodies the force and the main antagonist of Star Wars saga, one and only, Darth Wader, is here presented in steampunk edition. The characteristic black helmet itself makes an ideal cosplay element and is here modified to fit steampunk fashion perfectly. With golden armor on top, lightsaber and a long military jacket, Wader look gets a real aesthetic power and the whole outfit becomes a combination of parts that just seem to click. The force really is with this one.

Steampunk assassin cosplay costume

female steampunk assassin costume with steampunk vest

She is powerful and adventurous. She is a ranger assassin on a mission, and nobody knows her name. Here we have a combination of mysteriousness with a level of danger. This female assassin looks fatal and wears all black costume which has few interesting elements, although combined in a very classical way, starting from head wrapped in a black turban and a black cloak, to brown leather whips and corset. This character comes from the windy, sandy desert and the outfit she wears puts a lot of emphasis on character’s skill and mastery, highlighting her dangerous, mysterious and almost enchanting qualities. Seductive and deadly.