One of the most important and certainly the most favorite accessory details in the steampunk world are of course the sunglasses. Coming in different colors and variations, we present you some of the most amazing steampunk sunglasses on the market you can go for. All of these exude brilliance, all are aesthetically breathtaking and all made to fit your steampunk identity perfectly.

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 1. Steampunk round sunglasses with shields

Round steampunk sunglasses have the reputation of being one of the most popular models in the steampunk world. This particular one is a unisex model that comes with perforated sides shields and belongs to the class of a side shield steampunk sunglasses and has impressive UV-400 protection. The lens is photochromatic and anti-reflective, so the model is ideal for both winter time and summer time as the lens will provide ultimate protection from harmful sun rays and reflections.


The model is comfortable to wear and is made of top quality metal that ensures longevity and adds greater resistance to exterior influences and breakage. Available in six different colors of silver gun black, black, blue, tea red, gold and tea red, silver green, the model is convenient to any outfit or cosplay role you would like to take on. The model has a top bar as an extra aesthetic element and is great for any occasion, as it is both casual and elegant.


 2. Small round steampunk sunglasses


One of the most creative ways to boost any steampunk outfit is by wearing a pair of sunglasses that have the power to level it all up. This model is a great representative of small round steampunk sunglasses sort, coming in nine different combinations of frame and lens colors. Lens colors are black, brown, gold, blue and red, while frames are available in black, brown, gold and silver variants. No matter the choice, a unisex model like this one is perfect for any occasion, is comfortable to wear and has the power to draw attention.


The model is made of top quality metal and because it offers very decent protection from sun rays, with UV-400 protection, having photochromic and anti-reflective lenses, it is ideal for any outdoor or indoor celebration, cosplay or casual occasion. The rims have a double metal element and there is a top bar, adding a note of complexity to the whole model.


 3. Classic flip-up steampunk sunglasses

Flip up’s are one of the most creative ways to boost your steampunk look. Whether you are headed for a cosplay event or are enjoying your time out on a sunny day, a unisex model like this can really make you stand out from the crowd. Made of top quality, sturdy material that will last and won’t break as easily, these flip-ups will serve you a long time and make you feel extraordinary, giving you a real steampunk look.


The model is available in eight colors, and you can pick from mate black, brown, black pink, glossy black, leopard pattern, black red, black yellow, and black blue frame and rim variations to suit the image you are going for. The lens has UV-400 protection and is photochromic, meaning it will protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. The frame is acrylic and the lens are made of polycarbonate, so your new glasses won’t break as easily, which is absolutely great.


4. Steampunk metal frame sunglasses

When you are opting for an accessory detail that has the power to stand out, unisex steampunk sunglasses like these will be the ultimate model to go for. The frame is made of top quality metal, so unlike the plastic frame, this one is not only about quality and durability, but also comfort, great performance and leveled-up aesthetic that simply shines brilliance.


Available in black, gold and black, black and red, gold and red gold and pink, gold and clear, silver and blue, brown and silver and black frame and lens variations, the models offer a lot when it comes to diversity and personalization, as there are nine amazing color combinations to pick from. Not only you can choose the best style, but with UV-400, but these will also protect you from the sun rays, are photochromic and anti-reflective, ensuring maximum safety for your eyes wherever you go.


 5. Steampunk square frame sunglasses


A model like this goes way beyond the classic round steampunk sunglasses. Made with classic round rims and lense, this one has a square top bar and bridge element that extends over the top part of the model. Being very sophisticated and with a frame made of quality metal, these unisex steampunk sunglasses are made to help you shine on any occasion, transforming even the simplest steampunk look into something extraordinary.


With UV-400 protection, anti-reflective, photochromic and mirror lens, these will provide the ultimate safety from the sun and reflections for the wearer. The combination or round lens and square frames exude a note of extravagance and the model is available in ten color variations and combinations of frame and lens you can pick from. Elegant and eye-catching.



6. Round steampunk carved frame sunglasses


Round steampunk sunglasses have now elevated into something that is unlikely to get unnoticed. The classic style of the round frame now extends into something more detailed, which is a carved frame with carefully picked details that suit the steampunk image very well.


Coming in six color variations, the future owner can pick from gold-black, dark gray, silver-blue, silver, black-red and gold-green frame, and lens color options. The frame is made of top quality metal and lens is acrylic, making these the model that’s made to be durable and comfortable to wear. The lenses are photochromic, anti-reflective and have the UV-400, meaning with these unisex steampunk sunglasses your eyesight will always be ultimately protected.




Because we are all different and because steampunk has so much to offer regarding creativity, all of these models are unique themselves and offer a different sense of steampunk identity. Pick whatever suits you best, and no matter the choice, all of these are made to last, guarantee brilliant performance, eye safety, quality, and ultimate comfort.