There are a lot of different steampunk games that involve female characters which have excellent outfits. Today, we will discuss the most popular, the best-looking and the most appealing characters of them all. It is truly an impressive journey.


1. Lilith – Borderlands

borderlands characters lilith steampunk outfit

Lilith came from planet Dionysus and she is a character from Siren class. There are 6 sirens in the game and all of them are very powerful. We can add that in the game, the powers have been growing over the years. Lilith is well-known for style you can see below. She has old, worn and outfit suitable for various tasks and different locations. All is focused on her powers and abilities, so the outfit is lightweight, minimalistic and paired with weapons.

The game is developed by Gearbox Software in 2007 and it is available for Mac OS, Windows, Play Station, and X Box. It is based on science fiction and it involves use of powers, weapons, and abilities characteristic for this genre.

2. Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite

Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite steampunk outfit

Elizabeth is present in the third sequel of Bioshock game. She is the future leader of the Columbia, a massive steampunk city which comes with all the main elements of this genre. The main power of the character is the ability to access different, parallel universes and explore them. However, in the game she is caught by villains and they will use siphon to drain out her power.

The character has modern, futuristic outfit which looks very nice and elegant. After all, she should be the leader of the city after the current leader dies. The jacket is probably something that will catch your full attention. Don’t forget about the necklace. The game was developed by Irrational Games and it is first person shooter game.

3. Emily Kaldwin – Dishonored 2

Emily Kaldwin Dishonored 2 steampunk outfit

Emily wears long coat made of leather, high boots, and leather pants. The outfit is purposely made for stealth and ambush operations, which reflect the nature of the game. She supposed to be the emperor of the isles, but she was removed from the throne. Her new mission is to regain the throne, using her abilities and powers. She is proficient with different weapons which include swords, knives and crossbow.

4. Lady Boyle – Dishonored

Lady Boyle dishonored steampunk outfit

Lady Boyle comes from Dunwall, and she is a member of the aristocrat society. At the same time she is mistress of Hiram Burrows, and she finances his army. In the game she has one or more important roles and she is famous for her impressive outfit styles. As you can see, she likes masks, long pants all in red color. Her hat is symbol of the game and makes her one of the best-known characters of the game.

Dishonored is a stealth and ambush game that is available for PC, Mac computers, Sony Play Station and Xbox. The goal of the game is to complete missions without being detected, using cold weapons such as swords, knives and etc.

5. Lady Igraine – the Order 1886

Lady Igraine The Order 1886 steampunk outfit

The first thing you will have to remember is the fact this character is also known as Isabeau D’Argyll, or Isi, which is her nickname. She is the youngest member of the Order and a member of Knights of the Round Table. She is also adopted daughter of Lord Chancellor. Biography is impressive, but at the same time this is an important character in the game.

Her outfit is based on long coat, long pants, boots and even gloves. The clothes looks and they are made to mimic her high role in the Order. The game is just right for all steampunk fans. It is based on London, Neo-era more precise and it follows the actions of the Order, knights who protect humankind from supernatural threats. In addition, we can add that it is a third-person adventure game.

6. Lenora – Rise of Nations (Rise of Legends)

Rise of Nations Rise of Legends characters Lenora steampunk outfit

Lenora is the leader of Pirata and she is the main enemy of Doge of Venucci. In the game, she controls a flying vessel with extraordinary capabilities. Lenora is also reckless, full of life and known for powerful skills. At the same time, we can see that she is fun character. Her outfit is traditional which involves long boots, a cape and several other pieces of clothing.

Game was developed by Big Huge Games and it is available for PC computers. It is strategy that is placed in the fantasy world of Aio.

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Now you know which the best steampunk female characters from games are and you can use them to make your own style, to make a costume based on a character or simply choose them when playing a game.