From fearless leaders and seductress to kindhearted heroines who fell from the sky, there were some female characters whose iconic looks marked even more iconic movies and made us never forget their roles. These female heroines are all different and all wear steampunk outfits in their own beautiful, inspiring way. No matter how simple or detailed these outfits are, all of them matched the character of their owners and all are to be admired by how amazingly steampunk they are. These are some of the awesome female characters who rocked lather, corsets, and lace better than any other heroines. So, let’s get blown away.


1.      Franky Cook from SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW movie steampunk outfit

Franky Cook from SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW movie steampunk outfit

Gorgeous Franky Cook is a fearless Commander who knows how to take charge. One look and the enemies are at their knees and this steampunk look emphasizes that dominance of hers. A powerful character from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow as she is, wears black leather, long sleeved top with a military patch on the shoulder to match her persona. The top has an extra thick lather layer covering shoulders and two buckles which makes her look authentic, yet authoritative. This stunning steampunk look is upgraded with two essential details. These are the very classic but powerful gun case and the military cap with golden details. The hat resembles of WW2 field side caps which brings even more danger to her already magnificent look. Military details do make her fearless, but it is the leather eye patch that adds an extra danger and dominance to the look, which makes the who whole steampunk outfit beyond memorable.

2.      Isabelle from Movie Hugo Steampunk Outfit

isabelle from movie hugo steampunk outfit

Isabelle in Hugo is a  steampunk version of the adorable girl next door who is not afraid to explore the world surrounding her. Hugo is a historical adventure drama film and the little heroine is a creative mind with an adventurous spirit who plays a major female role in the story. The outfit she wears is a simple, yet well thought out and could perfectly match any steampunk scenario with a young girl in it, which is what makes it so special. She wears a brown, slightly oversized coat with a large collar that looks beautifully vintage and matches her short bobbed hair perfectly. Underneath the coat, she wears a striped jumper with typical steampunk colors, which are dark red, beige and black. If there was a parallel world besides ours where steampunk ruled, this look would be what common people on the streets would wear. Simple, yet powerfully effective to stir up the imagination and match her venturesome mind.

3.      Mina Harker from The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Movie Steampunk Outfit

mina harker from the league of ectraordinary gentelmen movie steampunk outfit

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman is one of the most classic steampunk action movies of all times. It features seven heroes trying to stop the Fantom from starting a world war and Mina Harker is one of them. A vampire chemist and the only female heroine in the story, she is as fearless as her male teammates. The steampunk outfit she wears is a very ladylike yet dark, just right to fit her vampiric role. The long black fur coat adds a dose of mysteriousness to the look. She wears a corset made of steel, with finely carved details which remind of mid ages, while silky, transparent turtleneck element on top is the very Victorian detail that enhances the look. The bottom part of the dress is made of thick brown fabrics which adds a note of heaviness to her presence. The coat and the Victorian Dress with detailed metal corset all together truly make her look deadly.

4.      Rita Escobar from The Movie Wild Wild West 1999 Steampunk Outfit

rita escobar from the movie wild wild west 1999 steampunk outfit

Elusiveness, seduction and undeniable charm. Rita Escobar is the beauty icon who wears sex appeal on her sleeve. In Wild Wild West, she is a seductress who knows how to play a game. This steampunk outfit is something else. It’s breathtaking and magnifies her natural femininity, adding a hint of fantasy and vintage vibes to it. The rich light purple corset is here combined with white lace and bralette, narrowing her waist and accentuating cleavage with attitude, making her look self-confident in an elegantly revealing outfit she wears. Fine detail to the look is white net leggings,  a choker necklace with pendant and a pair of earrings which make her look elegant and match well with the bun she wears. The corset matches Victorian fashion, and while the whole look is revealing, Rita wears it as if it’s her everyday look and owns each piece of fabric she wears with style and dignity of a seductress as she is.

5.      Sarah Borden from The Prestige Movie Steampunk Outfit

sarah borden from the prestige movie steampunk outfit

Sarah Borden from The Prestige is the classic representation of Victorian beauty. This is no wonder, as this is a period psychological thriller and action takes place exactly in the very loved by steampunk lovers – the one and only Victorian era. Her outfit is a perfect representation of that time. This lovely woman wears a pair of large pearl earrings, which are a symbol of her status which look great with voluminous styled hair. The upper part of the dress she is wearing is a turtleneck made of layered beige fabrics and has fine white lace detail, which is especially beautiful around the neck. The elegant jackets she wears is partly made of floral fabrics with wavy brown elements. However, the detail which further emphasizes her elegance is puffed sleeves, made to perfectly match the color of laced turtleneck she wears.

6.      Yvaine from Movie Stardust Steampunk Outfit

Yvaine from movie stardust steampunk outfit

This steampunk outfit is worn by Yvaine from romantic adventure fantasy movie Stardust. This pretty heroine is a star and one of the main protagonists. She is forever young, glows like all stars do and have a beautiful heart. The steampunk outfit she wears shows her kind side very well. The blue dress is made of two main parts, where the upper part is more detailed and the lower part simple, just right to make the whole look dreamy. The top part is a corset with dark blue suede details on the sides of her waist, while the sleeves are made of blue silk and fall freely. This gentle heroine also wears a large diamond-like pendant on a golden chain, which adds the whole fantasy steampunk vibe to the look.