The steampunk fashion has indeed taken the showbiz arena by storm. We see TV shows set in a past era featuring actors who have rocked the steampunk look. We see waistcoats with and without patterns, detailed suits, pants with flair, eye glasses, hats with detail, shirts with upturned collars and other adornments on the clothing. It is said that men’s clothing is supposed to be simple and plain but there is nothing simple and plain about men’s steampunk fashion or steampunk fashion in general.

Here is a look at 5 showcases of men’s steampunk outfit from some great TV shows set in the past era.


1.     Adventures of the League Of STEAM Steampunk Outfit For Men

Adventures of the League of STEAM steampunk outfit for men

In the League of STEAM in this series steampunk fashion has dominated a lot. The performer spots a white shirt and a black waist coat with detail, dark pants, a brown belt with a pouch on the side and then he completes his look with a black collar scarf and rounded eye glasses.

STEAM is an abbreviation for Supernatural and Troublesome Ectoplasmic  Apparition Management. The League of S.T.E.A.M. has been modeled by emulating Ghostbusters 1984 film but the idea is set into a neo-Victorian steampunk era. The league is famous for their creative steampunk inventions which are simply functional props, and they have also performed at major steampunk festivals, corporate events, nightclub and even alongside renowned steampunk musical groups such as Abney Park.

2.     Captain Nemo from Jules Vernes Mysterious Island Steampunk Outfit

captain Nemo from Jules Vernes Mysterious Island steampunk outfit

In this show the Steampunk theme is strong, and Captain Nemo is a real steampunk piece of action. He rocks the look with a light blue buttoned coat with upper front pockets and side pockets. The collar of the coat is ringed with brown stripe just as the front sleeves of the coat which beautifully matches the color of the buttons which are brown too. He completes his appearance by wielding what looks like a very dangerous weapon.

In this show Captain Nemo is the mysterious benefactor for the group of men who get marooned on an island. While in his ship the Nautilus, he is able to secretly help out the marooned guys and save a prisoner on a ship of pirates.

3.     Steampunk Outfit for Men from TV Show Wild Wild West (1965)

steampunk outfit for men from tv show wild wild west 1965

Of course steampunk fashion will be right at home in this 1965 show. The men are dressed to the nines in steampunk fashion. Both Robert Conrad and Ross Martin are wearing coats.  Ross Martin wears a brown corduroy coat with cotton lapels of the same and a white shirt complete with a bow tie. Robert Conrad wears a royal blue coat a brown waist coat and a blue shirt with white collars.

In the show, two agents known as James West and Artemus Gordon work for President Grant. They take their specially appointed private train through the west to fight villains. The show is combination of both science fiction and western. Agent Artemus the brainy one of the two designs a series of interesting gadgets for Agent James that prove to be quite useful in their quest to rid the world of villains.

4.     Steampunk Welding Man Outfit from TV Show TALES OF A BROKEN REALITY

steampunk welding man outfit from tv show TALES OF A BROKEN REALITY

This is no doubt a steampunk TV series, from the moment you begin watching it.  The welding man’s outfit is steampunk through and through. We see the man wearing navy blue overalls that are short-sleeved. Then it gets interesting when he wears three straps to hold in place some sort of shoulder protection. He also wears a very wide belt. On one arm he wears a long glove while on the other he attaches some form of machinery or light.  He completes his look with welding glasses, a helmet and what looks like a gas mask. He really looks menacing in his gear which is quite fascinating.

According to the show, the story is a science fiction themed set in a steampunk setting. The story is about a man hell-bent on getting revenge while others tried to help him regain his humanity again. A moving story with a great steampunk theme that is instantly recognizable.

5.     TV Show Jack Of All Trades Men’s Steampunk Clothing

tv show jack of all trades mens steampunk clothing

This is another one of those steampunk TV shows that had fans on the edge of their seats.The guy wears a brown coat with huge lapels and an inner coat with big lapels too. Inside he spots a white shirt with an upturned collar complete with a white scarf.  The coats have large buttons that is typical steampunk style.

The show is set during the 19th century on this fictional French colony island of Pulau Pulau located in the East Indies. Agent Jack Stiles who is a secret American agent working for President Jefferson. While on duty he meets his British contact, an English spy called Emilia Rothschild who becomes romantically involved with Jack. Together they get on a series of adventures all in an effort to stop the likes of Napoleon and other villains who pose a threat to the United States.

Steampunk outfits will always be there, in the movies especially those set in previous centuries. The style of dressing is unique and has generated a cult-like following in the modern world. More and more people are adapting steampunk fashion and owning it. Many watch the movies and TV shows set in the past centuries just to gain inspiration on what to wear.

Steampunk fashion still remains original but with time it may experience some sort of evolution. Of course this is dependent on how clothing is made today. In the past everything was made by hand, but today machines have made things easier. This has resulted to the best looking steampunk wear ever. All people need to do is think it create it on paper and eventually make it a reality. No doubt TV shows and movies have recreated the past for the modern world. The modern world is embracing this past and adapting its fashion and creating something spontaneous. Steampunk fashion generated a lot of interest in the past and there is now no doubt that its future is bright. Maybe one day, people will again wear nothing but clothing with a steampunk touch. It has already began with the great interest on the shows of the past.