It isn’t a secret, we all love Steampunk games due to so many reasons. Just one of them is the alternative world where the game is ‘’placed’’. But, today we will be focused on main male characters and their unique clothing which is stunning in the lack of a better word.

We’re sure that you will find something awesome there for everyday wear or your next spacial occasion.

1.  Air: Ascent Infinite Realm Steampunk Gunslinger

awesome dressed steampunk character air infinite realm

The game you can see right here is probably the best of them all. It is released by Kakao Games, which is a company from South Korea. It has 30 levels and in average, you will need 30 hours to complicate them. IN the game, dinosaurs, dragons, powerful creatures, and even more powerful machines are present. But, the clothing is something special. The attention to detail is impressive. Add the ability to customize and create and you can get a clear picture of how your main character can look at any given moment.

Clothes is based on steampunk entirely, which means that the accessories, weapons, and improvements are massive, usually made of brass and they look phenomenal. Cold weapons are advanced and they make the entire experience so much better. To dress like any character, you will need plenty of leather elements and straps, with leather gloves. Goggles are mandatory as well.

2.  Sir Galahad from Defending The Order 1886

best dresses steampunk character

Some of you will know that this game is based on King Arthur and Camelot. Sir Galahad is one of the knights who is sworn to protect the real from all kinds of beats and attackers. If we take a closer look, we will see that the main character wears a combination of military clothes and protective vests used in the 19th century. Add chains and massive weapons and you get a unique character. The best part regarding the clothes is the attention to detail and the elegance of it. When combined, this clothing can protect Sir Galahad from monsters, but it will also look nice in a castle.

The game also involves the presence of black water, a material which slows down aging, improves capabilities and healing properties. As such, knights are stronger than ever before, but they must protect the real from tough creatures. To look like Sir Galahad, you must add metal protective equipment and elegant coat. All pieces of clothing are dark in colors.

3.  Ezio Auditore from Assassins Creed 2

ezio steampunk best dress character form games

Who is Ezio actually? Well, he was a nobleman from Florentine who lives in the 16th century. He is also a member of the Assassin group and he wasn’t aware of his purpose till the age of 17. Then his family was killed and he had to flee the country. But, he returned as the character you can see above. With a cape and a vest, you will look like Ezio easier than ever. The secret is in the boots which should be added to the equation.

The clothing is basically a mixture of Florentine noblemen wear with an addition of hidden weapons. There are a lot of them and they are perfectly implemented into vests and protective equipment in general. The clothing is also made to conceal the identity of a person in that amount that you can’t even see the face of Ezio. On the other hand, the clothing is also optimized for fighting, meaning that this character can perform amazing movements. Decorative touch is one of the best we were able to see and you will probably enjoy watching Ezio while walking, jumping and fighting.

4.  Jacob from Assassins Creed

jacob steampunk character video game

Jacob is a master assassin from London. He lived in a Victorian era which can be obvious if you take a closer look at the clothing he is wearing. The massive leather coat is there for protection and to hide the identity. The hat is massive as well, but it is based on elegant hats form the era. We can even say that the entire clothing looks more elegant than any other and it is different than the one present in other games of this kind.

Let’s not forget that the weapons and gadgets are incorporated into the clothing. They can’t be seen until it is too late, for a bad guy probably. Basically, a coat (made of leather) and a hat will help you look like Jacob. For the best possible look, include a vest which is green and has Victorian decoration.

5.  Booker Dewitt from Bioshock Infinite

booker well dressed steampunk character from video games

Booker Dewitt is a member of Bioshock Infinity game and he is a famous soldier. As such, we can see him wearing striped pants which were worn by soldiers in the 19th century, a long sleeve top and a leather vest. If you are planning to get the same look, you will need a shotgun and the same type of pants. Obviously, a dark-colored vest is a must and it will help you look precisely like the character.

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Now you know which male characters from the games are and how they look. We also helped you understand how you can dress like one and how you can impress others. It is easier than it looks and it is a great pleasure.