Wish to look cool and classic?

Then wear the cool steampunk glasses!


Looking good and attractive is the first thing in the wish list of many of us. Almost each one of us wants to look different to impress the people we meet daily or at intervals. From the past eras, fashion changed its face many times, and it has never been on the same track at any moment. Today, the style has turned its needle towards the trend of steampunk. Wish to learn more about it? Keep reading!

19th-century Steampunk Glasses

Steampunk is not a new trend in the world of fashion. Still, it has already been in existence back in the 19th century as it is a mixture of different fashion trends from various historical periods, which makes it unique. From clothes to accessories and even glasses, it has covered almost everything aspect of style. Notably, the steampunk glasses are back in trend. Everyone is again showing craze for them.


But many people are in doubt if they are the same as in the 19th century or were people then used to wear sunglasses?  We have solved this puzzle for you and come up with complete information regarding the same. Have a look!


Steampunk Glasses: Is it correct that people wore them in the 19th century?

Yes, the steampunk glasses did exist at that time. The scientists who performed crazy experiments, the engineers who played with steam and fire, and many others, used this style of glasses. However, they used it to protect their eyes and for their safety. From that time, until now, we have been using them as they still look good on our faces and suits the personality of many of us.


The Original Steampunk Glasses

These glasses were primarily produced in the early 1840s because, at that time, there were no roofs in the third class cars and no windows in wagons. Hence, not only the workers but even the ordinary people used to wear them for their protection as these glasses shield their eyes from dust and pollution.


For total protection and adjustment, the glasses also had temples. The temples were made up of elastic bands or leather strap and were popularly known as Lunettes Mistraliennes. The lenses for these glasses were white, smokey, and bluish.


Although the glasses were originally made for the workers who worked in steam railways, gradually, many more people started wearing them with their steampunk clothes. Hence, they were popularly known as steampunk glasses.


Did you see the famous Sherlock Holmes movie? Because in the film, you can see the two protagonists wearing the same kind of glasses. And that’s due to the 1890s storyline, which is again a proof that they were from that time.


Steampunk sunglasses and 19th century

You cannot deny the fact that the sunglasses were initially discovered in the early 1930s. Many pictures on Google clearly show that the people were wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful rays. And the steampunk sunglasses are no exception.




This picture is proof that yes, sunglasses did exist in the early 19th century. However, the question arises that were sunglasses discovered in the early 19th century? Let’s find out.


History of steampunk sunglasses

The first-ever glasses were made of lenses(flat panes of smoky quartz) in China in the early 12th century. Initially, they were not the actual sunglasses as they didn’t protect eyes from any harmful rays but protect them from sunlight or any other bright light. It is believed that these glasses were used to hide the emotion of the judge.


Although in the year 1752, James Ayscough experimented and claimed that blue or green lenses would be better for vision impairment. Till this year, there was no concern related to the steampunk sunglasses.


After many years, in the early 19th century, the use of sunglasses started widely by Hollywood stars. But in the year 1929, the sunglasses were also used by ordinary people when Sam Foster first sold them on Atlantic City beaches. They were initially used to protect from UV kind of harmful rays.


Let me tell you that during World War II, the anti-glare aviator sunglasses, created by Ray-Ban, were widely used by people. Later, in the year 1937, these were introduced to the common people, and they loved them.


Today, we have a lot of alternatives regarding sunglasses with different qualities, sizes, and styles, while the style and design continue to change over time.


The invention of Snow Glasses


Have you ever heard of Eskimos? Eskimos were the people who used to live in igloos, and they faced many eye-related problems. This was for the reason that snow reflected sunlight, which in turn damaged their eyesight. To protect themselves, they discovered snow glasses around 2000 years ago. With the help of snow glasses, they were able to protect their eyes from the sunlight, reflected by snow and ice.


These glasses were made up of walrus ivory bone or wood and to adjust them, a small strap attached along with the sides. To cut down the sun rays more, sometimes oil or mixture of soot was applied around the splits.


Blue Glasses in the early 19th century


Yes, it’s true that in starting, we didn’t have so many colored glasses, but after a while, the blue lens glasses were discovered.


In the year 1984 in England, a scientist Robert Hunt discovered that a blue lens was able to magnetize the needle of the compass easily. And that is why the use of the blue glass increased, and they became more popular. Also, it was believed by the people that there was some mysterious power attached to blue glasses.


Later in the year 1871, American General A. J found that blue glasses triggered the growth of plants. And that is another reason behind the use of blue glasses by the people. From that era, the use of blue lens glasses increased, and people started loving them.


Different glasses styles in the 19th century


From the year glasses discovered, they changed their shape and size a lot. Till the 19th century, there were a large number of varieties of glasses. Like, before the year 1810, the glasses used to be round. But, between 1810 and 1830, the shape changed to oval, and weight became lighter than before. And this type of glasses was the most popular one in America.


In 1840, the rectangular and octagonal shaped glasses were in trend, but again in 1850, oval-shaped glasses covered the market.


By the year 1860, all these glasses were old-fashioned because of their lightweight as they were easily broken. And after that, the glasses with straight temples had come into the market. Till today, the designs are changing after some time.


Why Steampunk glasses?

Steampunk glasses are best in everything, and they are attractive, lightweight, and they also protect your most sensitive part of the body from harmful radiation. Unprotected exposure to the eyes may cause them many types of malignant diseases like keratitis.


Hence, besides fashion, we must wear sunglasses to protect our eyes. Protect them now, and they will protect you back. Check before you purchase any kind of glass, whether it is UV rays safeguarded or not.


Quick tips


When buying the glasses for the first time, mostly all of us buy the wrong one. Before purchasing the sunglasses, you should have the below points in your mind, and they help you to choose the right one. As there are varieties in the market, many times, you confuse which would be the best choice to buy.


Glasses should fit your face: Steampunk glasses are available in all sizes and designs. First, go for size and then design. Select the one that perfectly fits your face and not creates any type of irritation. As sometimes, it happens that the wrong size of glasses cause itching.


Always go for UV protected glasses: Your eyes matter more than how you are looking; hence, make sure that your glasses should protect you from the UV rays. If not, then there is no use of them.


Colour of the glass: Make sure that you are choosing the right color of the goggles, as not every color suits every person.


Size of the glasses: Make sure that the size of the lens is according to your face, not too big, not too small.


Types of steampunks glasses


We all are different from one another in choice, and that is why our likes and dislikes are different too. That is why there are several choices in the market that are available for different minds, each of which varies in sizes and designs. We have listed the top 7 types of steampunk sunglasses for you.


Round Steampunk sunglasses

Let me tell you that these glasses were used in the early 19th century, and again, they are in trend as they look.


There are two styles and designs available in the market, one of which is a modern one, and the other is from the early times. The modern one comes with the gold elements and colored lenses, whereas the vintage one has black, silver, and bronze kinds of frames. Both are different from one another, but one thing that will remain the same is their round shape.


Rectangular steampunk sunglasses

These types of sunglasses are rectangular, which is one different thing. Apart from that, some of them came up with the sharper edges while rest comes with the softer edges. You can buy more pointed edge glass for the angular look.


Another variation is within the shapes of rectangular glass, as some have asymmetric shapes, i.e., the upper side of the rim is more extensive than others. At the same time, other variations could be the height and width of the edges.


Steampunk sunglasses with two sides

These are the best-detailed sunglasses you can have ever. Yes, you will look good in these round shaped glasses. When it comes to the edginess, it can create a complete difference from metal and plastic to glass shields. The side shields of the glass are made up of either metal, bronze, gold, or silver.


Victorian Steampunk Welding Sunglasses

As the name itself tells that this type of steampunk glasses are used by the people who do weldings or any other kind of firework. This is a complete eye protection gadget. It doesn’t have any folding flames, but instead of it, they have ribbons. However, the shield around the rims made up of metal and round in shape.


Flip-up steampunk sunglasses

You may have seen this type of glasses in many Bollywood movies. They have two lenses, and one can flip up while others underneath The people who have the eyesight problem can easily use these sunglasses as they eye lens in the bottom and the upper will make them look good. Isn’t it amazing?


Motorcycle Steampunk Sunglasses

These are the largest in all the Steampunk sunglasses. They are used by the bikers and the racers so that they can look clearly on the road without any air disturbance or reflected lights. These glasses have attached elastic ribbons of rubber material. They are look-alike as ski goggles that we are using today.


What to choose?

When a lot of options available in the market, it confuses our minds in terms of what to choose and what not. Likewise, steampunk sunglasses are available in different designs and styles. Choose the one that will look good on your face, as we all have different face shapes, like oval, round, etc. In the end, as we all know that steampunk is all about trying something creative and that all is up to your mind.


Photochromic Glasses

Generally, the glasses in the steampunk sunglasses are photochromic, which means these are easily adjustable to any light condition. When it comes in contact with the sunlight, the glasses become darker to protect your eyes from harmful sunlight. Before buying steampunk glasses, make sure that they have UV protected lenses.


Glasses or Plastic Lenses

Both the glasses lenses and plastic lenses are right, but they both have their pros and cons. Like, plastic lenses are lighter and cannot break easily, but they didn’t provide much clarity like Glass lenses. On the other hand, the glass lenses are easily cut and get scratches many times, but they provide proper quality clearance. The choice is yours, what to choose, or what not to choose, but before accepting them, mind that they should have UV protection.


Lenses category for sunglasses/fashion spectacles

Before buying any sunglasses, you should know which group it belongs to. Here we mention some types, have a look, and find which one do you have. Here we go:


Lens category o: In reality, this category does not belong to any sunglasses, as they cannot reduce sun glare. They used for fashion only. Hence they are less preferable.


Lens category 1: They are almost similar to type one, but they have little ability to reduce sun glare and protect from UV rays. Again they are not the sunglasses, but preferable for the night driving.


Lens Category 2: This category can be included in sunglasses as they have the medium ability to protect you from UV rays and sun glare.


Lens Category 3: As the category increases, the quality also increases accordingly. Hence, they have a high level of sun glare and UV protection ability. Preferable enough to use in the sunlight.


Lens Category 4: This is the high-level category lens among all the lenses as they can protect from the sun’s glare and UV rays. But you cannot use them at night while driving.


Above all five categories, the one thing that is mandatory for the UV protection is tint lens, but again they cannot be used at night. They are highly preferable lenses for UV protection and sun glare.



In a nutshell, we can say that steampunk glasses were discovered in the early 19th century and till now, we love them. Apart from the looks, they also protect us from harmful radiation. It is said that history repeats itself. Likewise, the oval-shaped glasses are in trend again, and all of us start loving them still. There is a wide range of steampunk glasses in the market. You can choose the best one for you, that will look good on your face.


Don’t hesitate regarding your fashion style and try something new, go funky, and style your look in a way that you want. Confidence matters a lot for all of us, and one of the factors of that is the way we dressed up. Forget about the world and build yourself in a way that you want to.