We curated some awesome examples of steampunk art and media for you to get a better view into the great culture of steampunk.

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Steampunk Wall Art

steampunk wall art example. lots of brass gears and 2 on off switch.

This piece of art looks like it was created in the fantasy world of steampunk. Massive gears, paired with a bronze background look truly amazing and detailed. We can see two big switches that are corresponding to the main idea of the wall art in question. It can represent a big light switch designed and made specifically for steampunk fans. Of course, the idea of the artist is versatile so it can represent almost any device which is a part of something bigger.

All the details are based on the 19th century technology. Of course, the materials are chosen specifically due to the fact they were common in that period and they are still present in steampunk world. We can see that bronze, brass, and gold are common metals. There is no room for plastics, so this piece of art doesn’t contain a single element made of this material.

Steampunk Digital Artwork

steampunk digital art train that is armored and armed

Steampunk is available in many different forms and it originated in many different environments. Here we can see an amazing piece of 3D modeling which is impressive and probably one of a kind. On the picture, we have a huge train which is powered by steam engines. The artist was able to create this model using a combination of steampunk and the futuristic technology. As such, this train looks like a powerful armored boat.

We can only hope that someone will make a real, 3D model of the same project. It will be great to look at and to enjoy its sophistication.

Steampunk Metal Art

steampunk metal art guitar

Steampunk isn’t reserved for art and movies. It is present or better said it can be present in items and things we use every single day. The best example is this guitar. The base is made of the chain which keeps different metal pieces inside. We can see massive bolts, buts levers, and various tools that were used in the 19th century.

The neck is made of separate chains and it looks impressive. The best part is the fact this guitar is real and it can be used for playing music, though not very loudly. It isn’t lightweight, but it is 100% unique.

Steampunk Clipart

steampunk clip art. flying baloon, hat, gears, compas, pocket watch, light bulb, steampunk googles.

Some of the best elements that represent steampunk are gears and springs. Add massive light bulbs and gauges and you get an impressive combination. Precisely this combo is explained on the clipart above. It holds all the main elements that represent steampunk and it shows us a unique world where people still prefer steam-powered machines.

Some of you will see balloons and a complete guide on how a steampunk fan could control them. Others will see the design for futuristic transportation. This clipart definitely says 1000 words in one second only.

Whenever you have a steampunk design project to do, a collections of steampunk clipart’s like these can easily be found online.

Steampunk Cartoon

Have you ever wonder how a world would look like if steam engines and 19th century technology were still used? The Hullabaloo Steampunk Animation cartoon is probably the best example of that. In it, you can see an alternative reality where humankind still uses machines and technologies from the 19th century, but paired with 200 years of additional discoveries. The possibilities are truly endless.

Flying ships, balloons, and weapons that are made to look and to feel like pieces of steampunk world. Everything is designed to the tiniest detail to look as realistic as possible. If you are a steampunk fan, this is your number one cartoon to watch today.

Steampunk Heart Tattoo

steampunk heart tattoo

It is a well-known fact that tattoos are becoming more and more popular as we speak. They do come in versatile and numerous appearances and your imagination is the only limit. The tattoo you are looking right now is product of a tattoo artist and a steampunk fan.

It reveals a mechanical heart. As you know, massive gears are common for steampunk art. Here we can also see a key that is used to provide power to the mechanical heart, so it can continue beating. Arteries and veins are replaced with heavy-duty hoses. This has to be one of the best-looking tattoos with a steampunk theme.

Steampunk Gear Art

steampunk gear art

Once again we can see a piece of art that is beautiful and complex at the same time. It is solely based on the technology used in the 18 and 19th century for making massive clocks. As such, gears have the main role and we can only imagine what will happen if they start to turn around.

On the other side we have the complicity. You can spend hours and hours trying to analyze the piece of art and determine what these gears actually do. Only a few of you will ever be able to solve the mystery.

Steampunk Concept Art

steampunk concept art 1steampunk concept art 2

Welcome to the concept art from the PC game called Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. This game features a world where technology and magic battle for dominance and is an evergreen classic among RPG lovers.

The game was launched back in 2001 by Sierra studios. It was developed by Troika Games. It has been the best game to play for all steampunk fans and it is still one of the best games of this genre. The story is set in the period of industrial revolution. Of course, the entire world in the game is fantasy continent.

The characters you can see above are just a small part of what the game has to offer. You will have to complete complicated missions with the help of the different characters. The best part, machines, and items based on steampunk genre are present in massive numbers and they make the world spin around.

Steampunk Nail Art

steampunk nail art

Steampunk can be present in things you do or wear every day. All ladies who are fans of this direction considered or are considering nail decoration which looks it came from the Victorian era. There are no limits here and you are free to choose anything you like. Here we can see plenty of different creations. Clocks, gears, robots and so much more are just a few examples.

This nail decoration is very complicated and it requires plenty of time. On the other side, they are 100% original and it is almost impossible to find a person with the same nail decoration.

Steampunk Darth Vader

Steampunk Darth Vader

Star Wars are commonly related to steampunk, in a different realm of course. We all wonder how the technology from this movie would look like if it was based on steam. This Darth Vader is the obvious example. We can see that all the gadgets and the helmet he is wearing are made to look like they came from the industrial revolution.

All the elements are made of brass, which was a common metal back then. The gadgets allow for him to breathe and move and to be a bad guy we all know him to be.

We also did a guide to steampunk fashion to help you better choose the kind of products you may wish to have for your steampunk cosplay or conventions.

Steampunk Pipe Art

steampunk pipe art with light bulbs

Huge steel pipes, paired with big light bulbs and massive gauges are still the example of steampunk genre. These elements are found in many art directions based on steampunk. The picture you are looking right now is just another example. It represents a unique combination of pipes, light bulbs, and gauges that probably conduct steam. It is likely that the picture is a part of a bigger machine or an object based on this kind of technology.

Steampunk Anime Art

The steampunk animated movie you can see refers to Steamboy, a movie from 2004 which originated in Japan. It was created and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. An interesting fact is that this is the most expensive movie of this kind ever made in Japan. It is still considered an impressive accomplishment and it is popular in all parts of the world. For us, it will be the best example of combination between steam technology, 19th century and modern animation. Another fact you will want to know is that this movie was presented in over 180.000 drawings.

Steampunk Assemblage Art

steampunk assemblage art

Have you ever wonder how technology from alternative realm will look like when paired and located under glass? If you do then this piece of art is the answer to your question. We can clearly see a massive gauge that originated in the Victorian Era, brass pipes and hoses that were used to power steam engines. Of course, all of this is minimalistic and to the point so there are no additional elements.

The key at the bottom is another example of steampunk direction and it is made to look massive and every single detail on it is pronounced. This is another rule all artist use when they want to create something that can be categorized as a member of steampunk reality.

Steampunk Canvas Art

canvas art steampunk

Steampunk art is versatile and comes with different things. When it comes to canvas art, a huge effort is required to make it. Artist needs impressive attention to detail in order to be able to create a masterpiece. One of them is presented to your above. It is one of a kind and it is loaded with details you will need hours to count. Each piece is made to look as realistic as possible and made of materials that were used in our history. Obviously, the massive clock has the central role and it is the essence of the canvas.

Steampunk Art Drawings

steampunk heart drawingsteampunk drawing of an armored bird with guns for handssteampunk drawing of a flying baloon

Often we can see drawings that are inspired by steampunk. Above are three examples of the drawings that are stunning. On the first drawing, we can see a mechanical heart made with steampunk technologies that pump blood through the entire body. On the second drawing we have a big bird equipped with technology originated in the 19 century and also cladded in plate armor. On the last drawing you can see a zeppelin, which is common when talking about the Victorian Era and steampunk. Of course, this is a bit different zeppelin.